Ghost Stories

Things that have happened to me.

Hi Everyone,

I want to say a few things first before I get to my experiences. First everything I say in my post is true, my experiences are not made up. I honestly would like to maybe get some answers.

I was born in the the east coast in the early seventies and lived with my mother until I was five and went to go live with my grand parents. I was told when I was older that I had been born with white hair over my body and I have researched this to find out that some children are born premature have this hair. I had spoken to my father since and he informed my I was not born premature. So I know don't know why I had the white hair. The are are several reasons I went to live with my grandparents. One was my mother had said I had this hatred or rage as she would put it. My mother said I was five at the time, she had walked outside and she saw me standing over my brother with a hammer and he was laying on the ground bleeding. They had thought I had killed him but he was just hurt. They had taken him to the doctor and he was ok just needing some stitches. My grandmother had confirmed this and so did my mother when I asked them both later in my teens. I was told by my mother when I went to visit her in my early twenties that besides the incident with the hammer and my brother that when I was very young I would sit alone and talk to someone, and when I asked who it was I would never say, I can only assume this was my imaginary friend. The major reason I went to my grand parents was due to me being hit by a car when I was 4. My grandmother told me when my mother had called her and let her know she and my father rushed to the hospital where I had been taken to. My father and mother have since both told me that by the time I gotten to the hospital I had no heart beat. Lucky for me the doctors were able to revive me. This happened before when I had fallen in to a river and was revived by my cousin Sheila. I have memories of the sky and then everything going black. When I had gotten to my grand parents house I was given my own room and though out my teens I would feel some times the bed would vibrate. I still don't have an explanation for that. While living there I had other experiences there once was in the laundry room I would sometimes hear a woman saying my name. I first thought it was my grandmother and would check on her but she would be snoring in her bedroom. Another time in the laundry room when I was 12 I walked in the room and once I entered the room the wall to my left thumped 3 times as if someone hit it with a fist. This occurred at around 1am. During this time I started two have very bad dreams. One dream was I was standing on cliff at night looking at the ocean in the moonlight. Then from behind me I hear a voice that says something like I belong to it and it will destroy everything that tries to take me away from it. In the dream I turn around and see what looks like a wall of nothing but black. Almost like a wall of very dark shadow with these two very bright red eyes then I wake up. The second dream is the one that really scared me even more than the other one. It has me in what I can only describe as a large bubble when this man standing beside me. You have to remember that I am a child yet and in the dream I look up to the man see this he has these large black horns and black finger nails. He looks down at me me and says I am the only one who loves you. Then we both look at what we are both flying over in the bubble. The bubble is flying over what appears to be people some hills but the hills are made of people. Some are dead, some on fire, all appear to be screaming and covered in blood. It looks like you take a country side of hills and mountains and make everything out of human bodies. I described these dreams to my grandfather who was a born agin Christian and full blood Cherokee Indian. He said that he that his mother had told hime that when some dies and come s back that sometimes soemthing on the other side can take notice and follow them back into our world. I don't know if this is true or not but I knew my grandfather as a man of his word and not one for making up stories. I had My uncle Edward let me know when I was around 16 the main reason my grand parents had bought the house was due to it being so cheap and that was because the previous owner had been found dead hanging from the ceiling. I never researched if it was suicide or murder. My aunt Darlene had confirmed that the woman had been found dead in the house and that my uncle wasn't playing a joke. When I was 16 my grandmother had passed away due to cancer. During this time I would feel like I wasn't alone even more, I can't explain it's just you feel like something is there. I lived with my grandfather until I was 19 and joined the Air Force. My first assignment after graduating basic training and technical school was Mt. Home Idaho, during this time I still felt like I was not alone. I would look to see if anything moved in a dark room or if anything was there when I would be a sleep. I started to think that I was crazy to get over this stuff. That I am an adult and it's time to put away childish things. Everything was going fine until I came back to my dorm room one night from hanging out with friends in the day room watching tv. I entered my room and wile entering the room I hit the light switch but it wouldn't turn on. I entered my room and then I noticed this dark than usual area in my room that reminded me of that one dream of the shadow wall. I froze then I hear this voice as if someone was standing next to me. These words I will remember for the rest of my life and it said " I am still here boy". The shadowed area then seemed to dissipate to what a normal shadow was is the only way I can describe it. I stood there shaking and reached back for the light switch and tried it again then it came on. This may seem stupid to allot of people but I will never ever sleep in a dark room to this day. After my time in Mt. Home I got orders to Hickam AFB in Hawaii. During my time there I started dating a local girl there. While we were dating she she could feel something always when were together like a darkness as she described it. I told her about my experiences and said that whatever was it had been was in in conflict with the Hawaiian spirits on Oahu. After nine months the relationship ended. Later on I started to date another woman and we eventually ended up moving in together. One night will asleep I heard this growl from large dog. I woke up and looked at the entrance way to our bedroom and saw what I can only describe as a very large dog that appeared to be half shadow and and half flesh and blood. It had these large bright red eyes I will always remember. It stared at me for a good 2 to 3 seconds and then walked towards our living room. I woke up my girlfriend and she rolled over and asked me is this thing following you. I jumped out of bed grabbed my baseball bat I had next to the tv stand and walked in to the living room. I had ever light on in the apartment on and checked every room even the patio. Also the apartment we had was on the 15th floor in our apartment building. I never saw anything though. I went back to our bed room and I asked what did you is this following you and she had no answer she jdidn't remebr saying that. I made sure to lock the door to the bedroom. The next day we bought several cans of airfreshner due to what ever it was from the night before had left a stench that smelled like an open sewer line on a hot day. That relationship ended and soon after I got an assignment to San Antonio Texas. During this time I had started to date woman and one day she stayed the night in my dorm room and I came home after work. I opened the door and all the lights were on she was crying and shaking in my bed. I ran over to here and asked what happened . She said she was asleep and and felt someone get into bed with her. She assumed it was me and rolled over and saw what she said was the most horrible things she had ever saw in her life. She said it scooted up next to her and looked her in the eyes and said "he belongs to me". She then screamed and jumped out the bed ran for the front
door . She went out side and realizing she was half naked went back in the room not before turning on the main lights and then every light in the dorm room along with the tv. I then told her about my past experiences. She said she had cousin who knew about these things.. We set up a meeting at her mothers house with here cousin. After describing the experience in my room her cousin told me told burn some candles and prayers for us to do. He didn't know what it was just that it was powerful and very possessive of me. We burned the candles and did the prayers and everything seemed to good. After another year we got married and during this time things were good but the marriage eventually ended do to her feeling you can date other people while being married but that another story. During the marriage she got custody of her young son and daughter and they lived with us also. But though after a short time in our new apartment things started to be happen such as our bed room closet door would always be half open. This was really strange since the door would be completely closed and the carpeting was very thick and rubbed against the bottom of the door. Soon after this my step son started to complain about his bed saying someone was under his bed kicking it. I sat on his bed one night and it did feel like some was just kicking the bed like a soccer player going for a field goal. After that kids started to sleep on the couches in the living room. One night I was outside of the apartment smoking a cigarette and I kept hearing an old woman yelling for me.