Ghost Stories

The rim (true story)


Kinston - Grainger High School - There are numerous ghost of Grainger High. After talking with a few of the old teachers the submitter was able to confirm one and that is the spirit of a young girl who met her untimely death at the school when she fell off a balcony. Teachers reported that when working at the school after all the students have left they would hear foot steps in the hallway and the locker doors closing shut as well as doors. The school is now closed for learning purposes but open for theatrical purposes and the classroom are as been renovated and turned into a rest home.

And now my story. . . .

It was the middle of summer vacation on a very hot day in July. Me and some friends of mine were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather. My friend Trell came over to where we was with some exciting news, he said "guess what, we just broke into the old Kinston High School gym and there is alot of things in there." Eager to see what was in there we completely ignored the fact that this place was supposed to be haunted and went there.

The school was only 2 blocks away from where we lived and we got there quickly. When we arrived the side door was broke off the hinges with just enough room for us to slide through. When we got inside the gym was in excellent condition, there was a tennisball machine that was still working, a volleyball net and even a few basketballs. The gym look as if it was being use for a team to practice and at the same time it was being renovated. There were new cans of paint and basketball rims in one corner and a few boxes by the benches. We played around in there for about a hour or two, got hungry and decided to leave. Meco had a basketball goal in his backyard without a rim on it (we dunked it down) and he decited that we should come back at night and take one of the new rims and put it up on his backboard. I notice that the rim had some paint on it and it was about 20 feet away from the door, agreed to come backthat night.

It was about 9pm me and the guys had all met up and was on our way to go and get the rim. The gym looked completely diffrent at night and the thoughts of this place being haunted hit us quickly. We stood to the small entrance and and looked inside. There was a street light that put just enough light in the gym for us to see were the rim was, but the rest of the gym was completely dark. We stood there trying to figure out who was gonna go inside. Tired of the bickering I decited to go in and get it (like a damn fool).

As I walk through the small entrance I told the guys to stay there and look out for me. The gym was dark, but I could easily see the rim because of the yellow paint on it. I walked slowly toward the rim. When I got halfway to it I heard a noise. " ssssssssshhhh," I replyed in a very hushed voice. the guys got completely quite at the entrance. I took another step, then I notice what the noise was, it was footsteps and it sounded like someone or something was walking on the ceiling toward me. Almost paralized in fear, I looked back to see if the guys were still there and seeing them there kind of gave me the strenth to go on. I walked a little faster to the rim and before I knew it, it was right below my feet. I bent down and tried to grab the rim, but the paint had it stuck to the floor. I yanked it free and no sooner then I stood up the footstep sounded like they were running toward me and when I turn toward the entrance, it sounded like the ceiling was collapsing. My eyes burned as I watched my friends haul ass as the sound grew louder. I made a break for the door and for some reason I ran the long way around the school, my friends were way ahead of me and the rim was slowing me down. As I ran down the street away from the gym I could see a mist or a fog in the windows. I turned my head and sprinted to my house as fast as I could. When I got there the guys where all there saying "did you hear that, did you hear that." We talked about what had happen and went to our homes. Before I went in the house, I put the rim in the backyard.

The next morning me and the guys were getting ready to put the rim up on Meco's goal, but when we went in my backyard to get it, it was gone!