Ghost Stories

THE SLEEPOVER GHOSTS : Older Ghost Story From My Younger Years:



Ancient History Lesson Here ........ LOL. Ok Im Bored..... :rolleyes:.

When I was In Middle School. I had a group of friends as most people my age did ... When It came to Birthday Parties... The in thing of the day was to have a sleepover and sit up to all Hours watching the Scariest Horror Movies we could get away with renting from the local VIDEO store. Often we would enlist the help of renting from one of our Parents or Older Siblings if one of the Store staff didnt like the Idea of 12yr olds renting FRIDAY THE 13th (Or Other such "SCARY" Movies). Thats one thing extra we all had in common..... We were all mad HORROR MOVIE Nuts... (I Still Am).

In Our Group Consisted Of Myself. My Best Friends Eric and Sam. Sam's Brother Leith (Who was actually nearly 15 but mentally Slower due to a Birth Health Problem . We used to look after him as he had the mental age of a 5yr old. He was a great kid though. Sadly he passed away to Cancer when he was 17.), The Twins (The Trouble X 2 as we called them) Daniel and Damien and our Group Clown.... The ever Joking , wize craking Alex. Sometimes Eric's older Brother Marcus would join in on our adventures but at nearly 17 he soon got bored of us when he got a Girlfriend. (Though he was good at getting movies for us... And driving us to the VIDEO Store when he got his licence. He was a really cool guy most of us looked up to him back then. ). Those were good days. Sometimes I still miss those Summer Holidays in Michigan going from one house of each others to another most of the day... Swimming in our Pool my Dad got put in... Riding our Bikes . Playing Baseball with the Little League Team. Some things so good you never forget.... Im being sentimental .... Silly Old Me.... :o


It was mid-summer... July the 12th to be exact. Best friends never forget their birthdays... I still get a Birthday card from Eric each year... He gets one from me too. (Eric is a Doctor now... Married with 3 Kids). We still catch up once a year at least.... And we still talk about the night on occasion that we saw the thing that scared us more than any horror movie ever could. It wasnt my first Ghostly Encounter .... But for my other friends it was ... And for at least one of us our lives would never quite be the same again.

We hated when birthdays fell during the week in the school year. We always had to wait a few days to do our customary HORROR MOVIE SLEEPOVER ... We had being doing since turing 10yrs old. But thankfully Eric and the Twins Birthdays (August 9th) always were during the Summer Break. That year we turned 12. Eric's Birthday fell on a Friday. And so we decided to hold our own version of the FRIDAY THE 13th.... Little did we know how scary our harmless Party Games would become. We had spent weeks planning and getting permission to have the party and sleep over. Thankfully Eric's Dad Peter had no problems with us all invading their Den and sleeping over.

The Thursday Before the Party was spent organising Food and Video Hire. And Come Friday Morning we were all spending the Day Orgainsing the last trips to the Market for Treats and Food we'd forgottten to get earlier. We had been saving up for the party for weeks. One thing we made sure of by then was that this year we would pay for our own Party. Parents have paid enough... And so we all pitched in... Even Alex who's Mother didnt give him much allowance (They were very poor ... No insulting here Alex himself will admit he had it tough to he got his first pay on the paper round) so he got a paper round to help pay for it. We had organised what we thought would be the ideal party. My party the first of the year had been rather crazy after a misplaced firecraker got trapped in the bin in the kitchen while lit.... My mother never forgave me for scaring her that much... At least there was no serious damage. Except for the poor old Kitchen Rubbish Bin. Which had to be replaced.... But thats a whole another story.


Around 5pm we all scrambled back to Eric's House where his Dad Peter and Stepmom Aileen had been organising a summer BBQ for dinner. Hotdogs on Buns for us Kids which we relished in. And Of course Baked Potato's with Sour Cream... And loads of Watermelon and strawberry Salad that Eric's Grandma Joyce made for us all to enjoy. We liked Joyce and her Fruit Salads... She was always really cool for a Grandma. And always spoilt us kids rotten with sweets.

To explain one thing about Eric's Family Home is that it was built around 1920 - 1925... Much like my own home and like alot of homes around us. It was on three levels (With Basement Den - where our Parties were always held) . And it had a odd past.... It for sometime in its history had been a re-hab home for released Prisoners... In the 1940's and 1950's. This freaked us out a bit.... Because there was a story going around that a Former Prisoner had killed two other Former Prisoners in their sleep in the Basement. I guess too why we loved being in the basement Den that Eric's Dad Peter (Who was a Builder by trade) had done up for Eric and his Brothers and Sisters to mainly use for themselves . The Basement Den had always seemed to all of us to have a strange feeling in it... It often had cold spots that came and went even when the heating was on. And the Toilet and Shower would often Go on and off by themselves (Yes they had a full washroom down there too). We put it down to old age of the home until the Night we discouvered we werent quite as alone as a group of friends together as we thought.... That something was lurking in the Basement with us ......



After Dinner about 7pm. The Guys and I headed down to the Basement where earlier we had stashed the Video's and Treats. And More of Joyce's Fruit Salad. Drinks of Coke and Pepsi stored in the Two Little Bar Fridge's in the Basement to be keep cold. And earlier in the Day we had also put up the blow up Matresses and Sleeping bags and pillows down there for us to chill out on and later sleep in ... The place looked like a crazy summer camp set up. But it was comfortable and a fairly fun place to hang out... So what did we care.

The Room was wall to wall shag carpet (You know the old 70's style). Orange Carpet, Wood Lined Walls . Brown/Cream/Orange Knitted like Material Covered Ancient Lounges ... A Seriously old Color TV and equally Ancient Video Player. Ugly as anything to think about now... But how we loved that old room. It was our place.... Our own special hangout. Good for when it was either to hot or cold to hang out in... Or for Birthday Sleepover Parties. Where there was more than enough room for all of us to hang out.

That night along with our Usual Group.... Eric , Sam , Leith , Daniel, Damien , Alex and Myself ... We had a couple of other Friends over just for the Movies... They'd be going home before 11pm (That was planned anyway) and only us Guys would be staying over.. Along with us... Marcus and his Girlfriend Lydia, Eric's older Sister Lana and her Freind Mia were in the kitchen area of the basement talking and playing Poker ( The Card Game People!! LOL ).. Our other friends Dave , Paul , Tyson and Sonnie (Another Sam but we called him by his nickname Sonnie) were all on the Lounges or Air Matresses watching the Movies and laughing and Eating.

All was well and good until about 10.30pm when all of a sudden we hard a loud shout from the kitchen area and then suddenly Mia , Lydia and Lana came screaming out of the Kitchen at top speed with Marcus hot on their heels . Lydia was red faced and pulling at her hair like something had got stuck in it.... and screaming at the top of her lungs. We got her settled down in a bit and Marcus went upstairs to get a damp cloth to cool her down she was very worked up.

We finally got her to tell us what had happened to her... She said she was sitting like she had been since we'd gone downstairs at the table and drinking her Coke when she felt a light touch on her arm... Thinking at first it was only a Moth or something she left it be... Then a Minute or so later it had happened again... Only a slightly heavier touch... Thinking Marcus who was sitting nxt to her was playing games she turned to him and said "Oh Funny Marc (We called him that for short)... Cut it out".... When Marcus had told her he didnt do anything he was playing cards with Mia and Lana ... She didint believe him until the other two girls told her that he had his hands on the cards he was holding all the time. So she shrugged it off thinking she was feeling things.... Until she had been delt in the next hand and had asked for 2 cards when she'd put her 2 down.... Suddenly she had felt like someone had SMACKED HER IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! She had got up in a hurry dropping her cards and started her screaming and running out to where she had got to where we had come to calm her down. With the Girls and Marcus hot on her heels the girls had been yelling "Whats going on Lydia?" But to shaken up she couldnt say anything. Marcus came back down with the damp cloth by this time we had Lydia calmed down enogh that she told Marcus too the same thing. And he said ... Must have been a Curtain or something (There was a basement window right behind where Lydia and he had been sitting) hitting you... But it couldnt have been ... The window was shut so there was no breeze to blow the curtain in to hit Lydia. And the Curtain was old and soft ... Not hard or stiff enought to hurt her if she had been hit with it. So we shrugged it off. It was a bad decision to ignore it... We would pay the price for it not much later.

At 11pm ... Dave , Paul , Tyson and Sonnie were getting ready to go home and Peter (Eric's Dad) came down to say he'd be in the car ready to take them home if they could get organised to go please. Peter or later Marcus always made sure that the ones that left at that time in our neighbourhood got a safe ride home at that time.... Our neighbourhood was good enough during the day but it had its share of bad seeds at night and it wasnt safe for 12yr old to walk home themselves at that hour. After they left in a few minutes ... We went back up stairs to say goodbye to them and then Mia and Lana went to Lana's room for the rest of the night. And Marcus and Lydia went to Lydia;s Mom;s house for the night (Lydia didnt want to stay down in the Den anymore after the incident) .... leaving us kids to go back downstairs to watch our movies alone.

After Peter had dropped the Guys off home he had come down to watch the Movies with us for a while ... He was a horror movie buff too. And not like the usual Dad type... He was hamming it up with the rest of us. And for a while everything was ok.

Then halfway through "DRACULA" (THe Origional with Bela Lugosi) Sam's glass suddenly shot off the side table and dropped on to the ground spilling his Pepsi everywhere.... This got us all laughing saying he'd been scared by the movie so much he'd missed the side table's top putting his glass back down...Not really believeing it ourselves as we had all but Daniel ( He was in the Bathroom at the time) had seen it shoot of the table by itsself. Sam protested his innocence saying he hadnt taken a drink from the glass since the movie had started 1/2 hour ago. Knwing we had probably been seeing things having watched too many horror movies and laughed it off while Peter got Sam another Glass of Drink. Even Peter looked doubtful about the glasses sudden departure from the table but didnt say anything. Not then anyway.

Nothing happened then until later ... About 2 am having watched the end of "DRACULA" and another Movie called "FACES" with Vincent Price in it( A very Freaky Movie if you get a chance to watch it... Do so its an old origional HAMMER HORROR MOVE from the 1960's... Very Freaky and Very Scary even by todays standards. I saw it again on Cable last year and it still gave me shivvers). We decided we were all too tired to stay up any longer. And got into our sleeping bags and tired to go to sleep. We went to sleep soon after ... But we werent about to get a good nights sleep... Not one bit...



First Trouble Started ... When we heard the Toilet doing its continued flushing routine.... We had got used to this before and werent worried... Besides being Horror Movie fans .... We were avid Junior Ghost Hunters too. All of us had believe for a while now that due to the houses crazy past it probably had a ghost or two... But as it hadnt shown itself or caused problems in the past we let it all go and laughed it off. "The Toilet Flusher Ghost " as we called it was having its fun again. Then it got funny... Not only was the toilet flushing enough to wake us all up again... But then the Shower turned on full Bore and you could hear it like it had been running with the taps turned full on... Then as suddenly as it started it stopped ... Leaving the Steam from the hot water tap milling around under the door gap. We went in to check it out (Eric and myself) and the Bathroom was back to normal despite the steam.

Then not more than ten minutes later we were all trying to settle back down when the FRIDGE DOORS of the Mini Bar Fridges BOTH Flung open on the own and Slammed shut ... It seemed the ghost wasnt content with playing with the shower and toilet. This Happened two more times over the space of 15mins.. And then we heard this almighty THUD Like someone had dropped something heavy on the ceiling/floor above us (Which was the House Kitchen right above us).... Like a Chest of Draws or something just as heavy. So we all snuck upstairs to see what was going on... Switching on the Kitchen light.... We found nothing had been moved ... Nothing had been changed .... And nothing had been broken. Shaking our heads we turned off the lights and went back to the Den thinking it was all part of a Group of Teenagers overactive Horror Movie filled Imaginations running wild.

We again started to try to settle down and this is when whatever was connected to the house really started to play its games with us.....


The Lights in the main Den Room , Bathroom and then the Kitchen took turns flickering on and off..

- The Main Kitchen Window that was supposed to be locked flung open and slamed shut HARD ENOUGH TO SHATTER The Glass in the Frame. Sending some of the glass flying half way across the kitchen... Where 2 lage pices were found in the morning inbedded in the Small Dining table that earlier in the night the Card game had been held. (THe Dining Table was solid ANTIQUE Oak)

- One of the Unused Lounges suddenly Lifted 1/2 a Foot off the Ground and slammed down hard on its own 3 times Unsetteling all of our overnight bags that were resting on it. Then what ever it was took to throwing our bags and the lounges cushions off the lounge heading for the Atiic Door and the old TV and Video Stand... Hard enough to Rattle the Old VERY SODLID TV in its Stand so it looked like it was shaking.

- It then took to spinning one of the Side tables next to the Lounge that it had damaged , spinning it round and round like it was a toy childrens top. Before knocking it over for good and shattering its glass top.

- And The last of its games before the real scare it took to opening and slamming shut the door from the Attic leading to the kitchen around 20times in a minute or so hard enough to not only send a very annoyed Peter running but Eric's Stepmom Aileen who is profoundly Deaf running to see what was going on too.

We had a hard time telling Peter what was going on and he didnt believe us until.... The worst thing of the night happened that would shock us all so badly we all wanted to get out of there in a Hurry. When we were expalining what had happened ....The Lights ... All of them as if to prove what we had said suddenly flashed on and off and then the globe in the light right above where Peter was standing BLEW OUT IN A RAIN OF SPARKS!! Sending us all running for cover .... Peter included.

While Peter was examining the blown globe bits now on the floor and trying to calm us down ... We were all scared to death by this point.... Suddenly as if by a strange coincedence ..... Eric;s stepmom Aileen was Suddenly Lifted up to the Den Ceiling and Spun around a dozen times and drpped like a ded weight to the floor.... Aileen who is mute but sign's to speak suddenly stood up bolt upright started making like a funny hissing noise like something was trying to talk through her and her eyes were rolling around in her head.... And then she went limp on the flloor very quickly after whatever it was realised she couldnt talk.... When Peter went over to her... He said she felt ICE COLD... Like a Dead Body .... And she had RED WELTS AROUND HER NECK !! Like something had been trying to burn her skin.... We all saw them.


Needless to say Peter Grabbed Aileen and Picked her up and stared carrying her upstairs and was trying to usher us all up to the Family room at the same time..... None of us had any intention of staying any longer in that room that night. After telling Peter all of the things that we had seen and heard that night... He looked like he'd seen a ghost himself. It was odd too we had had many a party in the Den before that night and nothing had happened.... But for some reason that night .... The Ghost or whatever it was decided it didnt want us there. We didnt need telling twice . We stayed up in the Family Room the rest of the night.. Not going back in the Den until well after sunrise. To get our things.

When we went down to get our stuff we found more damage after we had left.... Whatever it had been there ... Had torn up ALL OF THE LOUNGES Cushions and Material so badly it looked like a Wild Animal had torn them to peices. Both Fridge Doors were open... The Toilet was flushing again.

But stranger still .... Our Bags that we had rehomed in the Kitchen area in a NEAT PILE.........Had been RESTAKED NEATLY ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS LEADING TO THE KITCHEN!! Like the thing was telling us to move all our stuff out.......:eek:


Went on the Market to be sold..... And in a Fortnight it was ... To a Policeman and his Family... Who would also then re-selll it less than 6mths later. Over the time of my childhood ... The House Sold and Re-sold no less than 19 times in 7yrs I lived there more. Until I went to college and then moved to North Carolina. Six Months after I moved to North Carolina .... The House was Burnt Down in a Freak Fire that no-one could work out why it hapened ..... The House at the time had been EMPTY and UP FOR SALE AGAIN at the time........ Now the Home's Lot Is Empty.......And it seems that our Neighbours have long memories.... Noone has built on the lot since the fire... And the Burnt Home Remains are still there .... Noone wants anything to do with the Land there .... ANd it has a long back yard.

Eric and His Family Bought a NEW HOME (Not actually New... But you know what I mean).... 4 Blocks closer to where I lived and Next door to the Twins Daniel and Damien. Where they built another DEN for us to relax in... THe New home wasnt as scary ... It didnt seem to have any ghosts .... At least no nasty ones. After that night we all swore to not tell anyone outside that group of people who had seen it all happen. We all kept the promise until now.... But I spoke with Eric and Daniel about it a few months ago and about this site... And we have been conteplating posting it here. And last week we thought it maybe a good idea to let others know. So here it is.

Oh and if you see a Block for sale in North Michigan ..... On Feltner Masters Avenue.... Make sure it dosent have a Burnt Shell of a Home on it. The Place aint worth the Hassle Believe me... It is selling still .... Very cheap .... the price has gone down alot over the years..... But I tell you one thing... There isnt enough money in the world to get me or any of my Group of friends from that night to step back on that peice of land again..... No risk is worth that much trouble.... Neither is any life.





- Eric is now a Doctor . He is Married to Melissa and they have 3 lovely girls Jules , Jacqui and Sundra . He still lives in Michigan. (Peter his father now retired has moved to California with his third wife Monique).

- The Others Are All In Various Places .... Daniel lives in London with his Partner Brigette and their two kids Allison and Mitchell. Daniel and Bridgette Run a Art Gallery in West London. And a Run Art Classes in the School Holidays for Children and Teens.
- Damien in Florida with his Better Half Matt .Damien is a Vet. Matt is in Construction. They also run a Rescue Center for Unwanted Dogs and Cats. And they look after Foster Children. (The twins are so very much different from each other .... They only look alike just a bit now).

- Alex lives in New Zealand with his wife Leah. They have 2 sons Brock and Max. And a Baby on the way in May. Alex runs a Cattle / Beef Farm. Leah is a Music Teacher. He still makes time to catch up with us once a Year in the USA.

- Marcus is married to Lydia ... his childhood sweetheart . And they have 4 children : Deanne, Kimberley, Audrey and Kirkson. Marcus is a Police Sargent. Lydia is a Stay at home Mom who also runs a Internet Site Building Company Online.

- Lana is in Spain... With Husband Alonsano. And their Son Mikael. And Twin Girls Paiton and Paulina. Lana is a Horse Trainer. And Alonsano is a Proffesional Event Horse Rider and Trainer. We dont get to see her so often these days... But we talk on the phone here and there.

- Mia (Lana's Friend) passed away in a car accident in 1995. She and Fiancee Robert died after a head on crash with a Truck on the way back from Holidaying in Florida. She was Pregnant at the time. They left behind a 2yr old son Cameron.... Who lives with Mia's sister Taylor and her other Half. We still miss her... She was a good friend.

- As for the Guys who got dropped home before all Hell Broke Loose that night.... They werent as close friends as the others ... And mostly didnt believe any of what happened to us. They werent there to see it so I guess it was difficult to try to picture .... As we had soo many other Parties there where nothing happened. And one or two thought we had gone mad. ..... Some were still close others dropped away mostly because of the od goings on that night.... Here is the few things we know of them now.... .. :

1/ SONNIE (SAM N=:2) : Decided to have nothing more to do with us after he heard about the goings on that night. He came from a Strict Catholic Family and Thought we were in with the Devil or something.... We didnt see much of him after that. And by Christmas that year we werent talking to him anymore after he joined up with other people in a group at school. Other than to say the odd Hi in the school hall. He didnt have much to do with us. I have no idea of his current whereabouts. I was working the last school reunion. I was told he turned up. I couldnt go. So I missed seeing how he was.

2/ DAVE : Still stayed friends with us but a falling out in Senior Year with Eric and I ment we didnt talk till after graduation. He went to Australia for a Few Years and Married a Girl there. Last heard of he was living in NY State with the same Wife and their Children. Havent talked to him since I was 21 when he turned up at the same THE WHO concert I went to in LONDON. We got talking for a few minutes and we went our seperate ways. I havent seen him since. Neither have any of our main group.

3/ PAUL : Died from a Heart Attack in 2005. We were all still talking with him and his death was a great shock to all of us. We lost to many good friends in our group of close and not so close friends from our younger years... Paul's death was probably the hardest felt besides Eric's Brother Leith's From Lukemia. Paul was only 29 at the time. And left behind a Son and a Girlfriend. We still miss him. He was a good guy.

4/ TYSON : Is still In Friendly Contact with us. He used to often come to see me race when I drove Formula Ford. He now makes the Trip for a Annual Catch Up each year... He is still the crazy guy he always was ... He is a Lecturer at the University of Minnasota now. And is Married to Domonique and they have 2 Boys Charlie and Rich. And a Daughter Paige. DOMONIQUE Is a Hairdresser. They live in Minnasota. Im not sure exactly where ... only his phone number to call him. Eric and I are PAIGE's Godfathers.