Ghost Stories

The Haunted Bombshelter?

One day in lovely Okinawa, Japan I was walking up a steep cliff. (well technically climbing) anyways, I get to the Top of the cliff and i see an old Bombshelter! it was pretty cool. :D so i looked in a old dusty window and i saw something moving inside, it had a human shadow shape to it.

I figured it was my shadow but it was cloudly and almost dark outside, so i knew for sure it wasn't mine. I started to look in the other windows to see if i could get a better look of the shadow i saw. it just turned out to be an electric chair (not creepy at all right?) lol. then all of a sudden a door creeped open. i followed the sound of the creeping door and i found the entrance to the bombshelter. I opened the door slowly, it was very quiet and dark inside. (convienately i happened to have a mini flashlight in my pocket) so i took the flashlight out of my pocket, turned it on and walked inside.

I felt a chill down my spine like someone was sliding a piece of ice down it. so i turned around and no one was there. I keep going further into the bombshelter and i see the electric chair that i saw earlier through the window. it was an 1930's electric chair. Woo scary. Just to mess around for the sake of it I sat in the chair to see what it feels like to sit in it. it felt cold and depressing almost.

All of a sudden a light flickered on. I could see everything in the room where i was sitting. i saw a metal table, the switches that turned the electric chair on, and a bunch of stacked metal chairs in the back. Then the light flickered off. So i jumped out of the chair, and looked around with my flashlight. I saw a shadowy figure run down a hall so i chased it. As i was running down the hall I saw at least 7 doors. There were three doors on the right side of the hall and three doors on the left side and 1 door at the end of the hall. I chased the shadow to the end of hall, and I saw it go through the door at the end.

I stopped at the end, and ran back to the electric chair room. From there I started looking in each of the rooms. The rooms were completely empty. I reached the final door of the hall where the shadow had gone in. I opened the door slowly. and walked in. i saw a single chair in the middle of the room with ropes surrounding it. (maybe it was used for interrogation?) I shined my flashlight on the chair and saw dried up blood on the floor. So it had to be for interrogation. And i was standing there thinking to myself this isn't a bombshelter this is more like a place where they held POW's and killed them.

I looked at the wall behind the chair and it had blood splatters on the walls with bullet holes in the middle. (must've been a firing line up) that sucks. So being sickened by this i felt like throwing up. but thank goodness I have a strong stomach :P

Anyways I looked to the left wall of the room and there was maps on the wall with red arrows and writing. Possibly a map where soldiers were. So i took those maps off the wall and folded them and stuck them in my pocket. ( I still have them) shh! So i look at right wall and see a brick sticking out. so i pulled the brick out of the wall and there was an ammo case. with and old compass, 9mm pistol, 2 pistol magazinzes, (or clips) whatever you call them, 2 grenades, cigars and some gold.

I was all JACKPOT! So I take the ammo case with all the freaking cool things and walk out the door. I'm in the hall again and i start to here whispers "where are you going" people screaing "help us" and "die" as soon as i heard "die" a gust of wind knocked me down i got back up... nearly pissed my pants and ran down the hall and got to the entrance. Ran out and quickly, slammed the door and then there was a big thump as if someone rammed into the door 5 seconds after i slammed the door.

I literally did piss my pants and hauled ass down the cliff. and went home. when i got home it was like 1140 almost 1200 at night. My parents saw me come in and said "you looked like you just saw a ghost or something, and why is the front of your pants all wet? You smell like piss, and what are you doing with that ammo case?" I said "oh i was just exploring, ran around, fell in a puddle. and this ammo case is just a friend of mine's" So i smirked and went to my room and sat there thinking holy shit, holy shit, lol

I still have the maps and stuff in the ammo case. pretty cool huh?