Ghost Stories

The Goets Hill Witch

Based on actual events in my life . . . put in story form for your entertainment . . . if enough poeple enjoy it, I'll continue it . . .

The Goetz Hill Witch

If you are interested in a STORY about a witch, I can tell you one. Not a witch involved in Wicca but a dangerous witch involved in dark witchcraft. This witch lived in a house on Goetz Hill in Quail Valley not far from where my parents still live. I never would have known she existed if Elena and I hadn't cruised up the goets Hill to get some . . . privacy.

Elena was the only Goth Cheerleader I had ever known and I was the only football player she knew that read works by Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. I don't think she was ever really into the "underground culture" Goth's are stereo-typed for, anymore then I was into the roots of Existentialism. We both liked things outside of our own natural environment and loved to explore and investigate. Lena did wear black eye-liner and nail polish, black clothes and these, little black Gothic butterfly earrings with diamonds sprinkled across their wings. . . seven of them, one in her nose. I truly loved Elena and she was my best friend which is rare for seniors in high school.

I rolled Elena's window down to let some fresh air in while she laid their naked smoking a peach cigar (stolen from her father's stash). I love that heavy rich smell of cigar smoke. My window was broken and only went down about two inches which, added to my disdain for that old red El Camino. I was grateful I had already put my boxers on when I noticed someone with flowing red hair looking at me from over the tall hedges of the witch's house. The mysterious girl was wearing a tight low-cut white blouse with a leather necklace and symbol dangling from it but, I could not make it out at the time.

The unusual sight of a rather attractive young woman hovering head and shoulders above the hedges, hedges that stood about eight feet tall, was overlooked by my concern for our nakedness. I nudge Elena who turned and looked following my intense stare. She spotted the girl who seemed to swoop down and out of sight. Elena looked back at me. We both started laughing and swearing as we got dressed. We hadn't actually seen anyone at the house before and rarely saw light glowing through the windows so, we thought it was a safe place to "hang out".

It hit me while I was awkwardly trying to get my jeans on that unless that girl was on a ladder she could not have been up there gazing down at us. A trampoline maybe, but she sort of hovered there for several long moments ? too long for a trampoline bounce. The way she sort of swooped down and away also intrigued me so, I got my shoes not bothering with socks and got out of my stupid El Camino. "Was she flying?" I thought.

Elena followed only wearing skimpy black panties, black tank top and sandals with butterflies. Her tank top only went to her belly button and I could see the small black Goth butterfly tattoo just above her low cut panties, normally covered by her jeans (she still hadn't told her mother about the tattoo and with good reason). Despite my curiosity I was amazed at how alluring Lena looked and how badly I wanted to slip back into the old El Camino and ignore our peeper.

We finally reached the only opening through the hedges, the front gates, black iron and just as tall as the hedges complete with sharp spikes. There were these black iron triangles fastened with black wire to the front gates but, they meant nothing to me at the time. We were more interested in the red haired girl.

When I see something anomalous I am always glad when someone is there to witness it with me. Then I know I am not crazy. Elena and I both saw this red haired girl spring into the air and glide up the wooden steps to the porch, her white ankle length skirt fluttering behind her. She touched down lightly and ran into the house. At first I thought we were looking at a ghost because she seemed to defy gravity and walk through doors.

Elena later explained to me that she noticed that the doors were closed when the girl lifted off the ground but sprang open as she glided up the steps. The door remained open but by then we were looking at each other to make sure we had both seen it. By our expressions each of us could tell the other had actually seen the amazing event.

"I think we should leave, Jason," Lena said. There was a worried tone in Lena's voice. I nodded and we hauled ass back to the acid trip version of a pick up and got in. As I drove away I went slowly by the front gates. I guess I was hoping to see something else.

Standing on the porch, arms fold across her amazingly thin frame, was the tallest woman I had ever seen with pitch-black hair, huge eyes, full lips and white skin so smooth and creamy as to be enticing rather than repulsive. Her short red dress seemed to hug her body as though she had made it or had it specially made. Our eyes met and hers narrowed. I lowered my foot and we sped off leaving a trail of dust on the dirt road.

That was the first time I had ever seen anyone in the house on Goetz Hill and what would be, to my vexation, a vengeful witch.