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The Ghost of 100 Carruthers St.

O.K. so here is another for ya.

Now, you know I believe in ghosts, I've seen my granddad, and I am still visited by my dad.. But Not all ghosts are nice like they are..

My husband and I just moved into our first apartment, I didn't like it there from the getgo, I got real bad vibes when I went in. But my hubby said that is was just probably to tension of the move, and so I shugged it off, thinking that maybe he was right.. Well he wasn't..

It all started with my husband getting dreams of Death, not just ordinary deaths but weird ones.. like one were he said he was sniffing the air and holding me in his arms and asking if I can smell it.. I asked "Smell what"? He said Death in the air, the sky is red so there is blood all around tonight.. This dreaming and other ones went on for about a month non stop.. One night I felt a small gush of wind on my face and then something fell from the wall on me.. I woke up to find my husband had put is fist in the wall and it was just inches from my face..

After that the worst started to happen. It was the night of April 14th, (I would never forget that date) My hubby was feeling sick and so went to bed really early, leaving me, his brother and my friend to talk on the couch.. I had left the bedroon doors open so I could hear him if he had an ashma attack.. He must have been sleeping for about 4 hour when all of a sudden we heard him yell, "Don't worry Bro, I will save you!" His brother, all proud said. "Cool".. I said, Damn he is dreaming again, so we went over to him and I gently stroked his arm and said.. "Bud it's O.K. you are just having another one of those dreams.." He then grabed my arm, and in a very satanic voice he said.. "You didn't think I could kill you, but I can and with a look!" Man was I scared, His face, was wierd and the way he was looking at me made me fear the worst.. I was trying to get his hand off me but it wouldn't budge.. And it was starting to hurt real bad too.. His brother even tried, and couldn't get it off.. Finnaly he let go and fell back to sleep.. We went back to the couch in aww, trying to figue out what just happened.. But that didn't matter, my husband then got up out of bed, weird like and went to the T.V. and Said.. "Do you see that? It's the devil and he is coming for you!", We said "What, the T.V. is off?" He said.. "The Pope is the devil can't you see him?" We said "No" He then said.. "You will see soon enough", and then laughed as he went back to bed and feel back to sleep.. Nothing else happened that night but I had the mark of his hand on my arm for months after..

It was long after that, when we desided to move upstair to a bigger apartment.. It was a 2 bedroom giving us a room for ourselves and one for the baby. The 3rd night there, I couldn't sleep, and so I picked up one of my daughters Walt Disney Encyclopedia and began to read about the Popes.. (Don't ask me why I was reading about them I just was) When I got to the pope that was in at that time, My hubby sat straight up, opened his eye, his hair was sticking straight up and looked out the window and said in a demonish tone of voice, "I just heard the Devil screem! Then he looked at me and Said repeatedly about 5 times "Don't you?" I was scared,, Saying.. "Bud.. Don't say that.. Look what I am reading!" He just kept saig it over and over again.. The devil is screaming,, It hurts my ears" I asked him if he was awake and finally he said yes.. And then said "Man that hurt, but layed back down and went back to sleep..

2 days after that, we went to bed and I was awakend by my hubby screaming, Wake up, there is a ghost in the room.. But no matter what I did I could get up, it was like something was holding me down by the neck and keeping my eyes closed.. Finally I broke free and said.. "What?.. Someone was holding me down.. He then said. "You missed it, it was standing at the foot of the bed kinda sideways just laughing at us and slowly walked away.. After that I wanted to leave, this was no nice ghost and the further away from it I was the better I will feel.. But my hubby wouldn't leave..

Now it is the middle of January, my hubby went away for a week leaving me and my daughter there alone.. It was the second night alone when I had,, had enough.. I was sitting on the couch watching a really romantic movie, when I go the urge to get up, I walked over to the kitchen and grabed my biggest butcher knife and then walked to my daughters room, I was just hovering over her with this knife clutched in my left hand.. (I am right handed) it was when it began to lower to my daughter that I began to fight with my right hand trying to get it out of my left hand.. I succeeded and then scooped up my daughter in her blanket and run 6 blocks in the freezing cold to my parents house,, without a jacket or sock and boots on.. I just had to get out of there. I didn't go back, my father did, to close and lock the door and to get my clothes and some for my daughter.. Once my hubby came home we told him what happen and we moved 2 days later.. Never to go back there again!!

There was more that happened but I thought this was long enough..

Thanks for listening again..


Hi Again... New posting so you don't have to go to the last page to see it.. Sept.. 27/09

You know, I really wouldn't know what I consider myself.. at one time I would have said "Cursed" And then at another time in my life, "Blessed" Now I guess i can say, ... "Blessly Cursed"! As for "Sensitive" I would have to say I am that as well.. so what does that make me? ummmm "Truely Messed Up" LOL

Yes there has been alot of the Paranormal within my life and family, maybe it dates back to the first in my families line, on both sides, my mothers, and my fathers.. Both families come from Europe, My Father's side from Belgium, And my Mother's from England, (London to be exacted) We were able to trace my fathers back to the Queen and King of Belgium, my family was the pages to them, and my Mothers to the Royals themselves, ( Earl of Warwick) And also on my Mothers side, the witch hunt times.. We believe we've had a couple of family members Burned at that time.. Witchcraft is a well known family trait in my family (Mothers side again) And as for me, Am I a witch, well what do you think?
Update... July,22.2010

Hey there,

Here is an up date on this story.. O.K. I am excited, in the fall of this year, 2010, I will be on the show Ghostly Encounters tell this story and others!! Please if you see it, let me know what you thought K..

Hehe I can't wait ot see it myself!!
O.K. I will do more reasearch on it, but I am not going back there! Everytime when I drive by, I can still hear the voice, like as if it knows it's me and wants me to go back in.. Man it was a scarey place..

It was so weird at first.. My hubby wasn't a violent man, but when we moved there, he began to get violent, to the point of beating me for stupid things like, not hearing him call me from the kitchen, he would come into the bedroom and slap me real hard and say in a real weird voice.. "Didn't you hear me calling you? You are such a stupid slut who deserves to die!" The funny thing is, that the next day he would ask me where I got the bruses from and I would tell him and he wouldn't believe me. Like he doesn't remember..

Oh and that weird voice, I would be sleeping and I could hear it calling to me, to go downstairs into the basement, but I wouldn't go, it was way to dark for me to go, (O.K. I was a little dare devil but I draw the line at cold dark basements) And those red piersing eyes I would see sometimes in the dark, sometimes they would be at the foot of the bed, and other times on the ceiling.. (Man I am getting scared remembering this)..

And there there was the time that both my hubby and I woke up at the very same time 5:00 am in the morning.. It was weird because it wasn't like waking up it was sitting right up fully awake, looking at eachother and we both said at the same time, someone died! We then left for work, and came back home to a note on the door saying that his grandmother had died at 5:00 am that same morning..

Before we moved upstairs, we were cleaning it up, and so we were done for the day and went back downstairs to have supper and after we played a game of cribage with a friend (three hand crib) When we hear so much noise coming from the upstairs.. (Running from one side of the aparment to the other, doors opening and slamming, high pitch screaming, banging and so on) And so my hubby grab (Do you know the front forks of a motorcycle? those are the steal bars that holds the wheel there.) Well we both had one and so he grabed his and I grabed mine, he went up the back stairs and I went up the front stairs, hearing the noise while I was going up, until I reached the top and it went quiet.. I asked him if someone got passed him he said "No" and then asked me the same thing, I said "no" too.. And still we stayed. Oh and yes. we did finnally leave there!!

I'm getting the jitters so I will stop there..

Brightest Blessings and Gentle Breezes
~ Storms ~