Ghost Stories

The Haunted Hotel In Spain



Due to my work (Racing WEC Endurance Racing Cars)Im taken to various countries during the racing season for races outside France (Where the team I Race for are Based). The First weeked of August this year we had a race in Jerez at the track of the same name. Nothing unusul happened at the track (For a Change)...But the hotel we stayed at (Which isnt the one we usully do due to the other being torn down after a fire burnt it down).. The hotel was built in around 1920- 1925 due to what the Hotel Manager told me and it is a very elegant typical Spanish Style White Walls, Terracotta Roof Tile type Hotel.... Very neat, Elegant and Classly looking even for its age. Only 6 Floors, Pool. Tennis Courts, Gym, Resteraunts, 2 Ball Rooms the whole 9 yards, Full of Tourists and Racing Teams and Racing Fans made for a mostly fun weekend..... Well it was until we realised that there were a few extra Guests that werent on the registery.... Not the one for that weekend anyway.

There were a few so here I list shorts of what I and others I was with experienced first hand that weekend.


After arriving at the Hotel the Wednesday before the race. My new Partner Sylvie (A Spanish Native) and I checked in around 3pm at that time we noticed nothing out of the ordinary besides the usual race weekend crazies. The elegant Mable Foyer led to a Mable staircase leading to the 2 Ballrooms and the Upstairs Japanese Resteraunt and Gym. As you go into the Hotel the Reception desk is to the right and the Consierge (Sp?) desk to the left near the doors to the down stairs Resteraunt, onto the bar and Lounge and Bathrooms. Just to the right of the Check in desk were the ELevators. Lots of indoor plants etc made the place look very crisp but welcoming. So after checking in etc we wnet to our rooms to Shower etc as we had a sponcers dinner to go to on just over a hour.

Everything was fine until Sylvie and I decided to have a early night due to alot of Press Work I had in the morning.... So we got back to the hotel just after 10pm.... And the lobby was empty except an elderly Man washing the floor with a mop and Bucket. As we walked to the Elevators past the check in desk now empty with only a bell on it and tv going on in the office behind the desk and a man sleeping on the couch in the office. Other than that we were alone as we crossed to press the up button for the 5th Floor. As we waited for the lift we turned watching the front door to see if we may need to hold the door for anyone when we noticed only almost like a shadow at first of a Man and Woman in very formal looking clothes standing near the downstairs Bar Door. Talking among them selves it seemed like. We watched as they then crossed across the lobby to the Check in Desk then turn towards the Lifts..... After taking about 10 steps they stopped looked back towrds the door as lf looking for someone.... The lady suddenly looked worried about something.......Then they turned beck towrds the front door when they reached the frount door........THEY DISSAPEARED !! Not Just faded out ... One minute they were there and the next they werent.

Both Sylvie and I who are both used to spirits and ghosts living with a few of them in both of my old homes that we live in.....We looked at each other like "OK WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?" .... We decided to skip the lift and walk back to the door and look around we could see nothing but it had suddenly got very cold in the spot in front of the door where they had dissapeared ... And being a rather warm Night it was far from normal to have a cold spot there as the rest of the lobby was a comfortable just on warm temp.

After a restless night sleep I asked to talk to the Hotel Manager .... HE wasnt suprised at what I had to ask him about 8 guests in the last 2 weeks had seen this couple ..... But he like the rest of us had no Idea who they were. At least at first And there were no other hotel records stating any other people seeing them that he could find before then other than somethime in the 60's (he had done some research) a couple in their 40's had been at the hotel on holiday with their Daughter and Son in Law... Apparently they has reached the hotel before their Daughter etc and had wited for them in front of the bar doors (Where we had seen them) after a while they assumed their Newlywed Daughter and her Husband had stopped somewhere for some private time so the couple had checked in but after their Family hadnt turned up by 6pm had gone looking for them.....Only to find they had been in a Accident on the way to the hotel after spending some time alone at a nerby lookout point and were both killed instantly. The couple had then decided to pack up and go home...Taking their Deceased family with them. He (The Manager) understood that their Daughter Etc had died......But why were they haunting the Hotel? They had made it home safe....(It hd been before his time so he didnt know first hand)...But the couple apparently had come back for a few years after their Daughters accident to Holiday at the Hotel. (Only way they knew they'd made it home safe).....Until the Mid 70's when they stopped comming to the hotel and werent seen this side of life again.... At lest until people starting spotting this odd Dissapearing Couple in the lobby.

Maybe in the after life they are still coming beck to the hotel hoping that their Daughter and Son in law will some day finish thier trip to the hotel for their Holiday? Or were they some other Poor Lost Souls?


Relaxing by the Hotel Friday Late afternoon after it got to hot to run the cars on the track for a late in day Qualifying Session. Everyone we knew was relxing either in the Bar, Eating in the Resteraunts or Mostly as it seemed relaxing next to or in the Pool. Mostly those in the Pool were the Guys who had their Kids with them Playing "Marco Polo" it was getting quite funny people Bombing others. My teammanager Arti and his new Wife Fiona Attempting to teach the kids how to use the spring diving board (Funny sight in itself).

At first I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary... I was walking around talking to quite a few people when I noticed a Lady (Older maybe in her 60's? or 70's?) at the far end of the pool with a small Black or Brown Poodle laying down on the ground next to her Lounge. Noone was seeming to pay any attention to her and she seemed oblivious to the mad crowd of yelling people around her... Thinking she was either patient or was used to rowdy Hotel Guests and their kids. The dog wasnt unusual the Hotel claimed itself (DOG FRIENDLY) and several of its more regualar guests had their dogs with them (We didnt due to Quarentine Laws and We didnt know that they were dog Freiendly).

I didnt attempt to talk to her until my Teammate called me over to introduce me to this Family of Racing Fans who supported Our Team who wanted my Autograph. Being the Fan Friendly Guy I am I wandered over to talk to the Family....As I walked past the Older Lady and her little Dog I smiled and Nodded at her.... She smiled back and went back to reding her book. After talking to the Family of Fans.... My Teammate decided to walk bck with me so he could go to the poolside bar to get a Coke (we Dont drink on season). Again as I walked past the old lady I smiled and nodded at her. Again she reterned the smile and again went back to reading. At the bar (I got a drink for Sylvie and I too) My Teammate (A very straight laced Italian) asked me Who I had smiled and nodded at on the other side of the pool. I told him The old Lady with the Poodle... He looked very confused and said "What old lady with the Poodle?" .... THinking he was trying to be funny I said "The Old Lady on the End Lounge reading her Book with the Dog on the Ground" ...... He looked at me like I was mad and said "I Think you've been out in the sun to long Sebastian .... The end lounge was empty...And there was no dog anywhere near there I would have said hello too If someone was there (He loves dogs so he would have). ".

I turned around to point out the Ldy on the Chair.... But she and the Poodle were both gone.

I asked several People around that side of the Pool If they had seen her and the dog.... Not one of the 15 People I asked, 4 of whom were on the Lounges right next to were she was saw her or the dog.........

One wonders.


FullMoonDolphin - I tried to talk to the Hotel Manager, The COnceirge, The Guy Cleaning the Pool. Only the Hotel Manager gave me what seemed to be any Idea of who the Lady with the poodle was. I seems that she may be one of two Former Long term Guests when the hotel used to have Live in's Back in the 50's. Two sisters actually (Not Twins ) who both had Black-Brown Poodles. Judging by the style of her swimming costume it seems to fit the time.... She was wearing one of those old stlye swimming suits but I didnt think anything of it becuse they are back in fashion now because my Girlfriend who works in fashion (Designer not a Model) has a similar style suit.
Thats why I didnt think she looked out of place. THe Hotel Manager also told me that she has only been seen by mainly Hotel staff over the years. The only Visitors to have seen her before me were children who claimed they had talked to a friendly older Guest and had played with her small Poodle near the Fountain which is right near the side entrance next to the Caban Bar near the pool.........Right were in the 50's Permenet or Long Term Live In's Used to have their rooms. Seems the sisters Named Bernadette and Lysanne (Sp?) used to love children and when they were living in the Hotel would often let the kids of guests at the hotel play with their Friendly Poodles when they took them out for walks everyday.. There is no Record of how the sisters Haunt the Hotel.... NEither Died there. Both were from Italy and are apparently Buried there. Maybe they haunt there because they liked the place so much in life?.

I wondered how the manager who had only worked there 10yrs Knew all this .... Turns out the Manager has a avid interest in Ghosts/ Spirits and when told about the Lady with the Poodle not long after he started working there by a child wanting to leave a note for the Lady with the Poodle on her leaving thanking her.... When the Hotel Manager realised that no-one fitting the girls discription was staying at the hotel he thought at first they had tresspassers. Until serveral other children noted seeing her and her dog the same summer. Then he began hos investigtion after one Child said he Thoight it was wierd that she walked round the corner in the hall and when he looked around the corner she was gone....And he hadnt seen or heard a door in the hall open or close. And the woman who walked slowly couldnt have gotten to even the first door in the hall and opened it , gone in and closed that fast without the Boy seeing the door pull to at least. The Menager then starting research and worked out what he told me.. Other then that no-one knows.

TO ALL THE OTHERS WHO MESSAGED: Thanks ... Im glad to bbe bck on now the racing season is over for this year.... I should be posting more until March 2009, then I will try to be on as much as can. I havent sadly had much time to do much background checks on my House sadly... Thats what Ive been planning to do until testing starts in Feb. I want to know more so I cn find out why and post more info for you too.