Ghost Stories

The first of my many encounters

Bare with me guys, I haven't told many people about my encounters, just my hubby, his step brother (that's because he is now staying with us, in a home, which a spirit resides in) and my parents about some. I have posted one to another site, but I can't remember which site. I have visited many websites, but I am settled with So I will share with you, my very first.

When I was 4, my parents and I moved to Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia from New Zealand, my homeland. We lived in Rocky for 3 years in the same house. Our house was located one house off the corner and on Wandell Street. I can't remember the name of the street that Wandell came off, but it lead down to a huge Army Military Base at the end of it. Anyhooo...

My bedroom was on the eastern side of the house and my parents were next to me. Their bedroom overlooked the street and was above our garage/basement (which was dirt, really) and the driveway was quite long and on the western side of the house. Which is strange, I know. So now that I'm older I realised that the garage/basement thingy, was under my parents bedroom and had no driveway into it. Just two large swing doors that swung in and pretty much padlocked most of the time. But me Dad is a terrible junk collector and tends to hord things in there. He believes and ole fridge (that no longer works) would be good for something, he reckons [rolls]

Many nights, I've pretty much lost count, I could hear a young girls voice calling out to her mum. Never heard the mum, but on a few ocassions, this little girl would get a reply from another young voice and sometimes it sounded as if they were playing together. So I put it down, to neighbours. I was quite close to our neighbours daughter, her name is Jackie and we became great friends. But the wierd thing was, this girl sounded like her voice was coming from outside my parents bedroom and the other voice was coming from the driveway. I really didn't think about it much then.

While Jackie and I were playing outside in the backyard, I asked Jackie, who she was playing with last night. She looked at me and had a puzzled look on her face. I can't remember what she said, but I knew she didn't know what I was talking about. So, I left it at that.
Then I was well into my schooling and attended St Joseph's Primary School, not far up the road. So Jackie and I were well known to our neighbourhood and played with most of the kids on the street.

But I still remember quite clearly this girls voice I was hearing on many nights and none of the kids in our neighbourhood seemed similar to this girl. Weirdly enough, this girl had an accent. Instead of 'Mummy', it's 'Mommy' and Australians have a very opposite accent to what I reckon now, is American. Me being young and all, didn't really recognize what an accent was, until I got older.

One night, I was sleeping in my parents room on a single bed and my parents beside me, in their double bed. I know my Mum was awake and Dad was snoring his heart out as usual. Again, I heard the girls voice. She said, 'Mommy, where are you? I can't see you anymore...' I looked over to the windows to hopefully see this girl, but the windows are quite high up and I only saw the streetlamp. Mum was tossing and turning, so I said to Mum, 'Did you hear that girl?' Mum mumbled something and I said, 'This girl said, 'Mummy (Aussie accent in play here) where are you..' Mum cut me off by saying, 'Don't worry Bub, it's just the cats talking.' That answer really confused me and it still does to this day. Why did Mum say that? Because it was obvious she heard the voice, because she put it down to a blardy cat?! Then I asked her, 'Do cats talk Mum?' She said, 'Yep. They talk all the time here.' That was it! I knew she was hearing these voices, but in denial! It made me terribly curious about this young girl, chatting away there at nights. But never game enough to go outside at night, by myself, to investigate.

Time went on and the voices continued. It bugged me so much one night. This girl was starting to sound quite desperate. She was saying lots of things like, 'Mommy come out here by me... I can't find you.... Where are you.... I don't no where you are..' and the other voice that use to reply never spoke at all. So, she must have lost her friend. I'm not sure what happened to the other voice, it just stopped answering to the girl. So, me being a big 7 years of age now and feeling quite brave and curiosity got the best of me, I went outside our front door to investigate. Mum and Dad where in the kitchen drinking and playing cards. They never saw me sneaking out.

I did a proof read of that and saw a mistake. It's not -where- it's 'were'. When 'Mum and Dad WERE in the kitchen....' sorry guys... [:I] 'cause my posts are starting to look too long and kinda hard to read. I'll try and be more to the point and brief. But do remember, that I was quite young and now that I know what this stuff is, I am becoming more detailed of the event, than I was when I was a kid. I'm realising, as I continue posting this experience, that there was little more detail and my memories are truly being really jogged through sharing my experience with you all. Enjoy!

So I went out the front door which had a porch and mozzie screens up the sides and the steps leading down to the front yard on your left. The driveway is directly infront at the bottom of the steps. You can see my parents bedroom windows on your right, through the mozzie screens, when you step out onto the front porch. When you walk out on to the porch, the front yard, fence, gate and letter box is directly infront of you. The street lamp is more or less beside the public footpath right of our driveway.

I saw nothing at first, but the girls voice was louder when I stepped out of the door onto the porch, she said, 'Do you know where my Mommy is?' I looked around frantically. I wanted to see her, still I saw nothing. But her voice was coming from under my parents bedroom windows. So I made my way down the steps and turned the corner on my right. Low and behold.... there she was!

A pretty little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, with ribbons tied up into piggytails and a blue dress with knee high white socks, but no shoes. She also had a beautiful misty bluish/whitish soft haze around her. I thought she was an angel. We stared at each other for a while. The feeling I got from her was sadness. She definitely wasn't smiling, but sort of a look when your daydreaming. Which puzzled me, because I thought she was an angel. Angels aren't meant to be sad, aren't they?

She looked back at me and kinda looking me up and down as I did to her. I said to her, 'Where are your shoes?' she answered me, like within a good 5 seconds or so later, saying, 'Where are your shoes?' This was confusing me. I didn't have shoes or slippers on just me PJ's and a robe, but to me, I was allowed to be like how I am, with getting out of bed and all, investigating this girls cry. I said, 'Yours socks will get dirty.' Then in seconds, she faded as she turned towards the garage/basement thingy that I explained about earlier. I never saw her again.

I went back upstairs and inside. Walked past Mum and Dad. Dad yells out and said, 'Where have you been, you should be in bed asleep.' Mum gets up and says, 'Look at your feet, you got dirty feet.' I turned around to face them and they gave me a weird look. Kinda staring at me for a few moments. Dad asked again, 'Where have you been Bub?' (Bub is my petname from my parents and it still is.... at the age of 31 even...[:I]) I said to Dad, 'I went outside to see the girl.' Dad gets up and walks over to me and said to Mum, 'Well, she's not sleepwalking.' But Mum was more concerned about my dirty feet and rushed me into the bathroom and got a flannel and water then started wiping my feet down.

While she was cleaning me up I then said to her, 'Do you remember that girl that talks at night?' She shook her head and said, 'It's only cats Bub.' I quickly said, 'No, it's not cats. It was a girl.' Being more confused than ever in my whole entire young life about Mum trying to claim the girl as a cat, Mum started telling me about the 'Birds and Bees' of a Cat!!!!! lmao [:O] Cats being in heat and geeez.....

But ever since that night, I never saw or even heard from her again. Things were quiet. Except one night, a long time later, when all the adults were drinking outside at the backyard. The party was a farewell for Mum, Dad and Me returning back to New Zealand.

I came from outside from the party and worked my way inside, through the backdoor. For a very brief moment, maybe only a few seconds, I noticed a light in the corner of my eye, on the right side of me by the fence. It was directly to my right. I quickly turned to see. It was that same soft haze that I remembered seeing around the girl. Now, I have been to a few websites that have showed 'ectoplasm'? Like a swirling mist, kinda? Well, that's what it looked like. It never took shape or form of an image, just a swirl and turning into like fog or breath on cold air and then slowly vanishing, like evaporating. It was maybe a duration of 5-8 seconds?

But I felt that sad feeling again. Now this part gets me, when I think about it from time to time. I felt like that the sadness was building in my chest and it felt almost like, your going down a rollercoaster and you feel that weird sensation? I didn't cry, but I ran back out to the party and sat with Mum, who was singing and swaying on her seat, with her arm around me. But that sadness stayed with me the whole time until I fell asleep on Mum.

I woke up the next morning on the couch (it was summer too, the heat is bad as soon as you get up in the morning) and saw Mum and Dad cleaning up after last night's party.

I never brang it up with Mum again about her 'Cat' theory, until I had another encounter in another house some years ago. I felt that I had to correct things to Mum about her theory and share a few thoughts and experiences with her. Y'know, when I felt that I bored her to death with my experiences, she began to tell me all about her experiences and then told me her story about her 'Cats'. Apparently, she told me that so I wouldn't get scared. Geez... I should of told her way back then, that I wasn't scared at all, somehow or in someway. But I never knew she was holding some truth to it all, therefore, my reason of never approaching her about it any longer, after her blardy cats in heat thingy...

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed my posts. Let me say, this is probably one of many stories to come. I have lots to share and I'm almost bursting at the seems to tell most!!

Children are more open minded than adults, I believe. They are still pure at heart and see and hear different perspective of things than an adult would do. Possibly, the raw truth, do they see. Children deserve the love and nurture, that we are to give and to give it right. Precious they are, treasure them.