Ghost Stories

The house we almost rented.

This happened in the fall of 1998.

My husband and I were wanting to move closer to town, so we started house looking, we looked at several homes and me being so picky I was not satisfied until I think we seen over half this town had to offer in rental homes with many to choose from, sometimes I can't believe the dumps people try to lease out.

One day my husband gave me a phone call and told me he had found a house while driving by with a sign in the yard that read "For Rent" with a phone number to call, this house was not in the local newspaper, he called the number and talk to the owner and we set up a time to meet for showing that evening.

We arrived at the house it was on a very nice street with other older homes around, this house was two stories and had a garage apartment on the backside of the house that was connected to the house, the house was painted yellow with red brick, the windows were stained glass, it had shudders and was beautiful, this house was built in the early 1920's, it was amazing.

We entered through the back door and I noticed this man showing this home was still moving his things out of it, I thought that was strange for someone to do, but I went on looking through all the rooms, they were huge, it had fire places, I love a fire place and that is a plus in my book and I have never lived in a home without one in it, one in the dining room and one in the living room, the other living room did not have one in it.

I seen the kitchen and felt kind off strange while standing in it so I left the kitchen and went down the hall to the master bedroom, upon entering this room I yelled at my husband "WOW this thing is huge", I was alone in this room gazing when I seen a dark shadow move across the wall, I had a very strong feeling in this room of being watched, I left this room fast to find my husband, he was in the front living room talking to the man showing his home, I gave my husband a look!

The stairway was off the from living room and I wanted to take a look upstairs, the front door was in front of the stairs and had a very pretty stained glass print on it as most of the windows in this living room did as well, I started walking up the stairs when I noticed the stairway lights started to flicker, I got up to the top and they shut completely off and then back on they came, the bed rooms were huge upstairs and as I was backing out of one of the rooms to see the bathroom in the hallway I noticed light coming through a corner and at the corner it had a door latch, this was the hallway upstairs.

I unlatched it and the whole wall moved like opening a door, I was in the kitchen of the garage apartment, it had a bedroom and a large living room and all of a sudden as I was coming back to the kitchen I started smelling a very bad smell, I hurried out of the kitchen back through the wall door and as I was latching this wall I felt pain in my chest and stomach and felt sad and sick at the same time and ran down the stairs, the lights flickering as I ran down the stairs to meet my husband and this man and told them I had to get outside, my husband and this man followed me, I went all the way to the street, I was literally gasping for air.

I hugged my husband and told him "NO WAY"!, we do not want this house, and the man asked me if I was ok, I told him yes but I had a very bad feeling, then he told me this.

He told me the reason why he is moving out of this house is because his wife went crazy and told him something was in the house that tried to hurt her, he did not really believe her until he seen the state I was in, they were going through a divorce and she had left everything she had owned behind "including clothes" and vowed to not enter this house again, they had been separated for about a year, he then said he needed to have a long talk with his wife.

He then told me about the owners who had the house before him, the husband went crazy and killed his wife on the stairway with a butcher knife, and she was stabbed many times.

My husband and I told this man "thank you" but we did not want this house, we did not need to explain why as he already knew why, we said goodbye.

We drive pass this house at times and wonder who the new tenants are and if they are having an trouble while living in this home.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my story as it gives me creeps to think about the events that went on in this house that day.

~As I breath every breathe I only hope to see the light before darkness~
Written by Madalyn