Ghost Stories

The Haunted House

I am new to the forums, but I felt this would be a good place to finally tell my story. You see this story is actually 24 years old now and I put pieces of it together since I was about 8 and I am 32 now.
It all started when I was a very young child, not more than eight years old. I as of most children was scared of the dark and so I used a nightlight by my bed. Most of the time as a child if I got scared I run and jump in bed with my Mom (Grandmother) and Papa. This night I could not because I saw a figure of a woman in a long white nightgown standing in the hall to my mom's room. Scared me terribly which I cried myself asleep, with the covers over my head.

Soon after the encounter, I began to have vivid dreams of a house. For many years there after I would continue to have similar dreams of this house. I would be outside looking up at this house from different angles. The house was unusually built, painted white with looked to be wooden shingles. If standing in front you see two stair cases on the corners of the front and go up and around to the side where there be doors there. Of course there are a large front door and also a huge oak tree on the left hand side.

The one side I remember well was the staircase on the right. I dream about this side the most but different locations. I remember a small overhang where the stairs met with the door and a pretty good size rectangular window beside it, which looked to be split in half with a trim in the middle. Over the years dreaming of this house I would see the changes, like the paint slowly dulling away and the tree that once was full of like, looked some-what dead.

There was only one dream that I ever entered the house. I dreamt that my best friend and I were looking around the old place and I popped off and told her I was going in. She told me not to go in that her mother told her to stay out. I laughed it off and headed up the stair case on the left to the door. As I entered it looked to be a large living space and to my left looked to be small kitchenette. As I stood in the door way I felt I cold shutter go through my body into my bones and I was terrified. But as my head turned to the right, there was a small room and I saw a light on. Both my friend and I went into this small room. There sitting up against the backboard in bed was a small little girl with long blonde hair. She smiled when she saw us and I sat on the side of the bed looking at her. I remember Chester drawers against the entrance of the room with a small tv set on it playing cartoons. Off on the far back wall was a dresser with bunny figurines on it.

I do not know what all I and the little girl talked about, but it felt like several minutes had past. I turned to look at my friend, which she was facing the dresser picking up the little bunnies and looking at them. She then stated that the little girl was dead and I laughed at her, told her she is right here in front of me. My friend said to touch her and I placed a hand on her hand and she was soo cold. I took my hand away and told the little girl it was time for us to leave. I saw a tear slide down her face and I reached up and wiped it away feeling the coldness again. Told the little girl I will be back. I then woke up from that dream.

I told my best friend about the dream and she thought it was very creepy and went home and told her mom. My friend told me her mother was doing dishes and as she got to the part of entering the house and what she said to me about not entering, her mother froze and stood there like a stone. My friend asked her what was wrong and her mother said she had a dream when she was a child about a house and that her mom told her not to go in, so she did not. Only difference, I did.

I remember when I was seventeen and after having a lot of the same dream I went to my mom to speak to her about it. Especially what happen when my best friend told her mother. My mom listen and did not say a word as I told her everything. I just remember my mom getting up and saying to me to forget it, don't speak about it to anyone again and let it go. That it was nothing, just a child's imagination running wild.

During that same year I remember my cousin coming to visit and one night after my mom and papa went to bed he called me outside to talk to me. He said mom spoke to him about my dream and he said that my mom cannot and won't tell you anything because it sounded like an old family homestead. I was shocked hearing that all these years the dreams could be a real house. He went on about some distant relative who use to live in the house. But it was many many years ago and not many remember about the old place or the family there. But I remember my cousin telling me to drop it and not to mention it to my mom again.

A few years went by and I got married but I still continued to have these recurring dreams of standing out in front of the house. One night we had a few friends over, having a few mix drinks and just shooting the breeze, when someone said it would be entertaining to talk about something that actually happen to them that was truly weird. One by one we all went around the table telling our tells. When it came to me I told them about the dreams of the house, my friend, and the mothers. When a friend of my husbands face went white and well took a huge drink and begin to tell us that his uncle bought a house awhile back that sounds like the house I been dreaming of. My heart fluttered in excitement, thinking I could actually see this house that has been haunting my dreams for years. Since it was on a weekend, we decided to take a day trip and all drive out in the country.

Before we left the next day I called my mom, told her I was coming over for a few, which I really needed to talk to her. As I sat with my mom and told her what happen the prior night and what we plan to do that afternoon my mom got pissed. She shot straight up from the couch and told me she forbidden me to go. I told her I was a grown woman and she could not tell me what or what not to do. She finally sat back down and just told me to please don't go, that as long as I stay away it won't get any worse for me. Then she said one of her great great aunts had a home that sounded like my dream. She was known to practice black magic and she believed in things that the family disapproved of. So know one mentions her much in the family and as far as rumors goes she died in the house of old age.

I could not believe what my mom told me. It was just too unreal. I knew of my mom being born with a veil over her head and her sister has some gifts too. But black magic, that just plain silly. All my life I was raised that black magic, voodoo, and stuff like that was just false. But now my mom tells me someone in our family use to do black magic?

Well, even though my mother told me not to go, we decided to go anyway, well sorta. As we entered in the area my husband friend said the house was in we had a flat tire. So spent a bit fixing that, when done we decided to keep going. Got to this old wooden bridge and well we could not go any further unless we walked. The bridge was broken. Few boards were missing and my husband said it was too dangerous to try to make it to the other side. So my journey goes cold at a bridge. We turned around and went home. Besides it was getting dark out. We planed to do it again but we never did. We plan to do a drive and walk several times in the past couple of years after, but something comes up and we have to cancel. Finally we did not mention it again and well we moved away and lost track of old friends. I still have a dream of the house occasionally, but not as vivid anymore or as frequently. Guess my mom is right. Stop investigating in some supernatural it tends to fade off to only memories.