Ghost Stories

The Mysterious Case of The Haunted Munro's

My first ghostly experience happened when I was 4-5 years old. I used to have a toy cap gun (my faovrite at the time) and one day when I was done playing with it, I put in on a shelf that was between mom's sewing room and the dining room.

The next day when I went to get it, it was gone. I asked mom
where it was and she said that she didn't know, maybe a ghost
took it. At the time I had no idea what a ghost was, but I
took her at her word. The next day I checked and sure enough it was right where I had put it two days earlier and in the exact same spot!

The next experience was when I was about nine or ten. My bed at the time was a bunk bed and I slept on top with my head towards the corner of the wall. I did not sleep well that night having nightmares that an evil man with red eyes, dressed all in black and he said that "I am coming to get you". This went on for several nights and I told mom that I was having bad dreams sleeping at that end of the bed, so she told me to sleep at the other end. The nightmares abated, but I could still feel him there, waiting... for what, I don't know.

My aunt (who is now deceased) moved in with us temporarily, with her pet dog and cat. The cat would always rattle the upstairs doorknob after my aunt went to bed (boy was that irritating!), as she wanted to be with my aunt. Sometime later the cat got rabies and died before my aunt got home from work, my aunt was heart broken. That night I happened to be the last one to go upstairs and no sooner did my head hit the pillow than I heard footsteps coming up the stairs ( everyone else was already in bed) then they stopped at the top of the stairs. Then the doorknob began to rattle incessantly for at least ten minutes. No way was I going to check and see if it was the cat!!! Little did I know that, that would not be my last experience with the ghost walking up the stairs.

A few years later, when I was old enough to be left alone, my parents went on a weeks vacation down to Southwicks Beach with our neighbors from down the road. the only thing I had to do was keep an eye on grandma (dad's mom). the first two days were uneventful, boy it was great having the house to myself (or so I thought). On Wednesday evening we had a pretty good thunderstorm. By bedtime the rain had stopped and the winds had died down. After getting ready for bed, I shut the radio off, the light and had just gotten under the covers when I heard heavy footsteps walking towards the upstairs door, the door opened and the ghost slowly, but heavily walked up the stairs, strangely enough the wind had stopped when the ghost was halfway up the stairs. Reaching the top, the ghost turned left, walked towards my bedroom door, turned right and stopped right outside the door! I put my head under the covers and told myself that " I am NOT going to open that door!", I stayed under the covers and hoped that whatever it was would just go away and not come through the door. That was very scary to me at the time as I knew that I was the only one in the house.

When I was sixteen, my older sister moved into an apartment on Arsenal Street in town. Not to long afterwards she told mom that she had at least three ghosts in her apartment. Still somewhat of a skeptic, I had to have proof that ghosts did indeed exist, so I asked and received permission to spend the night. Nothing happened the first time, the next time I went over is one that I will never forget. My sister had told me that one of the ghosts was in the kitchen and would make itself known by the smell of rotting, decaying flesh, that would not go away no matter what cleaning agents were used. My sister decided that she need to clean the place up before going grocery shopping and I helped, We used straight bleach, AJAX and other cleaners. When we left all you could smell was the cleaning agents and nothing else. Half an hour later we came back and the door was wide open and the stench of rotting flesh permeated the air, minutes later it went away. The door to the apartment would stay locked as long as someone was in there, leave and it would be unlocked and wide open when you returned and nothing would be missing!!!

That night shortly after I went to sleep, I heard my youngest sister scream her famous ear drum shattering scream, then Mary (oldest sister) went to check on her, the second ghost came in and scratched my back very hard with both hands, then disappeared. The next morning I asked Mary what happened and she said that Jan was visited by a little boy ghost that had no eyes and wanted to play with her! The third ghost never revealed itself while I was there, but Mary said that it was in the closet, she showed me the closet and I walked in, it definitely felt as if someone was in there. Well, I got the proof I needed!!

Fast forward to 1993. It was a hot Friday night and the family decided to cookout that night. When it got dark we turned on the backroom light, which shown over a large area of the backyard. After we were done eating and everyone went inside, I stood in doorway to the backyard, smoking Doral cigarette, perusing the events of the day. As I looked towards the woods in the distance, I thought I could see something moving in the backyard, I lookd directly where it was supposed to be and there was nothing there. This time I looked towards a shed that was in the backyard and waited.
Seconds later I saw what it was, I didn't look directly at it this time, just watched it...there's one, two, three. I continued watching with curiousity. Just at the edge of the light, I saw four of the little..."creatures". The body was shaped like the letter U, with three points on their heads, there was no discernable neck, their eyes were shaped like elongated raindrops and were red and just below the eyes was a very large mouth full of black pointed teeth, they had short legs and arms. Their height was no more than one to two feet tall. I watched one run from the aforementioned shed, to the firepit( a fire pit from where I'm from is basically a camp fire, not an actual hole or pit), behind a tree trunk then over to the rose bush where it hid just behind it. Another one ran from the bush to the tree stump, the other one ran from the firepit area. They all stopped and stayed right where they were, watching me, waiting for something... the one at the firepit area started towards me slowly, ok, that's it! I went in the backroom, shut the door and turned out the light and went into the house. I did not see them again... for awhile. ( I now know that they are imps, as I have done some research online just recently).

December 3, 96. I moved to my new house on Gifford St, upon entering, I had a sense that the house was haunted. In '98 I had my first experience. I had placed a tool on the table and when I went to use it, it was gone. Ok, I thought. I asked them to return it and put it out of my mind. Two days later it reappeared in the same exact location. A few days later after coming home from work, I went into the living room to turn on the fan and heard a male & female ghost (I assume it was husband & wife) arguing about finances, she said " I don't know how we are going to pay for it", he mumbled a response that I couldn't make out. they were both elderly and had white hair, she was wearing a floral print dress and he was wearing a white shirt, red suspenders and gray pants. That's the last I heard from them.

The next experience happened in the kitchen. I heard right next to me, a young female ghost say my name, I did not get to see what she looked like, I responded by saying "yes", and received no reply. The next experience happend at sunset one summer night. I was out in the backyard and looking at the looking at the flowers when one of the little black "creatures" went runnig right in front of me, about ten feet away. Needless to say, I went inside the house. I don't know what the little black creatures are, maybe a nymph or faerie or something.

In April '99 a tragedy struck our family. One night while trying to get to sleep, I got a mental picture of one of the ghosts. I saw him leaning against the doorway with a very sad look on his face and heard him say " He's really in a lot of pain". He is taller than I am, thin, wearing a short haircut, going grey on the sides, white red striped shirt, red suspenders, and white pants. He is not the same ghost as mentioned in the above paragraph. I became more interested in finding out about the ghosts that live with me and later that year I bought some dowsing rods. I found out that I have 24 ghosts living with me, some stay, some leave of their own free will. In 2000 I decided to clean up the attic a little and discovered a 3 foot mirror that appears to mount on top of a dresser or bureau. I sensed something different about it and yes, there is a ghost that inhabits it. She is a female between 20-30 years of age, long red hair and her white dress long and flowing out behind her, she seems to be asking for my help with something, what it is I do not know, nor do I know how to help her. I wish I did.

I have two ghosts in the bathroom, two in the kitchen, quite a few in the living room, some in the cellar and some upstairs. During the day Saturday afternoon, I heard my mom call my name and then seconds later, the young female ghost called my name for the second time. Later that same evening I was talking to a friend online and she asked me if a ghost had ever touched me and no sooner had I replied "no", than I felt a single ice cold finger on my right forearm! WOW, was that a first! A week later I was emailing another friend when my mom & dad's wedding picture fell 6 feet forward from on top of my cd player, which is the opposite way it should have fallen. I had the ceiling fan on full speed in a clockwise direction, logically it should have fallen backwards. I should also state that the wind from the fan cannot reach said picture. I instantly got a cold chill as I knew that this was not a good omen.

ON Memorial Day 2001 I took the dowsing rods to a nearby cemetery and used them to see how many ghosts were there (little did I know what I was in for). Quite a few was the answer! The following day after work, I came home and as I entered the house, I instantly sensed that the house was different. I used the dowsing rods and counted a grand total of 97 throughout the house! Later that summer while conversing with a friend online about it she suggested that I try doing EVP's to try and see if I could find out why they were here. I taped and heard the following: music, pans banging, papers rustling, banging upstairs, someone walking around, and murmuring. During one taping session I fell asleep while the banging continued and the ghost sensed this and decided to have a little fun, the next bang was loud enough to wake me up out of a sound sleep, I looked over at my cat to see if she heard it, no, I was the only one to hear it, as she was still sound asleep! A week later, as I walked by the couch I saw one of the ghosts while I was awake. It was a light gray and had no discernable (human) shape, it passed 5-6 inches in front of me, all I could think of to say was "What the...". And as fast as it appeared, it was gone. NOt my last experience with this ghost. I decided to check mom & dad's house with the dowsing rods and see how many ghosts were there, I stopped counting at 48 and that was just the house! One of the old bedrooms that my sisters used to sleep in, does not like anyone in there. As I entered with the dowsing rods, the room felt very thick and heavy and forboding. My sisters have had some experiences in that room as well.