Ghost Stories

The strange Occurances

I looked back into my older threads to make sure I didn't post one like this already since it has been a couple years and I was kind of upset at myself that I didn't update on this.
The apartment I lived in that started all of the dreams of spirits, future, and past events that I hadn't had for a long time put me through the ringer and back and I only told tid bits of it! Here's the whole story, and possibly a new one beginning.

In that apartment

The first thing that happened in that apartment was very heavy foot steps from above. There were three levels, we were the middle level, and people did live above us at the time, but they worked nights during the week and they both were female. They would leave at nine and by eleven pm, the apartment above us was so loud it sounded like there was constant fighting up there! Crashes, bangs, a man yelling nonsense, and heavy, heavy foot steps. Then every night around four AM it would stop, completely stop. They would come back home when the sun rose, and then they would patter around the apartment as if in a panic.

A couple months after we moved in, they decided to move out, my mom got her curiosity sparked by the couple leaving so she casually asked if she could help with anything, and why they were leaving. The pair looked at mom in silence for a second and said "we think someone was breaking in at night. There's always water on the carpet in the bedrooms. There's no reason for water to be on our carpet." Mom was trusted to clean apartments after people had left the residence, and my friends and I were sitting in the kitchen when we started hearing bangs upstairs immediately after they had pulled out with the last of their stuff. I started to get angry and convinced mom to give us the keys to upstairs, and we ran up the only way up to the third floor to the only door of the apartment. I unlocked it and we went inside. One of my friends started feeling uneasy, and waves of energy was hitting me like a ton of bricks. I followed the waves to the back bedroom and I realized that we had cornered something. "Were not here to hurt you" he said to the invisible being. Then I seen it, a dark black/gray mist in the corner, it was crouched down as if it was a dog ready to pounce on us. He grabbed right above my wrist and gasped right when the thing leaped into the air and passed through us. Another friend was standing behind us, and I heard her stumble back into the bedroom across the hall, and heard Matt grunt from the apartment door. Apparently after it had passed through Cody and I, it had pushed my other friend out of the way and ran passed Matt and out the door. I now think, looking back at it, that by cornering it, I had challenged it and that is why the activity in my apartment started. (Note: We seen no water on the carpets when we went up to snoop)

The footsteps started in our house, then after nine at night, I felt watched as I went through the hallway that connected the two bedrooms with the living room. I decided not to tell my mom about this, until it got worse. I could envision a shadow at night, as I passed it, the thing would tip its head close to mine, as if lunging at me. Every time I would react and hit my shoulder on the wall to try to get away from its lunge.

After that, small things started to move in the house, and I would find knives in my room. I hit depression quickly, pretty much full force. I felt like the knives being in my room was my fault and I would sneak them into the kitchen when mom went into the bath room or left the house for some reason, or after she went to bed. The one thing that scares me, is knives. When I was a child a male family member got drunk and awoke me, then chased me with a samurai sword, hacking into the wall and chopping a painting clear in half. I was eight. I don't allow open knives around me especially in the room where I sleep.

Then the patches of wet carpet started to appear, I would leave for school, and come back and the entrance to my bedroom would be soaked through with water, so much water that it squished when I walked through it. Moms explanation for that at first was "Maybe Soxx licks the carpet?" I started trying to convince her that something was horribly wrong. I started burning white candles every night, partially because I was scared of the dark after the noises started.

Mom continued not to believe me until the mocking voices started. First I would hear her yell for me, I'd jump up, thinking something was horribly wrong and I would run into the living room yelling "i'm coming whats wrong?" When I went into the room she was in, she would look at me like I had six heads, and just stare at me after saying "I didnt say...anything.." After that she started to believe me. She told me not to acknowledge or reply to the thing, because it could be a familiar. She was taught that familiars were like dopplegangers, but worse. They were there to strictly steal your body, or to kill you. After she told me that I started having nightmares of the shadow in the hallway yelling at me and telling me he was going to "steal my face".

I started seeing a black cat, I would see glimpses of it outside, and before I looked directly at it, the cat would be gone. I got annoyed because no one believed me that a black cat was following me. "Only because your too slow to see it doesn't mean its not there." Then I started seeing it inside the house. It ran across my feet twice in a row in the kitchen when I was attempting to get a cup of milk. I squealed and jumped twice. Mom was behind me and swore she didn't see anything. I seen this cat for months, at least five times a day. One night my oldest sister decided to stay all night with us. After she got off of work she went to use the bathroom and she seen a black shadow cross the floor and jump into the shower, then it ran back again. "Don't tell me I'm seeing it too now" She ran into the hallway (where I seen the shadow every night) and there it was. A solid, breathing black cat was trying to claw its way into my room. She scooped it up and yelled for mom "Mommy it is a real black cat! Tonya's been seeing a real black cat!" It limply allowed itself to be tossed around in their hands, letting them touch its paws, play with its tail, and then they softly put it outside. I didn't see it again after that.

Mom got in touch with a preacher that blessed our house, half believing what we were telling him. The activity picked up instantly. I would be at school, and mom would be cleaning and the door of the living room would slam and she would hear my voice crying out for help. Petrified she would run into the living room and then realize after not seeing anyone that I was at school and wouldn't be back for hours. Then it got worse again, she woke me up one morning for school, the hallway light was on and my eyes were half way closed so I didn't see her features. "Here" she said, and handed me a damp wash cloth to rub against my face for me to wake up "why is it cold?" I thought. "Ill get a cup of coffee ready for you" She said and closed the door behind her. I climbed out of bed, weary and started to get dressed, then the feeling hit me. Something didn't feel right. Where was soxx? Why did she close my door? I was already completely dressed and I opened my door, every single light was off in the house, no noise at all. I walked into the bathroom and there was the wash cloth I had rubbed against my face, damp and cold. I began to get scared, and started running around the house looking for Soxx. He was under moms bed, softly growling.

The following few days the thing got aggressive. My niece ran into the house while mom was chopping onions for meat loaf, and said "mawmaw! and ran up to give mom a hug. Right when her little arms touched moms hips, my lil niece was thrown so hard she tumbled under the kitchen table. Of course, being in a family like ours, all my niece did was laugh, but mom hardened. She didn't like the looks of that throw at all. Psychic child or not, that was not the first time she seen a child in our family touched by a spirit and it never ended well for the kid. She cussed at it, she told it to not mess with Alyssia, and to come get her but not her grandbabies. That night, it covered moms mouth and nose and breathed on her cheek when mom laid down for bed. While that was happening I heard the familiar noise of chains raddling in my corner, I didn't see anything. That noise didnt scare me, it was my friend Jerrys' spirit. Of course at the time, with the stress of his recent death and the haunting, I burst into tears. "leave me alone, let me heal" I cried. "NO. MOMMA BURTA. NO" Jerry never really spoke to me or appeared he just made noise. I jumped out of bed and ran into moms room instantly understanding something was wrong, where she was at the end of her bed, gasping for breath. "Were sleeping together tonight, I'm calling the preacher back in the morning."

The next morning, she was on the phone, and my white candle whipped off my dresser and hit the wall, followed by several other smaller things that wouldn't have hurt if it hit me. I burst into tears again, because it was in the corner where Jerry always appeared and I thought at first it was him throwing my things. "I'm sorry I didn't know what you wanted last night I didn't mean to tell you to leave me alo-" the feeling hit me. It was like touching hollow ground like in a grave yard of criminals. Unrested angry spirits. That wasn't Jerry. This was something angry and wanting to do damage. BAM BAM BAM. The stomps were coming toward me but I didn't see anything. BAM BAM BAM. I jumped on my bed, too scared to even scream. BAM BA- in mid bang, the noise dissipated.

The preacher made his mind up that since had had already blessed the house, the spirit must be attached to one of us or possessing either me or mom. One at a time we went up to his alter, let him smear holy water on us, and pray over us. Then he prayed over both of us together. He then followed us home and blessed the house again, and ripped a prayer cloth in half and gave a piece to each of us to keep for spiritual comfort. The air still felt heavy at the apartment, but we didn't see anything, or hear anything again. The only thing that seemed to react was a stray cat we would let into the house to feed every now and then. She would whine and yelp at the entrance to the kitchen through the living room, she would sit there and her head would twist back and fourth and a horrible noise would come from her, it would last for two seconds, then it was over. It happened every time she crossed that entrance until she one day bit mom, and mom put her out of the house for the final time, and we moved.

I thought about this because the black cat I mentioned in the story, Iv'e been beginning to see a cat like that again.


It will dart across the parking lot, only seen at night, in front of me, behind me, beside me. Curiously watching me but not getting too close. I befriended a cat outside I call Sebastian. He is a gray tabby. I feed him when I come home from work at 2am, and he lets me sit outside with him and pet him for about an hour a night. One night I decided to introduce him to a friend of mine that iv'e had for a long time, and as I was talking with her, Sebastian must have walked away. I started looking around for him when I started hearing a cat screaming. I jumped to my feet thinking he was hurt, turned a flash light on my phone and ran as fast as I could with her toward the noise. (A curious thing about my parking lot is there are street lights, but not one works around my building. There is about 12 other buildings in the same area, like a culdisac, three apartments on each porch.) My light hit the black cat. I didn't see it at first. It was crouched in a pounce position, blocking in a big white and brown fluffy cat against a different apartment than mine, the fluffy cat was screaming in terror, all I seen was the white one at first. My friend grabbed my arm to stop me "there's something there" My eyes adjusted right when the black cats eyes turned to me. Though my light was right on it, its edges were blurry but not like fur, its coat had no shine, and it had no features except for the BROWN shine of its eyes. It took off running past the white and brown cat, and the other cat ran after it, very very angry. "That cat wasn't a living thing" She cried out, and I looked up. Too close to the graveyard fence by my house. I hate that grave yard. Iv'e never felt so uncomfortable around one as I do this one. She took off running back to my porch, and I was right on her heels behind her, extremely spooked.

When we reached the porch again, we stepped on it at the exact same time Sebastian came around the corner to meow at us again. "Now where were you during all that?" I asked him, almost out of breath. He just looked at me with smiling eyes and purred, and perched himself on my window seal as I went inside, and my friend went home for the night. If you want I can take a picture of how close the apartments are to the grave yard. The building we ran to is right against the dividing fence.