Ghost Stories

The last Ouija

This is an unnerving Ouija board story I was indirectly involved in when I was in high school and directly involved in much later....

One of my best friends in school was a very pretty blonde girl who always attracted masculine attention wherever she went, and enjoyed doing so to the extent that it afforded her certain advantages. She was also very interested in the spirit world and while messing around on the Ouija board with some friends she one day encountered a very strong entity who was also very charming and flattering. He lavished her with praises and compliments and she responded in kind but did not take the encounter too seriously at first.

She soon began having problems with this "demon" as he referred to himself. He had a special title he liked to roll out for himself but he also had a shorter nickname which my friend came to know him by - it was much shorter than the lengthy formal title. He showed up every time she used the board, which she tended to do rather often at that time (although never alone of course). At any rate, his advances became quite alarming to her. When she visited her aunt in another state, and used her cousin's board while there, this entity showed up. And when she wished to speak to other spirits, he would make her do him a favor before he would permit other beings to communicate with her. (Often he would ask her to pull her hair out of her ponytail or change into a particular red shirt he liked, for example). Even then she said she was sometimes not sure if he really left or if she was still speaking to him, while he pretended to be the person she wanted to talk to. She tried every imaginable cleansing spell, blessing, and consecration of her boards and even bought new ones though she knew it made no real difference. He never seemed to leave, no matter how nicely or rudely she indicated her wishes for him to do so.

It was not long before he began telling her things that she did in her own time, away from the board, by herself or while at school. I was present during a number of these dialogues and was scared for her because it was clear to me that the entity was strong and unhealthy. I remember seeing the terror on her face when he once asked her if she enjoyed her bath last night. Yet he told her so much information that she wanted to know - he told her about her loved ones who had departed and although he could easily have been lying she wanted to believe he was telling the truth. He claimed to be the second in command of hell, and he said that position enabled him access to whatever information she needed to know. Once when a large group of us were crowded into her small bedroom on the board, speaking to this entity, she asked him how many spirits were in the room with us. He said 38. She seemed to scoff at this and said, if you know everything then tell me their names. My boyfriend at the time had sworn off Ouija and was watching from the corner. The planchete began to whiz across the board spelling as quickly as our hands could keep up; after the first few names my boyfriend started counting in his head as we spelled the words out. The spirit named 38 people, a few of which had very odd names indeed, the only one I can remember being "little raptor."

So it was inevitable that she became terrified of this being. She hid pentagrams all over her room, her car, her locker at school, behind posters in homeroom and under couch cushions at the coffee shop. (She thought they kept him at bay). One evening she was home alone and called in a panic, she knew he was there, she said. Please come stay with me, she said. I did, and watched her while she slept. It was a very uneasy night; I certainly felt a strong presence and was pretty scared myself; I could not imagine what she must have felt.

Eventually she tossed out her boards, and her sister's board also. She removed much of the occult trappings of her home which he had complimented, and she literally burned his favorite red shirt. I helped her. She did not use a board again for as long as I knew her, and neither did I...for a while at least.

Fast forward perhaps six or seven years down the road. I was in grad school and my future hubby was helping me cram for a test. It was late at night and we were both brain-dead. My great aunt had given me her old Ouija board from when she was a teenager and although I had not been on a board since the above incidents occured, I thought surely enough time had passed. I did not want to throw out the Ouija board my auntie had given me because it was the only supernatural hand-me-down I had ever received. As someone who was studying to be an historian, I felt it was my duty to preserve our family's history and keep that old board no matter what.

Can you guessed what happened? Yep. First spirit that contacted us was the one I won't name. My husband did not know of the earlier incident, nor the nickname the demon called himself. It's an unusual name. As soon as I realized how strong the entity was which was moving the planchete, I thought to myself - no no no don't be him please God no it cannot be happening - but by the fifth letter I knew and immediately told my husband "remove your hands NOW."

So much for preserving family history. That was my last Ouija experience.