Ghost Stories

This is a little embarrassing but...

... I wanted to get some input on this. I've lived in this apartment since 2000, months before my hubby and I got married and we are still here.

Anyway, over the years, subtle things have happened that were just enough to make me go "hmmm" then forget about the little "event" until MONTHS or more after, something else happens to make me go "hmmm" again. Anyway, last year I decided to start keeping a diary when one of these things happens (and I added some of the previous things that I remembered). So here is what I have typed up, if you can help me dismiss some of them, it might help. And if you need pics of the apt, I can take and post some, no problem. Sorry it's a bit long...

[Names have been edited out for privacy]...
This is a record of strange events that have occurred in our first home that we lived in for 7+ years.
Other things may have happened inbetween that we either dismissed or thought nothing of. Any of these can probably be explained away by anyone else, except us. We have tried to figure out all possibilities ourselves but came up with nothing that made sense.

2000 ? I wasn't married yet, but my mom and I lived in this same apartment. I was sleeping in my room, which is the room that would one day become our first child's nursery. It was in the middle of the night, and I suddenly felt as if I was being pulled by my blankets, inch by inch. I remember how slow it felt, pull...pause...pull...pause...pull, and I remember at first it felt like I was dreaming but then I woke up as it was happening. To this day, I still can not say for sure whether this was a dream or really happened. I do know it definitely woke me in the night and my head was low on the pillow and my legs were hanging slightly off the side of the bed. I even straightened myself out and tucked the sheets around my legs so I couldn't be pulled by them again.

2001 ? First child was just a baby. Sometimes she slept with us in our bed, sometimes in her crib. Usually when she did sleep in her crib, she woke up in the middle of the night and Hubby would get up and get her so she could spend the rest of the night in our bed with us.
On this particular night, I heard the baby whimper in the other room. A short "eh-heh", as if she had just woken up and stood up in her crib. The first sound she would make before she stared to whine or cry a little louder until Hubby went and got her. I lifted my head up to the sound and Hubby sat up in bed. We both heard her, only she was sleeping soundly right inbetween us. The sound definitely came from the direction of her room and no windows were open, so the sound was not from outside.

September 2008 ? It was the middle of the night, about 3am. We now had two daughters, ages 3.5 and 1.5 who shared the same bed and bedroom aka Baby's room now "the girls' room". We had one pet cat, Skittles. I was awake and trying to get back to sleep after being awoken by Hubby, who was having another one of his nightmares and moaning in his sleep. I had actually just prodded him awake so that I could get back to sleep. He doesn't usually wake up completely when I do this, he usually settles right back to sleep. Not 5 minutes after this, I heard a loud bong in the kitchen, as if some large metal or solid glass (nothing that would break) object was thrown on the floor or fell. The first thing I thought, was that the cat knocked something over in the kitchen, but she was sound asleep at the foot of our bed. Hubby was startled out of his sleep by it, but he did not remember what it sounded like. We both got up to investigate. Nothing was on the floor in the kitchen, nothing large enough to make that "bong" sound. Nothing in the girls' room or living room either, the only other rooms in this 2br apartment.

September 20, 2008 ? My mother was visiting, and we were all sitting at the kitchen table having dinner. All but Hubby, who was not feeling well and was in bed. The stove that we have was here when we moved in. It has a digital timer that has never worked, always flashing "88:88", we could never set it because the clock set knob was never on it and the timer knob was non-functional. At that moment, out of nowhere it started beeping. I was confused at first, thought it was the microwave that I had nothing in, but the beep was a little different and it was coming from the stove which was right beside me. I got up to see if I could shut it off using the "timer" knob and it of course did nothing. I had to unplug it and plug it back in and that worked.

After we finished dinner and cleared the table, I was tired and went into the living room, planning to see what was on TV. I remember I grabbed the remote, but walked out to the kitchen (can't remember for what) and as I was walking into the living room and passed the TV with the remote in my hand, but at my side, the TV turned on. Now, at the time, we had a digital remote with a touchscreen, anyone would say that maybe I touched it as I was walking, but I distinctly remember looking at the remote in my hand, confused, because I had not lifted a finger or put any part of my hand near the screen. It hadn't even brushed up against me, which would be strange anyway because it's not that sensitive. Interestingly, as I lifted the remote in my hand, I saw as it switched over to TV mode as if someone did press it. I kept replaying this in my mind, trying to consider the possibility that I did accidentally press it, but I know I didn't.

June11, 2009 - This first experience happened a few nights ago, the girls were in bed, Hubby was in our bedroom working on his laptop. I was in the living room playing a game on my own laptop. I was really focused, because it was a game that I couldn't take my eyes off since it was timed and is a puzzle game that requires concentration. The main ceiling light in the living room was on at the time. While I was concentrating, I felt the living room suddenly go dark around me for about a second or two, and then flick on again. I thought maybe Hubby was switching it to get my attention. I didn't hear anyone at the door, and I think I said "what, Hubby?", but heard no reply. So I dismissed it thinking it was my imagination since I was staring intently at the computer when it happened. Then it happened again. And this time I looked back to see if Hubby was there, and he wasn't. So I called out to him to see if he was nearby in the kitchen. He had been in the bedroom the entire time and didn't know what I was talking about. I tried to dismiss it as a power outage, but my computer remained on the entire time, not a flicker. None of the other lights in the apt failed or Hubby would have noticed it. And it wasn't a fading or a flicker, it was just a switch on and off as if someone were literally using the switch on the wall. I forgot all about it until today when Hubby told me his experience from yesterday afternoon...

I and the girls were in the other room, perhaps the living room. It was 4pm and he was sitting working on my laptop, which had a load of viruses on it. He said he suddenly felt a coldness behind him. Like a wall, a presence. The AC was not on and anyway, if it were, the current would be coming from in front of him on his right side because the AC is right next to the computer desk. He said the "presence" was only there for about a second and was gone. Nothing else happened. I am just relating what he told me, so this is just a second-hand account but I think it's pretty clear.

July 10, 2009 ? Last night (or early in the morning), the girls had already climbed into bed with us in the middle of the night, as they sometimes do. Younger daughter had come in much later than First child, but she came in screaming for me (I think because Hubby turned off their bedtime lamp and she woke up alone in the dark). Sometime after she was in bed with us, I thought I heard whispering, like two people conversing in hushed tones in the kitchen, ouside our bedroom. I thought I imagined it the first time, because I was lying on my side and the ear I was hearing it from is always a little more clogged than the other ear, so everything is slightly muffled when I'm lying on the "good" ear. So I'd pick my head up to listen, and it would stop. A few minutes after settling back down to try to sleep, I heard it again. It happened about 3 times. I also thought I heard a sound coming from the living room or other side of the apartment like something was moved over. It was the kind of feeling like someone from the outside had broken in and was trying to be quiet, but once in a while would bump into something or move something they didn't mean to. I dismissed it when the sounds were spread out enough for me to deny it really happened, until this morning Hubby said he heard the same sorts of sounds after I was asleep and it was already starting to get light out (around 7am). I hadn't even prompted the conversation, and he was shocked when I told him what I heard in the middle of the night. Just to add, we only have one cat, and she was in bed with us. Both children were in bed with us and no TVs or radios were left on, so we can't blame the sounds on anything solid. It was certainly strange, we both had the same feeling as if someone were sneaking around, someone who had gotten in our home (and of course there was no sign of entry and nothing was left open for anyone to come in). One thing we did agree on, is that we don't sense anything malicious about these strange events we've experienced in this apt. I hope that holds true!

So what do you think? These things are really so subtle, aren't they? Oh, and the only history I know about this apt is that a friend told us about it after her mother died, her mother lived here but I don't think she died [I]in[/I] the apt. Still, this was her home.