Ghost Stories

The Spirit and my Boots

I am a long time reader of this forum, but I have never posted because I have never thought I have experienced anything worth posting. This changed for me last week and here's the story behind it.

Whilst my mother was pregnant with my younger brother Matthew she drank heavily. Real heavy. My father used to beat the ever living crap out of her, and this was probably the cause of her depression and the reason why she turned to the bottle, as well as anti-depressant medication. By the 2nd trimester the doctors warned her that there was a high possibility the baby would not survive birth, and if it infact lived, it would never live a "normal" life. Soon after, my younger brother Matthew was born prematurely, he survived, but from early on we all feared the worst. Matthew grew up to be a loved member of our family, despite his disabilities, he was autistic and suffered from a hole in his heart. My mother stopped drinking, and the family violence stopped at least, as Matthew needed a lot of attention. Matthew was 5 years younger then me, and I still remember the day he entered our lives. Now I'm 20, and he died 1 year and 1 week ago from a heart failure. Matthew, being autistic had a lot of strange characteristics and often heard things from the "otherside", things we could not hear, or see. Some people saw this as part of his disability, but not us, this was his gift. He'd often have conversations with people late into the night, in his own little language, needless to say, these people weren't "really" there to us. I sensed a strong spiritual connection within him, I guess because of his purity. He had a few quirks, these included arranging house hold furniture into numerical patterns, counting grains of rice, crapping in my boots and smiling at me when I placed them on in the morning and sometimes urinating on my bath robe in the bathroom by mistake. They were his quirks, and despite how they sound, they are now missed.

It was one week ago today, I had a strange sensation cover my entire body which caused me to wake up, I felt cold and alone. I could see the vapour of my breath in the air, and being groggy as I was, I knew this wasn't right for this time of the year. I looked around the room and I see something in the corner of my eye, when I tried to take a better look, its vanished. I can hear vibrations of soft music, like country music, the vocals, just reveberating through the floor boards, but none of the lyrics are describable. The brain knows they are words, but can't make them out. I walk into the bathroom and have a shower to try to forget all of this weirdness. I dry myself off, and place on my bath robe and walk towards the kitchen to make myself a coffee. During this 10 meter journey, I slip on a bit of the floor which has become wet and knock myself out for what seems to be only a few minutes. When I come to, I am lying on my back and it at this point I realize my bath robe is covered in urine, it had dripped down to the point of where I was standing, and I had slipped over on a small pool of it (polished floor boards). Still dazed and clutching my head, I didn't think much of it and piece it together. I make my coffee, get dressed, apply a lot of deodorant and grab my shoes from the laundry. My left foot slips into place, and I tie a not, I go to place my right foot into my shoe, and just as I do I realize something. It was the 1st anniversary of my autistic brothers death, and someone had shat in my shoe. I live alone now, and all my belongings are locked inside this house, there is no way this could have been a prank. I believe my brother Matthew was leaving me a message from the otherside, the only way he knew how. Instead of being afraid, I embraced it. I have vowed never to wear that shoe again and have kept in storage for all to see, it is special to me that he cares enough from the other side to still visit me, and crap in my shoes and piss on my bath robe, as stupid as that sounds.