Ghost Stories

The House

Hi all!I am glad to see that so many of you read my first story and enjoyed it.
Here are a few more stories about the house from my story "Ghost Friend"..including history!Now some of the stories I could not confirm because they were told to me by other people but I had two other TRUE encounters with the house myself....

Harolds story:

This was told to me by an old friend of mine one day while we were talking on the phone.I have changed his name but the rest is accurate and up to you to decide if it's true...

One day a good friend of mine called me and we were just talking about regular kids stuff(people we liked/disliked,jokes..ect.)but somehow the topic ended up changed to religion.At the time,I was not that religious but had a point of view about it and a few dearly held beliefs so I had a few things to say on the subject.We both expressed our opinions but then things got quiet for a min.Harold had just stopped talking and I thought he had left the phone to do something but he started talking again and when he did he asked me a question on a subject that at the time..gave me the heebie jeebies.He asked me did I believe in ghosts.For some reason,as soon as he asked me that,my
bedroom seemed to get darker but it was early in the day and the sun was streaming in from the windows.I could'nt explain it but I felt all the hairs on my arm stand straight up.So I just told him the truth..I DID believe in ghosts
but had had only two encounters with the super-natural at that point that I really questioned(one was my "ghost friend").I never told Harold about my encounters but he ran on about this house that was said to be haunted by the spirit of the previous owner who was murdered there by his wife.The man had been renting the house to a pretty African-American woman who he was having an affair with.He was white and this was back in the 30's so this did not sit well with alot of people in the community.Someone called his wife and told her what her husband was doing and in a rage,she went to the house and caught them in bed together.She had brought a knife with her and stabbed the woman first who was still lying in bed and then,turned the knife on her husband who had jumped out of the bed and was trying to get his clothes on.She cornerned him and stabbed him until he slid down the wall,leaving a trail of blood that went down the wall and ended in a pool where he lay as he died from several fatal wounds.A cleaning crew went into the house after the bodies were taken out but,they could never seem to get the bloodstain out of the carpet.They would clean the stain and it would just reappear.Harold told me that his uncle had moved into the big two-story house a few years back and that he had heard the strange stories about the house and had been warned not to move in there.He was a preacher and believed that his faith would protect him from any evil that might inhabit the house so he moved in.

His first day in the house,he went through every room blessing the house and after all of his furniture had been moved in,he was in the kitchen unpacking his silverware and dishes when he heard a loud bang coming from the upstairs.He thought it was probably something that had fallen off a dresser or something so he went back to what he was doing.It was evening in the later part of October and it was already dark outside but he had every light on in the house.As he was putting his silverware in a drawer,all the lights went out.Thinking it must have been the wiring in the house because the house was so old..he was on his way to check the fuse box when a cold wind stopped him just inside the kitchen door.It blew right past him so hard,he almost lost his balance and had to catch on to the door frame.Not knowing exactly WHAT was going on,he just stood there frozen in the doorway.Then he heard this loud,unearthly voice behind him yell GET OUT!Someone was in the kitchen with him but he had been alone in the house and all the doors and windows had been locked.He was scared but being a preacher he decided to stand his ground and so he started praying in a loud voice.After he finsihed his prayer,all the lights came back on and he turned and looked behind him but nobody was there.So he went back to what he had been doing before and had almost finished putting everything away when,the drawer where he put his silverware opened right before his eyes.He just stood there in shock as he watched the drawer open and all of his silverware came flying out at him.He fell back against the wall in horror as knives and forks came flying towards him.They were being flung at him with such force that most of them stuck into wall around him.It was like he had been pinned to the wall,though none of the silverware had touched him.Still,He could not move an inch if he had wanted to.He heard heavy footsteps walking out of the kitchen and through the living room and up the stairs.The footsteps were accompanied by an evil laughter.

The footsteps,seemed to stop outside his uncles bedroom door.He heard a door open and then close and then the house was quiet again.He pulled himself away from the wall and decided to have dinner and go to bed.He finished his dinner in peace and was on his way up the stairs,ready to get to bed when he heard a womans screams coming from his bedroom.The screams were ear shattering and he put his hands up to cover his ears to protect them from the gutwrenching sound.He stopped on the stairs and as soon as the screams were heard they were gone and the house was again in silence.He made his way to the bedroom and was preparing for bed.He had a bible sitting on the heaviest dresser in the bedroom and he was about to pick it up to read some before bed but as he reached for it the bible caught fire right before him and fell to the floor.Then the heavy dresser flew violently against the door,
blocking his way out.The evil laughter started up again and he heard this voice tell him he was going to be killed.The bloodstain was still there in the corner and a trail of blood appeared on the wall above the bloodstain.His uncle was staring at all of this in horror as he started praying as loud as he could.The heavy dresser flew away from the door but the evil laughter continued.His uncle ran out of the bedroom and left the house in his pajamas.He never went back to the house.

He stayed in a motel until he found another place....

My two other encounters with the house....

Early one summer morning,around 6:30 I was walking home from Sharon's house (the girl from my story Ghost Friend).I had spent the night with her but something bad had happened over there and I could not wait to get home.I had walked overthe bridge that ran alongside the house and had turned the corner and passed the front part of the house.I was about half way up the block when I saw this manwalking towards me.Now there were alot of weird things about this man.One in particular..he was white.Now I am in no way a racist but this was an African-American neighborhood and also a pretty bad place and hardly any white people came there unless it was a buisness call and they were scared to be there even then.LOL.Now this was 6 something in the he could not have there on buisness.Also,the sun had just come up in the sky but already it was hot and here he was walking and wearing a long tan trench coat.I must say,I was kind of scared of him.I thought he was some kind of weirdo.Anywho..I stayed on the same course and as we passed each other I looked over at him and said good morning.He said
in this low, raspy,mean voice..what's so good about it?Confused and a bit offended I decided not to say anything else to him and just cross over to the other side of the street.I continued on my way home but I was curious about this man so I looked back to see which way he was going and when I did I saw the bottom of his trench coat but no feet...he was floating atleast two feet off the ground!I watched for what was probably a few seconds and saw him float up to the front door of that old house and disappear.I started running and never looked back....

....It was Halloween of 1991 and I was on my way out for some trick or treating.The plan was, to go to my friend Sharon's house and we would go trick or treating together.I was walking over that same bridge when I got this weird feeling.It felt like my breath had caught in my chest and I could not move.All I could move were my eyes and for some reason,I looked over to my right at that old house.There in a bottom window,I saw the face of the same man I had saw floating up to that house months earlier.His face was pressed up against the glass and he was looking at me with this evil smile on his face.There was an eerie light that illuminated his face.It seemed dim like candlelight.
Now by this time,I knew things about the house and that no one was living there at the time.

Needless to say I was scared but I still wanted to go trick or treating badly but a voice inside my head told me to turn around and run home.So that is just what I did!

My moms story:

My mom and I were talking one day and she just asked me did I know anything about this two-story house that sat up on a hill on the right side of a bridge in the neighborhood.As soon as she said that,I knew where she was
talking about.I told her yes and I told her the stories I had heard about the house and my experiences with the old house.I could tell that what I told her made her uneasy.She told me the reason she asked was because,she had been out with a friend one day and as they were passing a street over from where the old house stood,her friend asked her did she know about the haunted house and pointed in the direction of where it was.My mom did not know what she was talking about but her friend went on to tell her what she had heard about the house.She had had a sister who tried to live there and she said she could not live there because of the man who haunted the house.
She also told my mother that she knew other people who tried to live there but most moved out within a week of moving in...