Ghost Stories

The most terrifying experience in my life

Hello everyone. As I've stated in my first topic, I've had paranormal experiences for as long as I can remember. Pretty much all of them have been benign or amusing, but one in particular was neither.

In September of 1997, I moved with my then husband and our young son into an apartment. We only lived there for four months because of the following events.

When we first moved in, I immediately had feelings of dread and fear. I tried to ignore those thinking my issues had to do with my husband working the graveyard shift which left me and our son alone in our apartment all night long. But eventually, I added up all the issues that made me uncomfortable and made a lost. Our son's room was always cold.. at least 15 to 20 degrees colder than any other room in the house. You could walk from the hallway and instantly become chilled and covered in goosebumps upon entering my son's room. My son refused to stay in his room at any point unless I was in there with him. I didn't even like playing in there with him and would usually snatch some toys and bring them in the living rooom while feeling as if someone might grab my shoulder at any moment. I continually felt watched. I went from being independent and self-assured to bathing with the door open, keeping my son in the same room with my 99 percent of the time, consulting a neighbor over the issues in the home when I discovered he was sensitive to those type of issues, and recounting it for my husband (a native american) who told me to hush since speaking of them gave them power).

I began noticing my son had created an imaginary friend. but instead of pleasure, this friend scared him and poked at him. I had begun putting my son to sleep on the couch with me and moving him to bed only once he was fast asleep, and normally within an hour, he would be awake again crying for me and would finish sleeping the rest of the night on the couch with me. The feelings I had in this place were so strong that I had to sleep in the living room with the tv on because I was scared of sleeping in my own bedroom alone.

One night, I followed the routine as I had been for several months. This was december of 1997. And again, my son awoke crying. But this time he was SCREAMING and not just whimpering. I went into his room and he was writhing and pulling at his pajamas (those kind with the feet in them that zip from one foot all the way up to the neck). So I removed his pajamas, and there were dark red welts resembling scratch marks minus the blood, and right before my eyes, he would squirm as another welt would show up. I grew very angry and left the room with him. As we sat on the couch, I became completely enraged. I have never been so angry in my life!! So we went back into his room, and I laid him in bed and tucked him in then began to say prayers contained in my son's book of prayers. I could literally feel the energy growing in the room, but I remembered being told as a child that if you cast out a demon in the name of God, it has to leave. So I finished the Lord's Prayer and said something along the lines of, "In the name of God, I command you to leave this home and never come back" and kept repeating it getting louder each time I said it. There was a growing white heat of anger inside me each time I said it. I finished, turned towards my son, and said "Everything will be ok now". But right then, he pointed his little finger at something slightly behind me and to my right and exclaimed, "NO!!". I jumped as something moved out of the corner of my eye and pushed my back up against the wall then saw it. It was a mass of see through watery stuff like the fumes behind a jet engine. it hit me, I lost sight and sound for a few moments, then the lights exploding in ym eyes faded. i snatched my son out of bed and ran the few blocks to where my husband was working and showed him the marks which were still there. Actually, on the way there, we passed under a tree and hundreds of acorns came pouring down on us. I felt like someone was chasing me, and I must have looked ridiculous running at 1 in the morning with a small child in our pajamas.

Anyway, we spent the remainder of the evening with my son's godmother, and my husband returned to the apartment after his shift. He said when he entered the home, there were these whirlwind thingies that resembled gray tornadoes in the house. One was in the living room, one was in the hallways, and one could slightly be seen in our bedroom. He said it brought him to his knees, and this is a guy raised on a reservation accustomed to visiting the sweat lodges and smoking peyote to induce imagery.

He called me and had our son's godmother keep him while we came back and moved everything out as quickly as possible. The whole time, the air just seemed so menacing!! On a trip down to our moving truck, the maintenance man told us the guy who lived there before us had died in my son's room. He was not discovered until he had begun to decompose and literally had melted a large portion of himself into the carpet. It suddenly made sense that there was a spot that had been painted over against the wall even though the entire wall had not been painted. Apparently, that was where he had slumped over upon death.

There have been many incidents of activity before and since then, but none that terrified me or my family nearly as much. Out of hundreds of incidents, only this one and another which took place four years later were this menacing and negative.