Ghost Stories

The Old/new house that seems so alive..

This is a true story of whats been happending to me for the passed few years. I live in a small 3 bed room house in Texas, My grandfather and Grandmother lived in this house for 50 years. I was born and rasie in this home but i did not start too see the crap.. So when i was bout 12 my Grandmother would get up in the middle of the night to pary over the house..One night she came in my room and yelled "ANGEL GET OUTT!!!" I looked at her if she was crazy i said "why grandma?" So i did what i was told.

The next morning she talked to me she said "there sumtfink in this house sumtfink Evil" I said "Grandma don't be crazy." The right there and then the trash can in the kethen Fell down HARD and we saw a black shadow. I ran out of the house. the a week later i found out My grandmother had canceer then they gave her 3 months to live. One month later the House burnd down but the werid thing is the night before she had broke her hip and went to the hosptal.

5 mins after a left my bed room a fire happend no one knows how it started so i go in trubble for sumtfink i did not do! But when the house burnd down everything burnd just not the fram of the house there was no mark on it it was clean and standing. I was scared. 2 week later my grandmother died one week later my grandpa hand a heart attack but he lived just he is weak not i help him out. 2 years later we moved back now i'm 14. When we were moving in it was just me in my room and i heard loundly "ANGEL ANGEL COME HERE PLZZZ I NEED YOU!!!" I was like "I'M COMEING!!" I go out side of my room and said "what do you want mum?" My step dad said "Your mum went to work an hour ago! Shut up!"

I was the only gurl in the house for that time being. So i thought bout what my Grandmother said bout that house and said maybe its her calling me! but then i was like no I'm hearing things. So i go back to cleaning. then i hear "Angel I told you to come here i'm in my room!" So I felt like cryin becuz that time it sound like my grandma. I went to my Grandma room my grandpa was laying down asleep. he looks up and me and said "What happend? I thought you were cleaning your room?" I said "Grandpa Grandma is calling me i'm not playing" He looks at me and says.."If this is true then you should no Grandma wont ever hurt you!" So i was like okay..So i go back to my room and then i hear a dark evil voice say "WELCOME BACK TO MY HOME!!!" I sceamed and ran out of there I refused to stay anight there! So my mum stayd at a hotal that night.

The next moring we came home and my older brother Jess was crying and said "F--- I SWEAR I SAW SUMTFINK LASTED NIGHT!!! I WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM AND ITS EYE WERE RED AND AND IT SAID "GET OUT!! GET OUT!!!!" I knew he was not lieing becuz he is the type of guy that you never see crying unless someone died in the family.So i was a scared I did not know to believe or not after awhile [COLOR=DarkOrange]because[/COLOR] he jokes alot. Soon I fell alseep in my room Then sumtfink was pulling my blankets off i thought my borther was under my bed doin this i said "Stop it jess! I'm cold stop!" Then i hear deep lauging i was like no wait no one can fit under my bed! I was so scared i did not bother to move. THen my mum comes in and i stand up and run out of the house I looked at it and it seemd to be looking right at me smileing I felt like the house was alive.

I go back in scared. Sit on the floor my mum thought i was crazy and should go in to a insane place well at lest she looked al me like that.So later that night i was watching TV with Jess and him friend Stuart in the living room me and Stu like each other so he was holding me and we were watchin Ghost hunters. The we here sumtfink in the ketchn so we went to go see and the light was goin on and off on and off i was [COLOR=DarkOrange]a[/COLOR]bout ot run and wake Jess but Stu said "shh now look!!!" I looked and Saw a image of my grandma sitting on the table looking at me soo i came closer she looked up at me then disaper. I started crying.

Then i heard out of no where "Don't cry sweetheart its not good for you"

I was cold and felt scared. Now everynight between the hours of 12:30 am - 4:00 am Does not feel right! Lasted night I heard people talking in the living room then i heard out of no where "DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT!" But all in all i have to live with it i'm not as scared as i was before. But i stil get shocked and scared. Now lets see what happends next i well be tellin the stoys of this house and others i lived in.