Ghost Stories

The Great Midlands Battle

Often history is written by the victors and sometimes it is omitted...forgoten and is too old to be mentioned.

To most historians, there never was a battle. The clairvoyant it is a totally different story. It is up to the reader what he accepts!

Living in the same house for many years, there has never actually been a haunting! The house was built around 1945 and it's land was allotment land. Before then...a differnt story. To the historian...the begining, but to the seer....this goes well back!

The battle occured at around 1100-1300 AD between the land dwellers and the Romans who entered at Barton-In-Fibres through the River Trent. The water levels were a lot higher at that time, and being a dowser, I was able to detect this very early, but could not understand why? Being a computer engineer, I speak to locals who tell my stories through their great grandfathers and how the flood had covered most of Western Nottingham.

The energy is so strong, that even the designers named areas without realising how they got the name. Such names as Seaford Avenue, The Wheelhouse public house. Hollingwell Avenue and so on.

Tottle Brook was flowing like a sea, but now it is just a brook. More than 500 souls lost their lives near our house, and some do not even realise that they are dead. Most of these souls (ghosts) are in our house, so I get a lot of activity! There are one or two mischievous ones, but generally it is very peacful here! They say that they are LOST!

This is where arc-angels get involved. They wish to allow these spirits to pass to the light. Geof and Arthur (they
had them in their living rooms!)
on another forum passed a lot of them to the light, but there are a lot who do not wish to go!

At first this bugged me for a while, as I could not understand the flooding in my area. I was able to locate a coal mining researcher and geologist who could not dismiss my views. Although he did not believe in ghosts, he knew by his own investigations that the land was flooded and took an interest in my work. We became friends after he gave me tasks to see what I could sense in certain areas. He was so amazed by my results, that he wanted to meet me! Eventually, I was able to find evidence of relics of weapons found in my area!

Here is part of a message sent to me by another psychic:-

Battle was in Midlands ,is that your area.Does not matter as persons and relic was moved

When you relate or illustrate things to me I look for 'scientific' answers in my own poorly educated way and find it all quite fascinating. However I am not mentally strong enough to venture too far from the rock of conventional thinking - and in any case suspect that there are more than enough conventional [if not fully understood] reasons for what you sense. This ties in with my strong belief that if any progress is to be made trying to understand what you sense the physical effects on you of our disturbed world have to be separated from the psychic.

Hi George,
Overall you have come up with some very thought provoking stuff over the months we have been communicating with one another. It has been fascinating comparing what you sense with what I suspect may have happened and we should list it all out.
Ida has been discharged from the hospital and is home. I cannot predict how long I can cope.

To be perfectly honest, I have never encountered Roman soldiers in my area. I have seen what I can only describe as peasants in strange clothes. Not as ghosts, but in 'vision' and taken with my camera.

I think it is important to say, that all psychics will revert to their own acceptance when interpreting events. Although I try not

We see things, and often rely on our brains to come up with reasons, so that we can make sense out of what we see.

When I was about 15 years old, our group had an interest in UFOs and the occupants. At this time, I never realised that psychic perception existed, never mind using it. It was only four years ago, that I had the gift of vision, as a light enveloped me and said:-

"Ask no more about the 'flicks' for NOW you will see!" A blue light washed my body, turning peppermint where it touched my skin. It began to explain about itself and how it was created and showed me dead people who even knew me by name. (i thought I was dying)

Yet back then...many years ago , we had a psychic called Frank (who is now the renowned paranormal author called Frank Earp.)

We used to hold group meetings at this house and he would enter trance state.

He spoke of a group of people who were meant to be negative ufo occupants and called them, the Orions.

The Orions were entities who wore black gowns and had black hoods.

It was only recently, that I discovered that the Cluniac monks from Lenton Priory were connected with the battle in the Midlands. As they were influenced by this battle and the Romans regarding the Augustine Monks from Rome.

Wherby religion was involved as a key issue to validate Jesus as a prophet and not a god. That the cause was to eradicate all jurisdiction to dissolve the papacy of Rome and it's power.

The Cluniac had possesion of artifacts via transit through France by way of the split religion as to dissolve power.

Unfortunately the order was given through Rome to invade the source of this information and to kill all Britons involved in this act. Which even today is carried forward by the 'Free Masons' from the 'Knights of The Templar' may say...this is starting to make sense as we now have the Robin Hood legend based around Nottingham.

As King John was connected to the Templars and a main pawn towards the game! Couple with the influence of the Cluniac, a war so terrible broke out, that all it's history was to be dissolved.

That the giving to the poor from the rich is what Robin Hood is all about.

He never really existed!! As all cases of mythological word of mouth from this great battle can only be seen through vision!

Whilst Frank was in trance, he started screaming that Roman soldiers were marhing towards him, but that is all.

Best regards


( you know where Friar Tuck comes from. Of course the name suggests a glutinous fat monk)