Ghost Stories

The Ghost and Cousin Jimmy: (A True Story)

Hello again,
I have a story to tell you about my cousin Jimmy. It's a little bit scary and a little bit funny;

What I'm about to tell you happened in the summer of 1986'. I got a call one day from my cousin Jimmy, and at the time he was living in Bailey,NC. The reason for his call was that he was planning to move back to Cincy for awhile and wanted to know if he could stay with us until he got on his feet. No problem I said come on up. Jimmy and I was just about as close as two people could get, and when we were young you never seen one without the other. He was my hero growing up.
When he arrived, we got busy fixing up a room for him in the basement and this gave us the time we needed to catch up with each others lives. We talked on the phone often, but we hadn't seen each other in a few years. To say the least we had a great time fixing up the room just the he wanted it. Also I talked to a buddy of mine and had him a job all lined up doing construction work. Jimmy's arrival was in perfect time for getting the job and he could start on that following Monday.
I guess it took about a week for Jimmy to get settled in good and the house to get back to its normal routine. Or so I thought. I was a night manager/bartender and worked four nights a week for a big club in downtown Cincy. I would get home around 3:30am in the morning, and when I got off work, I'd get a shower, a bite to eat and plop down on the couch in the livingroom and watch tv. Most of the time, I'd often fall asleep their too.
One night I came home and found Jimmy asleep on the couch. Hmmm, now you know this kind of messed with my routine a little. After thinking about it, I decided to let him sleep and went on to bed for a change. The next day I told Jimmy how attached I was to the couch and made a little deal with him. I said you can have the couch on the nights I'm off and I get it when I work. Ok no problem he said, so it was all settled. This arrangement worked...
Every once in awhile I'd have to deal with a rough crowd, and this would give me the gitters. Well one Friday night I had one of those nights. I came home and tried to settle myself down but nothing worked. So I thought I'd go down stairs and see if Jimmy was awake because I wanted someone to talk to. I could hear the radio playing real low so I went over and sat down on the side of his bed real easy. And I softly said Jimmy; are you awake? When he didn't respond I thought better of trying to wake him up and decided to go back upstairs. As I started to get up, Jimmy opened his eyes and seen me. All of a sudden he started kicking and trying to scream. I took off to the other side of the room cause he was comin outta that bed. So I'm standing there saying "Jimmy, Jimmy, it's me. Well by now he was standing up on the other side of his bed with his tighty whities on flexing his muscles and trying his best to scream. This big 6ft 2in muscle bound man was so scared he couldn't hardly make a sound. I don't know if any of you remember those jelly filled Stretch Armstrong dolls, but thats what he put me in the mind of. Something I did just about scared him to death.
After screaming his name I don't know how many times; Jimmy finally stopped long enough to realize it was me. And you could just see the relief wash over his face as he collasped onto his bed. He said oh thank God it's you, I thought you were a ghost and I was gettin ready to make you a bigger basement. I got this mental picture of Jimmy trying to run through the basement wall and combined with everything else he had done, I started crackin up laughing. I knew he was scared but I couldn't help myself, I laughed so hard I thought I'd pee my pants. Jimmy said Ok, Ok, you can stop laughing now, and I just couldn't quit and after a bit, he started laughing too. I guess I must've looked pretty silly didn't I, he ask. Oh man did you ever.
Once we were over our little laughing spell. I ask him why he thought I was a ghost because I thought maybe he was dreaming or something. And he got real serious and told me what had been going on almost from the first day he arrived. He had put a recliner next to his bed when we first fixed up his room but had since moved it. He said the reason he moved the chair was because he felt like there was something or someone sitting in the chair constantly stirring at him. The way he described it was like going to someones house who had a really mean dog but the dog was under a command to stay. Yet the hole time you were their the dog just kept stirring at you making you feel like that if his owner would turn his head for one second, the dog would have pounced on you and tore you to pieces. And the night I came home and found him sleeping on my couch; He said that he was awakened by what sounded like a woman making a sad moaning, almost crying sound; He slowly opened his eyes and right next to his bed he could just barely make out someone standing their, and as he raised his eyes to look at her face, thats when he really got scared because her eyes were black. He shook his head in disbelief like this had to be a dream. And when he opened them again she was gone.
Well theres only one explaination for what you seen Jimmy, and thats our little mean lady ghost I told him. I could tell he didn't want to believe me, but he couldn't denie the fact that he had seen her with his own two eyes. I also told Jimmy that he was the only one that I knew of that had actually seen her. Most people could feel her presence and many of us were scared by her, but she had never shown herself to anyone but him.
Jimmy continued to stay their at the house but I had to give up the my couch for him to sleep on. He no longer wanted any part of the basement. He soon found a place of his own and moved into it....
Sincerely Sue,

marilyn s. cross