Ghost Stories

The House In France:

As most of you know I have a Old House in Cannes, France. It was built around the turn of the last century (1900 persumably.... but could be as late as 1906).It has had a bit of a rough past... Supposidly owned by some mafia family in the 1930's.... They built a large Entertaining room onto the back of the house to house their Pool Tables and a Fully Stocked bar. Owned later by a French Theater Actress who was well known for her posing nude for well respeced Photogapher Herbert Montuyhouse of the "Ladies Of The Night : New Orleans" books that featured Well Known "Working Girls" Of the day (4 Books in all) ... Though it is doubtfull she was ever a working girl. That was around the Late 40's and early 50's... She also built two "Guest Houses" In the Yard for her friends and accociates to reside in when they visited (Only One still stands due to Several Problems including 3 unexplained Fires destroying the second one which was torn down in the late 70's? Around there anyway). After that the house was used as a Nursing Home until the early 80's. And then was refurbished back to a Family Home... WHich after a Stable Block was built also on the property.... Where 2 of my Current Horses now live. There are several things I have noticed since moving in around 2003. ( I only live there 8 Mths about every year... Depending on my Work Sceduale).


In the hallway that runs from the Front door to the Kitchen / Dining Room in the center of the house.......It often gets Suddenly EXTREMELY COLD.......And then goes back to a Normal Inside temperature . This happens mainly during Summer {Mid-Late Summer} and is often accompanied by Heavy Breathing (My sister Jacqueline has experienced this many times during her stays and always says it feels like an old man who is having serious breathing problems... Like he is almost struggling for breath at times). We have tried to find out anything about this but historical records show no sign of a old man or woman dying in the hallway or near it........All the bedrooms are at the back of the house and upstairs.


It started about 2mths after I moved into the house... A spirit that haunts the Pool Room/Bar....Seems to be a Man in his mid-Late 70's with short almost military cut Grey hair in a Pin Striped 40's style suit. He will walk from the bar to the door that leads to the patio doors (French Doors) stand there watching out over the yard towards our swimming pool for about 2 minutes before he slowly fades away. We think this ghost maybe the Father of the so called Mafia Family that lived here back in the day.... He was supposidly dragged from the bar to the swimming pool and thrown in as a joke by an old friend... He drowned after struggling for a while in the water... His friends oblious to the fact he couldnt swim thought he was just joking around.... Until he sunk. Ive tried to talk to him on several occasions... But ive been ignored totally he just stares out at the pool with a very sad look on his face.


In the remaining Guest House. We were busy working on Re-doing the carpets and modernising the Kitchen and Bathrooms. At first it wasnt much...Tools being moved when we left the room. The Main Bedroom door swinging back and forth on its hinges for upto 10 mins at a time. Then we'd go back to the Guest House after a nights sleep and Find all the brand new Curtains off the Curtain rods and neatly folded on the Kitchen Table. Another time my friend Jeff went to use the Bathroom and found for about 5 mins that the door wouldnt open as though it had been nailed shut only his yelling brought us running.... It took myself and Two guys my size pulling on the two door knobs at full strength to open it {Yes it has two Door knobs and you usually only need to turn the top one to open it as the bottom one is there to help little kids open it as its about a 5-8yr olds height and is designed to open both latches when turned to help the little ones out]. .... Needless to say we all went back to the main house after that if we needed to take care of our Bathroom needs. AAnother time the TV (etc) Cabinet was pushed the whole length of the wall while we had our lunch break.... It took 3 men to place it where it was to start with being that its SOLID OAK!! Beds that have been left unmade by guests who come back after breakfast with us to find them neatly made. We cant find any information about deaths in that Guest House but the one that was torn down 2 men and a Lady in her 40's along with her 2 Kids died in the two of the seperate fires in it........Maybe they have moved next door......:eek: