Ghost Stories

The Old Woman From The Cementary & Other Ghosts...

It all started when I was about 18 years old two girlfriends of mine and I were trying to find something to do on Halloween. I had bought earlier that day an Oujia Board from a store at the mall.
Well I mentioned that I had an oujia board and we could go some where spooky and use it. Well We decided we would could to a BIG cemetery (Which to discribe it better it was the size of two and a half football feilds). I drove into the cemetary and we found the perfect place to do it, it was under this BIG oak tree where the FULL MOON shown through the tree perfectly for us to see the board.

Well My friend Sara started by asking the board questions like:
Who is going to die first out of us three?
What is Elizabeth's mothers name? (I'm adopted)
Do I have any sibling?
And the one QUESTION she had to have asked the board:


The pointer moved slowly to yes then to 1. As soon as it stopped we started to laugh since I thought it was sara who moved the pointer. But a minute later we heard on this LOUD female scream you cuold feel the pain in the scream (Remind you it was 12 o'clock on halloween, people have said that there's a door that is opened and spirits can come through and we must have allowed a spirit out of the spiritual door when we messed with the board)all of us leaped up and ran to my car I was half way out of the cementary when we all laughted thinking it was just our imagination. Well the scream had come from the back left corner of the cementary which we were in the front right side of the cementary.

We left after that and went to our friends house, we told our friends what had happened that night they wanted to go back to the cemintary so I drove them back to see what else could happen. Well there was five of us now and we sat under the same tree as we earlier that night.
Well one of the new girls this time asked the board the worst question again: HAS THERE BEEN ANYONE IN THIS GRAVE YARD DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH? No more then two minutes went by and out of the corner of my right eye I saw something moving in the woods right next to us. I turned to look and no lie I could see the form of a man but he wasn't walking or standing he was on the ground and he was like slithering (like a snake does). I got up and I said I HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this BS! and I ran for the car (which all the others were in foot right behind me tring to get into the car first.

Well it gets weirder, later that night my two friends and I went to bed (We spent the night at my friend Sue's house) and I was laying on the floor by them, they had past out nothing could have woken them up. Well I was in the first stages of sleep when I heard the same scream from the cementary I stood straight up and looked at my two friends which they were out. The next morning I told them what happened and they both said they didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

Since then I have had heard the same scream on top of that I have seen the woman who is screaming and it has freaked the crap out of me. She's a old lady, she's in all black like what people wear to funarals. She had the hat with the netting cover over her face when she appears to me, you can smell this nasty smell of burning flesh and then she comes to me. She has pulled the cover from her face once and half the right side of her face was gone but the bone and some rotting flesh but the other side of her face showed a sad old lady.

Since I have had my daughter I haven't seen her. I have seen other thing in this house but the old lady has dissapeared. I don't know why no one else saw her but she wanted something from me from the many visits she had with me but I didn't want nothing of it. I blocked it out of my mind like all the others I have seen.

I have seen in my Nice GEORGIA split level house. I have lived here with my family for going on 16 1/2 years now when I was younger I couldn't have this doll in my room that a family friend gave me for christmas (It was one of those dolls you cranked the arm and the hair would grow from the dolls head). Well one night I was drifting off to sleep when I was awaken by this movement on my bed. I opened my eyes and saw the dool NO LIE walking towards me.. well from that moment on I would NOT have any dolls or stuffed animals in my room.
My family had gotten this old rocking chair from my dad's aunt who has passed away about 9 years ago. Well my room at the time was on the second floor on top of the TV room were the rocking chair was. Well I would hear talking and this one little baby cry at night sometimes comeing from my vent which goes directly to the TV ROOM. Well I would go down stairs to see if it was my dad or my brother watching TV or something and when I got down the stairs I saw the rocking chair Rocking back and forth as if someone was sitting in it. (My parents left a light on down stairs. So it wasn't my eyes playing any games on me.)
Another one is when I was younger I would keep my door open at night just in case I wanted my mom and dad or my brother. Well sometimes I would just wake up out of dead sleep and see this tall man walking back and forth in the hallway, whenever he would get to my bedroom door he would stop and turn and look at me and then keep walking he would do this about ten time each night. I haven't seen him in a long time either.
My brother's room is next to mine when we were younger, he told me a while back that one or two nights in the past he would be sleeping and he would be awaken and find me just standing at the foot of his bed looking at him not blinking and I would say something like "THE SACRAFICE IS READ" he said he would tell me to go back to bed but I would stand there and just stare at him until it would be like someone turning a switch off on me I turned and left him there in his room. The next morning He would ask me what the hell was I doing in his room last night and I would be like what the heck are you talking about?

And that's enough for right now (ALL OF THESE ARE TRUE IN ALL WAYS)
watch for more of my experiences in this web page. :) Thanks for reading.