Ghost Stories

The House Was Strange...

I used to live in a house that was very strange. We moved in when I was about 7 years old and I remember thinking the people we bought it from were very creepy. They had identical twins that had white blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and the palest skin I have ever seen. They made me feel very uneasy although I was really too young to figure out exactly why. When we moved in we found strange things in the garage like what seemed to be a noose that was hanging from the top rafter and what my dad swore was "red paint" but could never get rid of no matter how hard he tried on the concrete floor.

The backyard was also weird. It had this very large tree in the back yard that always creeped me out some. At night I wouldn't go out into the backyard because I always felt like something was watching me. I remembered being very afraid to go and look out the windows after dark.

We had a house beside us that always stood empty because people would move in and out rather quickly. The old lady that lived there originally died on the operating table. The night she died her son was sitting in the closed in porch on the front of the house trying to drink a ship in a bottle. Kind of funny. Years later I saw her in the backyard. That kind of freaked me out. Some devil worishpers moved in to the house and she must not have liked this because one night they all came running out the backdoor screaming something about never going in the house again and they moved shortly after that. I am not sure if the house is occupied now, but the last time I drove by it was empty.

Other strange things happened in this house. I remember when I was about 15 my family all went for dinner and I stayed home because I had a migraine. The house was empty and no one but my parents had a key to the house. I was sleeping in my bed when I felt someone brush my shoulder and say my name softly. I turned just in time to see something in the corner of my eye as it left the room. I got up and there was no one in the house. It was a nice summer day so our dog was out in the back yard so it wasn't the dog I saw leaving the room. This house has wooded doors and soon after we moved in we noticed a strange face forming on one of the doors. Behind a dresser on the wall in the room that was the dinning room and where my brother's fold out bed was, there was a skeletal face with an evil grin. Late at night when my mother was asleep in the front room on the pull-out couch and my father was at work my brother and I would see a dark shape move from room to room. My brother called out once thinking it was my father and it disappeared into a wall. I saw this figure standing in the doorway of my room a few times. Other things like an unexplained cold spot in the back room and the sounds of someone calling our names also took place. We had this old wardrobe thing with a mirror in the dinning room and one morning while I was walking from the kitchen to the living room I saw the reflection of someone in a blue dress, old fashioned and faint as if she was transparent.

Another strange thing that happened late one night was that I was sleeping in my bed and I saw a huge spider drop from the ceiling to my bed. This was a spider big enough to be a tarantula or something. I put my head under the covers and could have swore I felt it crawling. I screamed "Go away. You're not real!" and it was gone. That only happened once.

All in all, I must say I'm glad we don't live there anymore. It was way too creepy!