Ghost Stories

The Police Call

Hi. Im erin and here is one of my scary stories.

I should start this account by telling you a little about me. At the time of this incident, I was twenty-five years old and in excellent physical health. I am college educated and have a four year degree in Police Science with a minor in education. I had been a Police Officer with a major southwestern police department for four years. I had spent the last eighteen months working Shift 3 from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.

The incident occurred at 2:00 am on a Monday night in July of 1990. I was riding in a one man patrol unit and was assigned to the north central area of the city. This is a mixed business and residential area but is primarily older residential. The houses are fairly expensive and are well kept for the most part.

I responded as the back-up officer for a call of "unknown trouble." Unknown trouble covers just about anything from a neighbor dispute to a homicide. The details of the call indicated that a vacant house had an open door and that a light had been seen inside. The call was annonymous but very un-common for this area.

We both arrived at about the same time and parked about two houses north of the call. The other officer and I approached from the same direction and found the side door standing open. It appeared that the house had been vacant for a couple of months judging by the yard. I asked for an additional unit to respond to cover the outside while the initial officer and I searched the house. Summertime here is very hot and there isn't much relief even at night. We waited for about ten minutes for the third officer to arrive. When he got there, we briefed him about what we had and what we planned to do. He was going to cover the opposite side of the house while we made our search. All of us were figuring that we either had some kids or a transcient in the house.

We started our search in the sweltering house. It was completely empty except for the carpeting and the curtains. This was a tactical search meaning slow, methodical, guns drawn and very cautious. The house was a single story five bedroom structure tthat had been built in the late '40s to early '50s. The electricity was turned off and it was very quiet. As we proceeded, we both felt the tension starting to increase. I am a firm beliver in "cop intuition" and I was sure someone was inside the house. The other officer felt it too because we had slowed down and were moving very cautiously.

After we had cleared the family room, kitchen, living and dining room, we started down the hall to the bedrooms. As we started down the hall it started getting noticeably cooler. As we cleared the bedrooms and moved down the hall it was getting cold. The other officer and I looked at each other and continured down the hall towards the master bedroom. It was now cold enough to see our breath and we were both getting spooked.

We hestitated at the door to the master bedroom. We both knew that there was someone in that room. We looked at each other again, nodded and then opened the door. It was cold and oppressive. It felt like there was a weight on me. I also had the distinct feeling that I was being watched and that I was NOT welcome in that room. We made a quick search and got the Hell out. We gave the all clear and left the house as fast as we could.

We have not talked about the house since that night. The house has been bought and sold numerous times since then. It has been remodeled and the yard has been re-landscaped several times. People don't stay there for long. Today, I drove by the house for the first time in several years. It is up for sale.

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