Ghost Stories

The Lalaurie Mansion

First of all, the house is in New Orleans adress 1140 Royal Street. This story is really popular in New Orleans and one of the most horrifying. The story dates back to 1832, Dr. Louis Lalaurie marryied Delphine (last name not known), they were rich and were renowd for their prominence. Madmae Lalaurie handled the family affairs and carried herself in great style. They had man party's or "social functions" as they called it then, thos lucke enough to attend these "party's" were dazzled by what they saw. The lalauries had a 3-story, and had delicate iron work. Madame Lalaurie was considered as the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the city! Anyone who visited the Lalaurie mansion was pampered and well-cared for. The Madame Lalaurie had dozens of slaves and she was unhumanly cruel to them. She kept her cook chained in the kitchen and some of the other slaves were treated worse. This was the side of Madmae Lalaurie no one saw, it was her neighbors who first started getting suspicious about her. Madame Lalaurie traveled a lot and many slaves were replaced without explanation or would simply dissapear without a trace. One day a neighbor heard a scream and saw that madame Lalaurie was chasing a little girl with whip in her hand up to the roof where the little girl jumped to her death and later burried on the property. At the time there was a law against cruel tretment of slaves and authorities impounded her slaves and sold them at auction but little did they know that Madame Lalaurie had coaxed some realatives into buying the slaves and later selling themo her! Rumors spread throughout the town and noone would accept any invitations to the mansion and soon the Lalauries were avoided. In April 1934, a fire broke out in the Lalaurie's kitchen which swept through the house, now there were rumors that the cook had set the kitchen on fire because he could no longer indure the Madame's tortures! After the fire was put out fire fighters discovered a gastly sight behind a secret door in the attic, they found loads of slaves chained to the walls beaten and bruised. Slaves were strapped to operating tables, some were found in cges made for dogs, body parts were scattered throughout the floor, human heads and organs were found in buckets, some were found on shelves next to variety of whips and paddles. all of the victims were found nude, some fo the women were found with their stomachs sliced open and their intestines wrapped around their waists, one women was found with animal excrement stuufed into her mouth and then sowed shut! Fingernails were ripped off, eyes sticking out, and the males private parts were cut off! One male was foun haniging from the ceiling with a stick through his head which was used to stir his brains! Hands were sown on to various parts of the body and mouths were pinned shut! Not all of the victims were dead some were unconscious and others screamed in pain begging to be put out of their misery. Doctors rushed to the scene to help the survivors, one woman was found withher legs and arms removed, another cramped into an extremely small cage and her limbs werebroken and set back in odd angles. Once word got out the Lalauries fled and were never seen again. The house remained vacant for a few years, decaying, many claimed to hear screams from the house and some saw apparitons of the slaves, some even said that vagrants who went into the house seeking shelter were never seen again. In 1837 a man bought the house but only kept it for 3 months because he was plagued by footsteps, screams and groans. Following the Civil War, the house was reconstructed and made into a high school for poor girls but the girls were forced to leave in 1874. In 1882 it was made into a music and dance school and everything went well for a while but soon was shut down because the town accused the teacher who ran the school of rapping the girls. The years to come broguht even more rumors about the mansion, a man named Jules Vignie bought the mansionand soon died and a rumor spread that he left his treasure hidden in the house but people feared to go in search of it. In the 1890's the house became appartments but low rent wasn't enough to keep people there. During this time there was acount of an occupant being attacked by a naked black man in chains who dissaeared. Children were attacked by invisible whips, animals were butchered and a woman scared into schock when she woke up to a woman dressed in elegant close staring "evily" down at her who dissapeared in front of her. The house beacme a furniture store, then a saloon name "The Haunted Saloon". Today the house has been restored and serves as luxury apartments, the question now is, is the Lalaurie Mansion still haunted? A graveyard was found in the back of the huse under the wooden floor which answered a question and brought up another, we know now where the missing slaves went but, how many are still lingering behind our world?

This story has been made into a documentary about 4 teens who go inside The Lalaurie Mansion to investigate it if its haunted, the movie is like the Blair Witch, but its supposively true so if you want to buy it or rent it the name is "The St. Francisville Experiment"