Ghost Stories

The Ghost In The Green Dress

The first real encounter I had happened was when I was living and working in Ayden N.C. back in the late 1970's. It was a single wide trailer in a small trailer park (5 Trailers) and my trailer backed up to the woods. I was single and I worked for a finance company in town.

The first thing that happened was one night I came home and found my front door standing wide open and all the lights on in the trailer. The girl that followed me home asked me if I always went to work and left my front door open and all the lights on. I said NO and we went in to check it out. Nothing was missing and everything looked normal (except the door was open and all the lights were on).

A few weeks later I came home late one night. Before going home I stopped by the store and picked up a six pack of canned cokes and some stuff to make sandwiches with. When I got home I made me a sandwich and took ONE coke out fo the six pack. I finished my sandwich but not my coke so I took it to the bedroom with me and put it on the nightstand. The next morning when i got up, I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge to get another coke and there were TWO cokes missing out of the six pack(I know I only drank one coke that night). I reached in, got another coke and as I was closing the refrigerator door, something caught my eye over in the livingroom. Sitting on the endtable was an empty coke can and the telephone receiver had been taken off the hook and was sitting on top fo the empty coke can (the receiver had been off the hook all night).

About a month later I went to bed one night and I was just about to fall asleep (about 11:30 pm) when all of a sudden the trailer started to violently shake. I jumbed up and grabed a billy stick I had under my bed and the trailer quit shaking. I slowly walked down the hall towards the livingroom (turning lights on as I went) when I reached the living room I noticed something over on the kitchen floor. I slowly went over to investigate and found a smoke detector (with no front cover) lying on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. The problem is there was NEVER a smoke detector in that trailer and I didn't know where it came from. There were no marks on the ceiling where it was ever attached either. (you'll know where the smoke detector came from when I finish my story).

Other small things happened over the next few weeks and then one night I went to bed and a bad thunderstorm came up late that night. About 2:00 that morning I was lying on my side, when all of a sudden I felt something take hold of my ankle. When I opened my eyes I SAW HER! She was standing down at the foot of my bed wearing a green dress and she was leaning over the bed holding onto my ankle. I could see through her and she had a pleasent smile on her face. I opened my mouth to scream and I was so terrified that nothing came out. About 30 seconds passed, a crack of lightning hit and lit up the room and when it got dark again, she was gone. I turned the light on and it stayed the rest on the night.

About a week later I was talking to the neighbor in the trailer next door (I had lived there three months and had never met her). after I told her the things that had happened she turned white as a sheet. What's wrong? I asked. If I tell you, you won't step foot back in that trailer, she said. Then she told me that about two years earlier, not in my trailer but in the same spot my trailer sits, a young woman committed suicide by locking her self in her trailer and setting it on fire. When I discribed her she said that was her. She also said that she must have brought that smoke detector to me so I wouldn't meet her same fate with a fire.

Well I ended up writing a book about what happened and had it published last year. I turned it into a fictional murder mystery but I used alot of what happened to me in the book. The book is titled "The Ghost In The Green Dress". To make the murder mystery come to life, I placed it in an old farm house instead of a trailer. However, many of my experiences are incorperated into the book. Check out my website in my signature line below and please let me know what you think.

I have been reading this forum for sometime now and I decided it was time I introduced myself and joined in some of the discussions. I think everyone here has had some great experiences and I hope I can contribute something to this board.

Thanks for having me.

Author of "The Ghost In The Green Dress"