Ghost Stories

The Mardi Gras beads....

Well I have a couple of other stories to tell. I'm not quite sure where to start, so I guess I'll start here.

A few years ago, my ex-husband took my kids to the Mardi Gras in Galveston, TX. They had a blast!!!! They brought home some beads from the party and hung them about in their rooms and gave some to me as well. Shortly after this, we started hearing footsteps and knocks on doors, but paid it no mind thinking it was neighbors since we lived in an upstairs apartment.

Well I had gotten a new job, and my kids were at my oldest daughter's boyfriends house watching movies. She called and wanted to stay longer , but I said no as I had to get up early in the morning (like 5am!). This caused her to become angry with me naturally and she tried to argue with me all the way home. When we got there, I sent them to bed and went to my room to watch tv and try to relax for my first day on a new job. About thirty minutes later, I was laying in bed, watching tv and smoking a cigarette when someone knocked on my bedroom door. 5 knocks, like a normal can I come in knock, you know? So naturally I said come in. My bed was right next to the door, with the door on my left, I could see it from my peripheral vision. Folks, I saw the doorknob turn and the door open, but no one was there. I thought maybe my daughter was playing with me, since she was angry....but no one was there. I looked and said "Well come in Kim". and still no one. So I looked around the side of my bed into the living room and it was dark, lit only from the kitchen light I always left on. So I got up and went to my kids room across the living room from mine and opened the door. As I went in to the livingroom, the hair on my arms stood up, one of those feelings you get when something's not quite right. As I entered my children's bedroom, I saw they were both sound asleep. I woke my daughter and asked if she had just knocked on my bedroom door. Since I had to wake her, it obviously wasn't her. I know she was asleep....I could always tell when my kids were faking, you know. Anyway, I told them both to come sleep in my room and made a pallete for them on the floor. Nothing eventful happened the rest of the night. But....

The next morning at 5am, the alarm went off and I got them up and sent them to their room. Theirs was just across the living room from mine. As they got to their door....I was standing at my bedroom door, with the wooden part of the door in my hand, there was a "Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock" on my door. I felt it and heard it!!!!! My kids heard it. I looked at them, everyone's eyes were huge, and the hair on my arms was standing straight up, and that prickly feeling was on the back of my neck!!! I said, " DID Y'ALL HEAR THAT!?!" All they could do was nod, eyes huge. So it took us a minute to recover and I sent them back to bed, and I had to get ready for work.

I went into my bathroom, and got into the shower. All of a sudden, it got ice cold in there (just like in the movies!!), so I thought the ac had come on. I yelled for my daughter to check and see, and while she was
doing that I reached up and checked the vent for airflow. There was none and my daughter said no; the ac wasn't on.

Now people I'm a little angry by this time, as I'm standing in the shower, naked as a jaybird, and there's some kind of entity in there with me. So I yelled to the air...."DO YOU MIND? I'M TRYING TO TAKE A SHOWER HERE!!!!" The room temp went back to normal. Crazy as it sounds...this really happened. Well things went on for a day or two, and finallym I asked my daughter what she could have possibly brought in the house to bring that spirit. She didn't know....Then I remembered the Mardi Gras beads....They brought home alot of the free ones, but what I didn't know, was their dad had taken them to one of those shops and bought them each a strand. When my daughter told me this, I asked her to show me her beads. We went into her room and hers were hanging on the bed post. She had gotten one of those strands with the faces on both sides, like the masks you hang on the walls....As soon as I saw those beads, one of the faces actually came at in my face, but like spirit form. Kind of like a close up shot in the movies, it's really hard to explain. So I took the beads and told her to throw them away, but she didn't want to because her dad had bought them for her. So I put them out on the porch, we said a prayer to cleanse the apartment and all was well inside. But my washer and dryer were outside where the beads were, lol. And everytime I had to do laundry, this thing would knock on the door of the laundry room, wanting me to say come in. I would just look around and say, "No you can't come in.", lol. And it didn't.

I'm not really sure what it is with me and spirits knocking, but they do that alot, sometimes they appear to me too...but maybe don't realize I can see them, because usually when they know I've seen them, they disappear.
But that's this story....