Ghost Stories

The organ player

I use to be a member of an old methodist church when i was a child that was said to be haunted by a lady who played the organ for the church this is what happened. My fathers best friend Winston Harding use to work the night shift in the near by town called South Boston this setting is in southern Virginia. The church name is Union united metodist church.

Even to look at it i get the chills as this old brick church sets by itself off on a dark wooded old country road the nearest house maybe is a half mile down the road. Choir practice was held every wednesday night at the church and as far as i know it still is. My fathers friend had a motorcycle he drove to work about every night and on his way to work at the old cotton mill he had to drive by the church at night. Mr Harding noticed alot on wednesday nights the saintuary lights to the church would be left on with no cars in the parking lot.

He was thinking the choir leader must be forgetting to turn them off at night before she left so he decded to call the preacher and inform him the lights were left on numerous times on wednesday nights. So he made the call to the preacher and informed of the lights. The preacher told him he would remind the choir leader on sunday morning to make sure to turn the lights off after their practice. The next wednesday came the lights were on again so Mr. Harding decided to stop check things out and turn the lights off with a carless parking lot he drove his bike up in the lot and turned his bike off and to his suprise the sound of music rose out around the church. To him it sounded like the church organ which was rarley played but on special occasions like weddings, funerals, must of the time the piano was played.

This made Mr. Harding very suspecious since there was no cars in the lot so he carefully went to enter the church threw the main doors which was kept unlocked to the saintuary for prayer needs this time of course was back in the 50s where churchs were mostly kept unlocked before they started to be vandalized. As Mr. Harding walked threw the doors he saw a lady that sat at the organ playing as if she were entertaining a audiance. Mr. Harding stood a few minutes and starred at her trying to figure out who she could be. She seemed not to notice his presents and never missed a note.

Mr. Harding called out to this lady at the organ who seemed could not hear him. Once again he called out but no responce so he decided to move closer and wave his hands at her and use a louder tone and he was not far at all from her when the music stopped and she slowly turned her head around to face him its then when he saw half of her face the side he could not see that faced the other direction was deformed like it had been burned or matted. He stepped back stunned and the lady started to get up and slowly stood infront of him he said she wore a lavender gown.

Of course when this figure did not respond it was time for him to move on quickly and from what i hear very quickly. The next day Mr. Harding called the preacher to tell him about his strange encounter at the church and explained what had happened. The preacher could not explain or did not know what to say he told Mr. Harding he would have to get back to him on this matter. It was not until the following sunday that Mr. Harding found out who this lady was some of the older people had told him that the lady he saw and described had played the organ for the church a long time ago.

She was a dedicated choir leader for the church who loved music and her favorte was the organ. The lady he found out had died of cancer which had eaten half of her face and some say they can recall her being buried in a lavender gown being lavender her favorte color. Also in the choir directors office there was a picture of this lady from a church christmas recital. Her face in the picture was normal but to his astonishment she wore the lavender gown he saw that late night in the church. Almost a year later Mr. Winston Harding was on his way to work and was killed by recking his motorcycle around a sharp curve right infront of the church.

My father still has his best friends picture of him in his coffin laid to rest and says the story is true. When i was a child and attended the church the people were still talking about the lady in the lavender gown no one wanted to be alone in the church they would get the feeling of someone around and they could hear doors shutting and some say they have went past the church and the lights were on in the sainturay, some have claimed to hear music passing by the church late at night.

Today the members would tell you the lady in the lavender gown still plays the organ for her church just like she did years and years ago.