Ghost Stories

There Is Something in My House

Hi everyone, I'm Leigha, I'm very new at this so please bear with me as I try to channel my experiences into one cohesive thought. I've spent a lot of time on this site prior to becoming a member, so I've read many of your stories and learned much from each and everyone of you. They have also helped me learn a bit about what is in my home.

Well I guess a bit of backstory is needed so that you can understand my circumstances. My boyfriend Dan and I have been together for 4 years, and after our first year together we decided we should move in together, so we started the apartment hunting and planning, very excited at the idea of "the next step." Well our plans fell through rather quickly as his mother became very ill and it was clear that he would not be able to leave her alone. She had suffered a stoke that had caused her to lose a significant amount of her vision and developed ephsyema (spelling?). She is a truly lovely person and seemed so upset that he was unable to move out that she called me and asked me if I would want to live there. She needed more help in the house than he could provide and knew how much her son loved me, I didnt need to be persuaded, I moved in a week later.

At first things were fine, I was so busy working and fixing up our half of the house that nothing seemed out of order. But soon things would really start to get strange. His mothers health was improving although she would always require oxygen but surgery had helped with her vision enough that she could resume most of her activities although she can not see in the dark. My boyfriend and I worked a slightly different schedule with me arriving home at about 6pm and him usually about 8pm. Everything started as this slightly uneasy someones watching me feeling when I was alone. I chalked this up to my new home and being alone in a still unfarmiliar place. His mother had resumed her schedule of going to bingo 3 nights a week, leaving at about 6:30pm. So normally I would come home to relax and do laundry and start dinner since it would be just he and I with his mom eating dinner out when she went to bingo, (her sister did the driving, please dont think we would allow her to drive with her vision). I would sit in our living room and fold laundry and watch tv while making dinner at the same time and it was my routine. I'm a multitasker, cant you tell? But I started to hear stange noises from the living room while I was in the kitchen and vice versa. Stange shuffling and walking about type noises. Well again I decided that it was probably the fact that I wasnt use to this house yet. Thats not what it was.

Now things were okay when his mom was home, I would be so busy with house stuff that maybe I just didnt notice. But whenever it was just me, I would feel and still do feel "watched." Well I kept this all to myself. My boyfriend decided it was time to get us a dog and here I'm thinking great I wont be afraid anymore I'll have a big dog to protect me. My boyfriend came home with a chihuahua. Now I fell in love with him immediately and since he was adopted he was already named (Herbie) and full grown. Herbie was a distaction at first but after awhile he would contribute to all the feelings I had.

One night I was playing fetch with Herbie, now our is house is a rancher and when you enter from the driveway you come in the mudroom which is right off the kitchen which opens into the living room. Now I would throw the ball into the kitchen straight back towards the mudroom from my spot on the couch in the living room. About 20 ft from where I was sitting to the mudroom. Herbie does this for hours running back and forth and its almost like a obsession. Well one night here we are playing fetch and he brings the ball to me and I again toss it into the kitchen, well he runs after it and gets as far as the kitchen door where he stops. He stopped so quicky I turned to look at him and procede to watch him start growling and shaking as he looks back towards the mudroom. He had never even barked other than when it was dinner time. As I watched him I noticed that the kitchen light over our kitchen table at the very end of the kitchen next to the mudroom was getting dimmer and dimmer. Now my boyfriend had just installed a dimmer switch on this light (the type with the round knob that you push down to turn on and then turn to set the level of light) about a month before and you have to press it to actually turn the light off. Well the light then starts to get brighter and then in a matter of second it was shut off and all in the same instant the dog turns around and high tails back to my lap. This was when I first seen "our man".

I looked out into the now dark kitchen and seen what I can only describe as a shadow peering out from the doorway of our mudroom. Now I know what your thinking, I was already terrified at eveything that had happened how do i know it really wasnt just a shadow. Because shadows dont move. This would look around the doorway almost like a child would and quickly duck back and then peek again. I was terrified. I called my boyfriend and said when will you be home, now Im not the dramatic type so he knew something was wrong, " I'm 5 minutes from home, are you okay?" "No get home in 3 minutes." Now the entire time the dog is in my lap shaking like a leaf and barking at the kitchen. This thing peeked at me about 5 times from what I remember. As terrified as I was I felt like if I didnt watch it may come closer to me and that I could not deal with. As soon as I seen the headlights in the front window I ran with the dog out the front door. I told my boyfriend everything, expecting him to look at me like I was nuts but he convinced to come back in and we would talk. He checked the mudroom, and then checked the light switch to make sure there were no electrical problems (he was a certified electrician before starting a sales jobs.) Nothing to explain the light problem it was working fine. Well now it was time for us to talk.

I told him everything I had been feeling and that now I was scared. I had been feeling like I was watched and now I knew I was. "I dont care if you think I'm crazy something is not right in this house" I told him. He sat with me on the couch and this is what he told. Now this conversation will probably be with me for the rest of my life so trust me when i say this is word for word what he told me. "Babe now dont get mad at me, but Ive seen it since me and mom moved in (this was not the house he grew up in after his father passed away in that home it was too big for him and his mom they moved) Well after a few choice words about him not telling me something like that i let him continue. "Now hun, it's never really scared me because it never did anything like what it did with you tonight, its always been something I've seen out of the corner of my eye and the dog i had before you moved in (it passed away, very old) would occationally bark at random places like it seen something i didnt, but like i said babe, its never well you know hurt me or anything like that." Well I said okay maybe its your dad just checking up on us, but why would he want to scare me? and why if nothing like this had happened before why was it happening to me now? He couldnt answer, I showed him excatly where I had seen it and he seemed a bit uneasy. "Dan is something else you want to tell me?" Obviously he wasnt telling me everything. "Well babe it does the same thing to me, but not from that far away." WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU TELLING ME DAN, WHERE DO YOU SEE IT? He then told me that at night sometime when we were in the living room lying on the couch watching tv, it would peek out from the office doorway, (THE OFFICE ARE YOU KIDDING ME THATS LIKE 2 FEET AWAY FROM WHERE WE ARE NOW its also where I am writing this story now)

Well after hearing that "our man" was not confined to the kitchen I was obviously a bit freaked. But I started to understand certain things clearer. My boyfriend made a point of closing every door in the house, bedrooms, bathrooms, every door had to be closed. Now when I first moved in I thought nothing of this, some people close doors, I had lived and grown up in a house where the doors where always open, in more ways then one. But one door in particular my boyfriend was very obsessed with, the bathroom. Our bathroom door is right off the living room with the mirror right in front of the door. So if your sitting on the couch you can sit up and look directly into the mirror if the bathroom door is open. Well I wanted to know why if I had accidentally left it open he made such a production of getting up and closing it immediately. Again with the "I dont want to tell you cause it'll scare you face" he looks at me and says well I seen a reflection in it. Well ha ha I said thats what mirrors are for buddy, but you are pretty scary looking in the morning babe. NO smile, NO nothing. "Im not kidding baby, not my reflection, something else". Now if your laying down you can only see the top of the couch reflected in the mirror, not yourself. "It was like there was somebody standing in the door but I could only see the reflection in the mirror and obviously there was nothing standing in the door or I would know" Well again I was freaked out.

Now Im hearing these noises of someone walking around when im alone and now our little Herbie is barking at things in the corner of the rooms or looking off into another room and growling all the time. Now it seemed to us that whatever we are dealing with is not interested in my soon to be mother in law because she has never talked about anything stange happening, and she is only home alone during the day while both of us are at work, but she is very active and participates in alot of activities that do take her out of the house in the afternoons before we come home usually atleast 3-4 days a week. We dont talk to her about these occurences because we know it is not affecting her and do not want to have her be afraid of being alone in the house.

Ive tried to research our house but not to much avail. My boyfriend said when his mom bought the house some household items were left behind and the realtor explained that the gentleman that use to live in our house was in federal prison and that the family was selling the house. Thats were the story ends. He was the only other person to live here before us, and we do not have his name to do more research as to why he may be in prison. The things that were left behind were of little importance a few kitchen applicance (toaster over , coffee maker , tupperware) So we were left at a dead end as far as research goes.

At night we like to lay on our L-shaped couch head to head watching tv, he facing towards the bathroom, myself facing towards the kitchen. No particular reason why, just the postion of the couch in the living room and this was the best way for us to watch television. Well I started seeing it again. "Our man" would watch us from the same place I had first seen him. But I guess I should explain why I say "our man", the figure I see is about 6 ft tall and is just the shadow of what I would say is a tall thin man. I dont know why I think it is a man, it just feels that way, if that makes sense. There are no facial features except on a few occasions red eyes could be seen. That is something that will not leave me, it has only been seen with red eyes on 3 occations, once by me and twice by my boyfriend and my experience is still very hard to talk about. More on that later, "he" seemed at first scared to be seen, peeking out as I said, and we took this as hes just as scared of us. Now I dont think that anymore but at the time, it helped me deal. We decided after alot of research of hauntings, ghosts, and shadowpeople (with a lot of this info coming from this site) that we should take some photos. I will eventually post my photos on this page but I can not find my usb cable and I am contemplating going out any buying another because its disappeared. We started keeping our digital camera on the coffee table in the living room. Now we watch tv in the dark because its what we like to do but theres a little light that comes in the kitchen windows from the street lamps outside. From where we both lay on the couch we can both see him when he decided to make an appearance. I usually also hear a stange rustling noise just prior to this, my boyfriend does not. This I also can not explain. Now we have gotten him on camera 4 times. When I took the photos I took them in sets of 3. There is about a 1 second pause between the photos and they are time and date stamped. In the first photo you clearly see a shadowy head peeking out from our mudroom. When i post i will circle the area. In next immediate photo taken from the exact same spot a second later there is nothing. In the third photo it appears again in the same spot. Now Im not quite sure what to think because at first I though "our man" was just a shadowperson and after research understood that they are mostly watchers. "Our man" is no longer just a watcher.

Our photos for some reason didnt scare me I guess because they reaffirmed everything I felt and I knew now that I wasnt losing my damn mind. For awhile that was the only place I would see him. My boyfriend had an occational peek from the closed office door but "our man" never ventured that close to me. I didnt understand why for a long time, but before long things were going to get very scary for me. I decided to tell my uncle about eveything going on at my house because hes alot younger than any of my aunts and uncles and a very laid back intuitive person. He too thought it was a shadowperson and I was surprised that he knew some of the lingo if you know what I mean. Well thats when his now wife joined the conversation and asked if we could talk alone. She too is younger I was about 22 when all of this started and she about 30. I explained everything to her and she asked if I had ever been told about being in the light. I had no clue what she was talking about, and at this point I though what new age crap is she going to start with. I guess the look on my face said it all. She explained she had always been "intune" is how she put it with other peoples energy and the different astral plains. I took her at face value when she told me all this, but then she told me, well you give off this white light, a kind of bright energy and I think thats why it stays away from you, but you cant fear it because it senses that and it also changes your energy which can allow it in. WELL I did not believe a word of this at the time. She explained that she thought that I abilities that I was not in tune with yet and that I needed to meditate and "collect" myself. HA This lady is nuts i thought, Nope not going to talk about this with anyone anymore.

Not long after this things really started getting nuts in the house. Lights would be turned on after me or my boyfriend knew we turned them off. And then one night after we went to bed, we were just laying there chatting, and both of us heard a voice and a bang. We did not know what the hell it was, the tv's were all off and it was like 3am. So we laid there and heard the voice again. Now Im totally ready to call the police so my boyfriend (who is visibly scared) decides to get up and check and make sure it not his mom, although it didnt sound like her and we could not make out what it said. He searched the house and found nothing but swore he seen a shadow pass the kitchen door as he walked out of bedroom to make sure everything was okay. Needless to say we slept holding hands that night. It was going to get worse before it got better.

As I said "our man" had more in store for me, and what happened next was truly the scariest thing for me. I had almost gotten use to dealing with the noises and glimpses of him out of the corner of my eyes. They had almost become funny to me. After a few glasses of wine or beer on a Friday night I would start to laugh at him, and tell him you know your funny, always lurking about, hiding trying to scare people, well I aint scared buddy. Definitly the wine talking but I guess I just wanted to make a joke of it to help ease the tension. Dan (boyfriend) started to see him more and more frequently and had experiences of his own. The stangest for him was one friday night (I was with the ladies having drinks) he was in the office downloading music listening to the tv from the living room. Well he told me all of sudden the tv got very very loud and started flipping through the channels on its own. SO he turned it off and went back to the computer thinking maybe it was just the cable being funny. Well the tv turned itself back on and did the same thing. His mom spends friday nights at bingo and isnt home until close till 11pm so he knew it wasnt her, so he left the house and crashed ladies night out. I cant blame him.

Next is when he seen "our man" with red eyes. He went to get a drink in the early hours one morning and started to walk in to kitchen when he noticed that it was freezing in the living room, and thats when he seen him in the kitchen about halfway between the mudroom and the living room in the very center of the kitchen. The red eyes he said were scary enough, but to see that "our man" wasnt hiding anymore. " It just seemed different this time, like he wanted me to know he was there" My boyfriend is a very level headed man, hes been through a lot in his life, watching both his brother and father die from cancer, (his brother only 21 at the time) but this scared him. We knew well maybe i knew that this wasnt any of our lost loved ones. We both have lost friends and family and something that would put this much fear in us wasnt someone who loved us. His next experience came when in the bathroom, he got up to go and while standing at the commode seen the red eyes staring at him from outside the bathroom window.

This was it for me, after he told me it wasnt funny anymore. I felt surrounded, I would spend more and more time in our bedroom because I felt like this was the only safe place. I called my aunt and told her everything and this time I was more willing and accepting of what she told me. This energy was getting its energy from me. The more I feared the presence the more it established itself in my home. I needed to cleanse the home and myself to get rid of the negative energy I was now feeding to it. I refused to do this myself fearing some type of retribution and asked when the soonest was that she could come for a visit also thinking of a time I could have her there without my soon to be mother in law asking what this woman was doing in the house. We settled on 2 weeks from the day I called her, enough time for her to get the things she needed and for her to make arrangements to stay with a friend afterwards ( they live about 2 hours away from us) It was finally going to be gone, but it turned out to be the longest 2 weeks of my life.

It was like it knew what was coming, everything was happening with a frequency I had never seen before and I swear it was trying to make me leave first. The light in the hallway would turn on it the middle of the night, Herbie would now bark at something daily, and then run and hide under our bed. He has a large water bowl (stainless steel with a rubber slip mat on the bottom very heavy) that we found halfway across the kitchen with water eveywhere after coming home one day. Now this water bowl when full weighs more than the dog. There is no way he could move it and no one was home all day. One night we heard him yipe in the kitchen like he had been hurt and come running from the kitchen, he would not go back, we had to start putting his water bowl and food in the living room. Now this dog loves his food he would jump and prance around the kitchen while we were getting it ready and now if we tried to bring him in there he would run with his tail between his legs. It had scared the 2 things i love the most and I felt that it was my turn. We only had one more week but I just felt it in my heart that now it was going to be my turn. It Was.

Hi everyone, sorry so long between my last posts, I was really hoping to finish this up a couple days ago, but I've come down with a nasty cold, so I've been in bed for the past 2 days. I am happy to say that now my belief in "new age" things are a bit different, I was never one to dismiss it altogether, it just was at the time of talking with my aunt, I wanted explanations that she could not give me. Trust me now when I say that if it wasnt for her, I dont think I would be living here anymore. As far as my mother in law is concerned shes really not here much and despite her surgery her vision is still not what it was, any very well may never be, and she doesnt have much peripheral vision anyway. We didnt speak with her about this because it would upset her and shes never expressed fear of being here alone. My story is almost finished, although I'll explain more once Im done.

We had about a week before my aunt was to come and cleanse our house and I was thinking about packing myself and the dog up to stay at my moms. ( Herbie is very much like my child, after seeing him react the way he was I wasnt leaving him alone) My boyfriend had to stay, its too far for him to get to work each morning from my moms and he still didnt want to leave his mom alone. Well after one visit to my moms I decided I could not stay there (our dogs were not compatible) So I thought one more week I could live through.

As I said things were not quiet in the house anymore and I was not staying alone either, at the time I was an office manager for my moms business (shes a bail bonds person) and was normally the only person in house all day, with the other bondsmen stopping in dropping off files, this allowed me to bring Herbie to work with me so I didnt worry about coming home to him hiding under our bed anymore. And I was staying late at work to make up the time I would be alone in the house. I would come home feed the dog and make dinner. After dinner I would retreat to the bedroom. This was the only place I did not see him or feel like someone was watching me. That feeling followed me around the house and I swear that I would feel like someone was standing directly behind me all the time. Well we would hear things at night being moved around, walking about, lights being on we knew we turned off. (Now my mother in law once in her bedroom stays in her room, shes on oxygen at night so she doesnt leave the room, plus her bedroom door makes an obnoxiusly loud noise when opened so we knew it was not her) I was so scared anymore I didnt know what to do with myself.

Well about halfway through our week Dan and I were laying in bed talking about what would happen when my aunt came and hoping that it would work and discussing what to do if it didnt. I told him that if it didnt stop I was moving out, I was so drained anymore that I couldnt fight it and he understood that. For whatever reason this thing was like focused on me and he knew it. Well he got up to go to the bathroom and I had just turned the TV off so I was just laying there going over the things I needed to do the following day. Our bathroom is right outside our bedroom (about 3 feet down from our bedroom door across the hall) so even though I could not see directly into the bathroom I could see the light from it. Well I heard the strange rustling noise (kinda of like leaves being brushed across the pavement) and was terrified to look, the bedroom door was open. I sat straight up in bed, Herbie had jumped up onto the bed from his bed on the floor and was shaking, I looked up at the door and there was "our man". He stood in my doorway and seemed to take all the air out of the room, all the light from the bathroom was gone. All I seen was a big black shape and red eyes. I swear on everything holy to me that this thing laughed at me and I screamed and I didnt stop screaming until Dan was back in the room with me, shaking me and hugging me to stop.

I had a panic attack that night and suffice it to say in order to calm me down Dan ended up taking me to the hospital where they sedated me. I dont remember much, just seeing that thing in the doorway, that vision is in embedded in my brain I think, but I woke up the following morning in the ER. Dan later told me that as he came running from the bathroom he seen a shadow dart across the hallway in to the living room and that when he tried to grab me that our little dog Herbie launched an attack and ripped into his hand pretty good. After about a thousand questionss as to what I thought caused the attack (do you feel safe at home, does your boyfriend abuse you, those type of questions) they finally released me. PLEASE understand this had never happened to me before this incident and has not happened since. I did not even know what a panic attack was before this experience.

Dan had called my aunt and explained what had happened and she decided to come that day. He took to me to my moms and met her at the house where he picked up Herbie and waited for his mom to leave ( we're not far from the casinos in Atlantic City and she goes every Thursday with her senior group) Dan then left her there to cleanse the house and later told me he sat in the car down the road with Herbie and cried. I guess he felt responsible for alot of what happened to me. My aunt called Dan about 2 hours later and asked him to bring me back to the house. She had seen "our man" and described him as appearing in the exact place I had first seen him. She had cleansed our house of this negative energy and explained alot of things to me that day that many of you already know. This thing fed off of me. Some people attract this type of experience, unknowingly and I had opened myself to it by acknowledging its presence and i let him seep into my conciousness. It fed off the energy that surrounds me. This scared me I thought I had brought all this down upon myself but she explained that it would have happened to anyone eventually. She also explained that she thought that I may have psychic abililties that I was not in tune with yet, she had told me this before but now I listened. As I said shes become more than family in the almost year since all of this ended for us, shes become a great friend and mentor. If it werent for her, I dont know what would have happened and I truly mean that.

I occationally catch glimpses of "our man" and I know its time to cleanse the house again. This happens every 3-4 monthes and he hides now, the way he did before peeking out from the mudroom. After I cleanse the house, nothing for awhile. I think he must have been here in at some time in his life. I see him more clearly now, if that makes sense. But I also dont want to share my home with him and I think Ive made that clear. He does return after awhile like I said, but its different now. I think maybe because Ive learned so much from this experience he no longer has the ability to capture my energy and spirit but Im still learning. We never did tell my mother in law what was happening, she goes on her merry way through life and we didnt need to burden her with this. Dan and I are set to get married next June in Jamaica and we are currently looking for a house of our own. His mom is planning to move into a new Senior Community with her sister in the next few monthes so we should be able to be out of here soon. Dont get me wrong, we've had lots of happy memories here too. This home is where Dan (finally) asked me to marry him after inviting everyone we know over for a barbecue and this is where we've made our home, plus my little Herbie is back to chasing his ball around the kitchen and living room after a long time of being too scared to. But its time for me to move on. I can only hope eventually "our man" will too, but thats his decision not mine. I guess thats my story, more like a biography of the last 4 years but its not all bad, atleast maybe someone will read this and not think there losing there mind like I did so many monthes ago. But in the year since we got our house back and I learned more about myself, Ive experienced alot, so now I know where I can share all that without judgement. Afterall, we are all merely passers-by. ;)