Ghost Stories

The House in Banida

My husband and I were looking for a new place to live, because our landlord was selling his house and was going to be moving into the house we were living in. A few days later we found a large, lovely old house about ten miles outside of town in Banida. The kitchen area of the house had orginally been a small log cabin and had been added on to later by the family that still owns it today. It had big yards and huge trees that were just beautiful. The rent was cheap too. The owners said that the rent was cheap because the house was so far outside of town. The unusually cheap rent for such a large beautiful home should have tipped us off that something wasn't right. But we loved the house and needed a place to live, so we took it. A week later we moved into our new house.

For the first few days, I was so busy unpacking and putting things away that I didn't notice anything unusual. A few nights after moving in I began to hear things...

On the south of the house is a door that leads out into the yard to the garage. When you come in that door there is a long, dark, narrow hallway that leads to the kitchen and then ends at the basement stairs. The basement was small and unusable because of water problems so I rarely if ever went down there. Basements have creeped me out since I was a kid and this one was no different...just worse because it was dark, dank, wet and windowless. So I avoided it like the plague. It was in this long dark, narrow hallway that I began to hear things a few nights after moving into the house.

My husband was at work and I was alone in the house, watching tv in the living room when I first started hearing it. I heard the sound of a door opening and closing and the sounds of footsteps going up and and down the hall that led to the basement. I knew it wasn't my husband because he wasn't due home for hours. So I got up and went to investigate. As soon as I entered the kitchen, the footsteps stopped. My heart was pounding as I slowly stepped into the hallway. Much to my relief, there wasn't anybody there. I checked the door and it was just as I had left it...locked. Satisfied that everything was okay, I went back to the living room to finish watching my show. But as soon as I sat down I heard it again. The door opening and closing and the sounds of footsteps going up and down that hallway. Again I checked, again, nothing there. After a while I got used to it and just ignored it. But then other things started happening...

I started hearing the sound of children laughing and playing out in the yard. The owners lived about a block up the road from us and had just had their eighth child and thinking it was their kids I went outside to see what they were doing. When I opened the door and stepped out into the yard the sounds of laughter and playing stopped. I looked around the yard and didn't find anybody...not one single kid. I got used to this after awhile too...

Then there were the bangs on the roof...and the sounds of a ball bouncing across the roof. Then one afternoon I heard a loud crash and the sound of glass shattering coming from the laundry room. Certain that one of the big glass windows back there had been broken I ran back there expecting to find glass every where, but when I walked into the laundryroom, I found nothing out of place and nothing broken.

Then came the flies...

My husband and I were going to a family reunion and would be gone for three days and asked the owners eleven year old daughter to come over and feed our four cats and two dogs. Two of our cats were house cats and the other two stayed outside. The dogs were outside too. I gave her the keys and instructions on what she needed to do and then we left for the reunion. As we drove away I saw my two outside cats, Pepper and Tippy playing with each other in the grass behind the house. Knowing the animals were in good hands we continued on our way. We came home three days later. When we left the house it was clean but when we came back we were shocked at what we found...

When we unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen, there was kitty litter all over the floor and my big tupperware container of brownies that I had left sitting on top of the refridgerator was lying upside down in the middle of the kitchen floor. We slipped, slid and crunched our way across the kitchen floor and I went on into the living room and got sick at what I saw.

Pictures had been knocked off the walls, figurines had been knocked off the shelves and there were thousands and thousands of flies...everywhere!! I had NEVER seen so many flies in one place in my whole life. Then I saw something black move under the couch and heard a weak, scared meowing. When I looked under there I saw two terrified yellow eyes looking back at me. It was my big outside cat Pepper. I reached under the couch and pulled him out and had no idea how he had gotten in the house. When we left I saw him playing outside in the grass with our other cat. I put him outside and he seemed very relieved to be back outside. Then I turned my attention to all those horrible flies. We threw open the widows and they all began flying to the open windows...hoards of them...and when they did we sprayed the crap out of them. We didn't stop until every last one was dead. Then we pulled the screens off and they fell in huge black piles onto the flower beds below.

When we got done I went down to the owners house to talk to their daughter and find out why Pepper was in the house and why it was such a mess. When I asked her about it, she looked at me with a totally bewildered look on her face and told me she had no idea what had happened. She told me she had fed the animals the night before and everything was okay. She said the last time she saw Pepper was when she went to feed them the night before and that he was outside with our other cat playing. She said she had no idea how he had gotten into the house or how anything happened.

The footsteps, crashes, doors opening and closing and all the other sounds continued on and then three weeks later the flies came again.

I was home alone, baking cookies. The oven often cooked too hot and you had to keep an eye on what you were baking or it would burn...real easily. I was in the living room watching tv when I smelled my cookies getting too cooked and went in to pull them out of the oven. I got them out and they were bit over done but okay. As I pulled them off the cookie sheet to cool I noticed two flies in the window and shuddered at the memory of what happened three weeks before and quickly took care of them. When I finished in the kitchen, I turned and went back into the living room and stopped dead in my tracks. Just minutes before there hadn't even been one fly in that room and suddenly out of no where there was thousands and thousands of them, just like before. I freaked out and began the same routine as before, spraying the crap out of them and watching them fall in big black clumps into the flower beds. This was really creeping me out. I told the owner about what had been happening and asked if she or anybody had ever experienced anything like that before in the house. She looked at me with a totally stunned looked on her face, shook her head and said "No, never!!"

A few days later I woke up in the middle of night and knew somebody was standing beside the bed. The room was dark but that corner beside the bed was darker than the rest of the room and I knew someone was standing there. My mother had just passed away from cancer a few days before and thinking it was my mom I thought to myself "Oh its just mom." Then I turned over and went back to sleep. To this day I am not sure if that was my mom....but somene WAS standing there.

Shortly after that we had to move again because the owners neice and her family were going to move into that house. I was glad to move that time and leave that house behind. Today the owners oldest son lives in the house with his wife and five boys and I am good friends with them. When I told them about my experiences there they were shocked to say the least. They have never experienced anything like that there.

Whenever I go by there I still shudder at the memories of that house. They have done some remodeling and adding on to the house and it looks really nice, but you couldn't pay me enough to move back in there again!! [V]