Ghost Stories

The farmhouse on Norris Road

My husband and I have 5 children between the two of us...we were crammed into a 2 bedroom trailer for 4 years before we finally had the money to rent something bigger to accomadate our family.
In the late spring of 2003 we moved out of our trailer and stayed with his sister looking for a bigger place with more land, I had picked up a paper and found a listing for a 3 bedroom farm house on 2 acres of land for a moderate price, I figured it was at least worth a look and made an appointment with the land lord to go see it.

When we got there the land lord showed us around the first floor of the house and it was nice but only had 3 smaller bedrooms...the price was great but I was still trying to figure out how we were going to fit our queen size bed into one of these rooms..along with the dressers and all.

He then took us up to the attic (which to our suprise was finished) and consisted of two more bedrooms one of them being I decided that this house was perfect and decided not to pass up the opportunity.
We started moving in the very next evening...

My husband dropped my step daughter and I off with a load of our stuff it was very late, he left and went to pick up another load..the first thing I set up was my step daughters bed in her room so that she could go to bed, and then moved all of the boxes into the front sitting room which had two doors one opening up to the attic and one to the basement, I only had that light on and sat in that room to start unpacking boxes.
In the middle of unpacking I thought I had heard someone talking..I knew it wasn't the stereo or tv because they weren't even out of boxes yet and my step daughter was sound asleep. I ignored it and continued, Finally I heard it again louder this time and I stopped what I was doing to listen, it sounded like two older men having a conversation...I could clearly hear what one was saying but could barely make out the others response...I got up turned on the outside lights and checked outside but no one was out there and we lived out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors near so I knew it couldnt be someone outside...I finally discovered that the sounds were coming from the basement so I took my flashlight and ventured soon as I opened the door the talking stopped so I went down to investigate and found nothing. I went back upstairs and continued unpacking...and again I heard a I opened the basement door and yelled down, please stop you're distracting me! It stopped. I finally finished what I was doing and went to lay down with my step daughter, my husband has still not returned I fell asleep.

For a while nothing happened and I put the incident in the back of my mind, until one day when we were settled in I was upstairs standing in front of the open window in my room, waiting for my husband to get out of the shower I was smoking a ciggerette and looking out into the front yard..out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something (human looking) run across my yard and hide behind a tree...I didn't think much of this either and contributed it to my ciggerette smoke playing tricks with my eyes. I shut the window and went to bed.

Not too long after this happened we started having problems with my sons room, I share joint custody with his father so he wasn't up very often but he did have his own room, Anyway one night before my son was to come visit my husband and I were sitting in the living room which is on the opposite side of my sons bedroom wall, and the kids were staying the weekend at a family members we were just sitting on the couch enjoying the quiet when I heard a child cough. I asked my husband if he heard this and he said it was just me missing the kids...but when my son came up to stay he threw a fit every night it was time for bed and begged me not to make him sleep in that room...Now I have to admit, something about this room especially at night gave off an erie feeling buit I figured my son was just being a kid and made him sleep in there anyway...until my cousin and her children came up to stay for a weekend and we put a mattress on the floor for her kids to sleep on in that room and they were in there 10 mins and all came running out crying about sleeping in that room.

My daughters room is on the other side of the hall directly across from my daughter was 2 at the time and we had a baby monitor in her room and the other reciever upstairs in my room. One night I awoke out of a dead sleep to hear an infant crying over the monitor (I know this can be contributed to neighbors) but we didn't have any for miles. So I went down to check on her she was asleep..I went back upstairs to settle back in to bed...and heard it again this time I was wide awake...the next day I took the monitors out of the rooms.

We had little things happen here and there, lights and tv coming on and off by itself, items being hidden and then found in obvious car keys were the most usual thing to end up missing when I had a hook by the back door that I kept them on...and they would turn up in places where I had already husband told me I was crazy and refused to believe what I was trying to tell him. Until I went away for two weeks...and left him there by himself and then he confessed that things were happening and he ended up sleeping with all the lights on in the house. The last thing to happen in the house before we moved out and moved into where we are currently living is, I had my guitar in its hard case propped up against my bedroom wall...I was asleep and was awoke to the sound of someone running their finger across the strings...I know what this sounds like because my kids do it all the time.
I got up and checked to make sure the guitar was still in there and it was, I shut the case and locked it...again it happened..I ended up moving the case into the other room..where I laid there all night and listened to someone play my guitar.

Before we moved out I asked the landlord about the history of the house, he said the origional house was further up the hill and had burnt down in the mid 1920's his Grandfather and his uncle had died in the fire, they were in the basement and the structure collapsed and killed them, pieces of the basement were used to rebuild the current house. Two of his cousins an infant and a toddler died of illness in the house that stands now. I didn't mention any of our experiences to him...but he made the comment that he couldn't seem to keep anyone in the house more than a few years...which is why the rent is so low on such a big house.