Ghost Stories

The Marr Residence

Ok well the Marr Residence is the oldest building still on its original piece of territory, here in Saskatoon. So it has been there fro quite some time.

Well there have been tons of stories, about the ghost Charlie who haunts this place. He has supposedly pulled a womans hair, kicked chairs out from underneath people and one time even threw a cane at an old man.

My friend has been inside the Marr Residence before. You can usually take tours and even have tea inside the house....(I couldnt go into the house it gives me the creeps) Well anyways the 2nd floor has been chained off, for some odd reason. So being the curious 12 year old kid at the time my friend decided to go past the chain and trespass up on the 2nd floor of the building. He has told me that up there, their are some demented pictures of people getting there heads hacked off and such, all of the pictures were very gory and all the time the murderer had a smiling face.

Well i was kind of skeptic but my friend would not lie so i believed him. Were now 16 and getting a bit bolder. My friend and another guy drove out to the house which is located on a residential street in the middle of the neighbourhood. So on the right are some houses and on the left is an alleyway and an apartment. So that night the two of them pulled into that alley and drove slowlypast the house. There are 4 windows at the front and 3 facing the alley. My friend parked the car, and at the same time noticed how his passenger was cringing and covering his face. So my friend put it into drive and floored it out of there. Afterwards he asked the passenger what he had seen and he replied that in the back window there was a face staring back at him. So my friend got a bit freaked, but settled down until a couple of nights ago.

This time i was riding shotgun in my friends van. He had picked me up from my house after i had a shower because i had worked all day. So we shot some pool, and checked around for any parties. Nothing! So now he gets a bright idea to "hit up the Marr", so im a bit curious ive never truly "seen" anything, but i do believe ive witnessed some poltergeist activities in my house. So we drive to the Marr house and pull into the alleyway at the side. He tells me to look at the windows to see if i can see anything. **We were not drinking and not smoking any drugs so i know for sure what happened was real**

I looked at the window and saw nothing but i was getting very scared.
We drove out of the alley, and pulled around to do a drive by of the front of the house. We start edging up and the whole time me and my friend were getting the feeling its hard to describe but the best/easiest way is to say "if a house was haunted it is definetly this one". We drove past and up in the 2nd floor left window was a person!!! "Holy Sh*t" i yelled and he screamed he saw it to. (ya you probably think we are acting like little girls but at 1 in the morning seeing a human figure in that house got me a bit freaked out) We drove a couple blocks down and my friend had to put it into park, because his heart was beating too fast. I then told him i would walk back to the house and check it out if he gave me 10 dollars..(lol ya its the truth us teenagers do anything for money, i once gulped a cup of maple syrup down for 5 dollars) He said no we should just leave, and in the back of my head i was kind of glad he decided to just go.

Im planning to maybe check it out again, take some pics maybe.