Ghost Stories

the move rid us of nothing...

Hello all.

I'm sure you remember talk of my friend, Sammi, and how her house is haunted. Well, much to my dismay [at first], her family has moved up to Michigan. About an hour's drive from my town in Ohio and out in the country with only two other farms on the dirt road, we were all rather excited to get there. They have invited me to come live with them out of high school, which I plan to do.

So anyway, that all seems besides the point... far from it. I know that I have read much about how sometimes even moving doesn't separate you from spirits in the first house. Mama Janko [Sammi's mom] was telling me on my first trip up to the new house that she doesn't sense anything in the house. As a matter of fact, she said "there is NOTHING in the house."

We all believed her, because for some reason, we're all a tad naive and just go with what she says. So the story truly starts here. It'll be long, but if you stick with it I promise you'll come back amused.

DAY 1: We went to move things in, and I was going to stay the night with Sammi. My Wiccan friends came with us too: A.J. [Alan] and Amanda... brother and sister. Amanda is Sammi's brother's girlfriend, and she's 14. A.J. is my long-time friend, and he's 19. So anyway, on a previous day we were talking to Kevin, Sam's brother, and he told us he had seen a man. He described the man as clad in a yellow raincoat and hat, such as a sailor might be seen in. We all shrugged it off because Mama Janko said it couldn't be so. The night we were all staying there, however, no one had told A.J. about the man, and I went with Amanda to see how he was fairing on the living room floor. He told us he wasn't going to be able to sleep, and we kept him company for a while. Somehow we fell on the discussion of the man Kev had seen. A.J. suddenly fell quiet for a moment, then said "I saw a guy wearing some sort of yellow coat... he had a hat on and everything... what did Kevin's guy look like?" He told us the man he'd seen had been standing by Kevin's bedroom while he slept. [KEEP IN MIND HE HADN'T BE BRIEFED ON WHAT THE "MAN" LOOKED LIKE]

Amanda and I brought some cushions for A.J. to sleep on, and he fell asleep. The two of us, being the only two awake, went back to the basement where we were SUPPOSED to sleep. I was worn out, so we turned the lights off and lay down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked to be a blue ball outside the sliding door. It flashed once before I turned to look, and it did it again. I must have sounded very idiotic or not made sense, but I said "Amanda, did you see that?" She asked what I was talking about. I continued saying "did you see it? did you?!" when it flashed again. She gasped and said "WHOA! did YOU see that?" It flashed a couple times more, so she turned on the light. We slept with the light on the rest of the night. The next morning, we told Mama Janko about the light. It wasn't until later that A.J. mentioned the man. Amanda and I, though we had seen it from different angles and not described it to each other, both said we'd seen a large blue ball of flashing... something.

DAY 2: Amanda, Kevin, Sammi and myself went back to spend the night at the house. Of course, Sammi's parents were there too. We spent most of the night talking with Mama Janko, and she "read" our futures [none of which Amanda and I believed... knowing Mama's past with me and the paranormal] Sammi went to bed, and Amanda and I decided to "pull an all-nighter." She and I were staying in the basement when she decided she wanted food. She begged me to go too, due to it being around 2ish and the night prior. She dragged me out of the couch, and we went upstairs. No sooner had we gotten there and Amanda was already scared. I said I had to use the ladies room, but she didn't want me to go. When I came back, I asked her what she'd seen. She described something with a large head and a medium body... out of proportion for a human or spirit. As she began pointing to the hallway to tell the story, Kevin came out of his room and scared the bejeepers out of us. Amanda and I went back downstairs, and she continued seeing things. She wouldn't say what, but she did say she'd seen it coming out of Sammi's room. At that, I heard heavy footsteps above our heads... the kitchen. We grabbed our blankets and went into Sammi's room to sleep.

In closing, her new house seems JUST as haunted... if not more... in our eyes. What do y'all think?

~*~love is pain so why do i try to gain what makes me cry~*~