Ghost Stories

Three Dogs In North Carolina:

Strange Story About 3 Dogs In House A Rented Before I bought the One I live in Now in North Carolina.: Three Dogs I dont own......And are not exactly with us anymore: Other than in Spirit:

When I moved to North Carolina in 1997. I was offered a house to stay in until I got together enough cash from my work racing to buy my own. The Manager of the team I was driving for at the time told me his sister "HAZEL" had this house close to were our team factory was near Charlotte. That she wanted to rent it out as it had been her now late mothers. She had inherited it. But having a house of her own, she didnt need to live in it. So instead she decided to make a bit of money out of it. Until she decided weather to keep it or not. I was offered the place to live in. Having very little money at the time and the rent being cheap just $100 a month for a 4 Bedroom house (Hazel had no idea what to charge me so we decided on that price).

IT WAS A NICE LOOKING OLD HOUSE: 2 Stories plus a Basement and small attic. About 100 yrs old. It had been built by HAZEL's Grandpa "CHARLES" who had lived there with his wife "LUCETTE" and their 6 Children , he had been a Dairy Farmer , And the House had once had a Fair bit of land around it. By the time I moved in Suburbia had taken over and it only had a lager than normal Backyard and a old Stable converted to a Garage left. HAZEL'S Parents "DONALD" and "MAUREEN" had inherited it when "CHARLES" Had died from Lung Cancer in the 1950's. DONALD AND MAUREEN Had lived there with their 4 Children including HAZEL until theyd married off and moved away HAZEL's GRANDMA LUCETTE Had lived there too until her death in the late 1960's. HAZEL said to me that her Grancparents always had alot of pets around and that I had to be careful digging in the garden as alot of the family's past pets were buried there near the house. I took heed the last thing I wanted to do was dig up old "FIDO" (Not real dog just a saying) and upset HAZEL. The House had 6 Bedrooms Three on the first Floor and 3 On the Second Floor. THe MAIN-BEDROOM Was at the SIde of the house on the Groundfloor. With the bathroom next to it, This I used as my own, Luckily the house was still furnished.

THE HAUNTING: At first I didnt notice. THe house to me seemed like any nice old house of its age. Well decorated outside. Lots of garden. Big Windows. And a Huge Loungeroom at the front of the House. Which looked out over the yard and the street and driveway. The house was set back a bit from the road and you had to drive up the steep driveway to get to the garage at the rear of the house to park the car. My old Impala used to hate that Driveway something feirce. IT was a bit to steep for the old girl I think.

Id been living in the House about a Month when I came home late one night from a race weekend. I had one of those TImers on a Lamp in the lounge and it used to go on about 6pm most of the Year. SO I would walk into a dark house. One thing that did creep me out was how weirldy dark like a black hole that house used to get at night. ANYWAY BACK TO THE STORY: I was driving up the driveway to the side of the house when a FLICKER out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I pulled the car up. And looked over to the Fromt Room Window..........AND IM NOT JOKING.......There against the Glass in the Window was the Faces of THREE DOGS LOOKING OUT AT ME WAGGING THEIR TAILS.........I could see it clear as Day.

I thought I must have been tired. You know too much work, not enough sleep. Away working to hard. I closed my eyes and looked again and sure enough they were still there. THINKING THAT HAZEL must have been in to visit (As she did once and a while) and Bringing her 3 DOGS that she had. I didnt mind her bringing her dogs. As at the time I had not pets and missed to family dog my Parents had. So I parked the car and let my self into the House yelling out "HEY HAZEL I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE COMING OVER. WOULD YOU LIKE A COFFEE OR SOMETHING?? " .........No reply..... Thinking she might be in the basement checking that the Furnace was ok )It had been playing up . I Stuck my head in the Basement doors......BUT THE LIGHT WAS OFF.....Maybe I thought she's in the lounge probably fallen asleep in the couch........BUT NO.........AND THE LOUNGE WAS EMPTY.......NO DOGS.......ONLY A VERY FAINT WET DOG SMELL........Like you smell after youve bathed your dog.........Or its been in the rain or something.....

When I asked HAZEL about the DOGS I saw she suddenly went very pale and asked if I would describe to her what they looked like. I said "Well, Kind of like your typical Farm Dog, Mixed Breeds . One looked like kind of a Collie Mix. Another looked like it had a Bit of German Shephard in it and the Third looked like it was mostly Beagle or Coon Hound"
SHE SAID......"Well then I guess they are still waiting for him then"

I said "What Do you mean?"
HAZEL Said " You just described my Grandpa CHARLES's three Favourite Hunting Dogs. He had them all at the same time you see. And when my Grandpa went out anywhere and they were inside. They would wait for him just like you described at the Front Room window. Always wagging their tails when they sawsomeone.........But they'd go crazy when they saw Grandpa Charles......It was like a Child waiting for his dad to come home...."
ASKED HER: "How do you know about them........."
SHE SAID: " Oh Ive seen them once or twice.....Their Harmless. They only wait for their master to come back to them......Obviously they dont know that he's gone....."
I SAID: "But surely ....Theyve been gone for years havent they. "
HAZEL REPLIED: "Oh yes, Id say the last one the Collie mix died in about 1950. The Shepard died not long after that and the Coon Hound Mix lived the longest. I remeber that one. He was alive when I was born. He died when I was about 2. He was about 16 then......."

Needless to say I was never worried about being alone in the house after that I had three dogs with me......Waiting still for their beloved Master. I saw them on several occasions....Always waiting by the window.....Always wagging their tails........Always watching out for GRANDPA CHARLES.....Who their still waiting for to come home.

About a year after living there I moved to my own house in Asheville. Two years later HAZEL died of old age and the House was sold to a Couple with 3 Children called PARKER. I often wonder if they see three dogs waiting at the window ....... I wonder what they think of them.... I hope they are ok with hem being there. I was.

I WANT TO THANK HAZEL : Who passed away now so many years ago. For her telling me the story behind her Ghosts Dogs. I want to thank THREE DOGS FROM THE AFTERLIFE: For minding my house : AND WAITING SO KINDLY : Aster (Collie Mix). Dottie (German Shephard Mix) and Freddie (Coon Houn Mix)........Who always made me feel like I was never alome in that often creepy feelig old house.