Ghost Stories

Thunder, Lightening Chains Oh MY!

[8D] Oh yea got all my work done so I can post another story of my youthful recklessness. This took place one summer when like most young adults boredom sets in and what to do seems to be the question of the evening. Well a small group of friends and myself decided to try our hand at having a seance! This was the first time I was the only male and only after these events did I begin to wondwer about femal energy and just what it can do. There where 5 of us and we decided to have this little boredom breaker at Cindy's parents house. We were all just out of high school. Cindy's parents house is a four story house if you count the basement and the attic. We all went up to Cindy's bedroom to have this seance. She scrambled to find a candle after a few seconds she had found one. This candle was one left over from Holloween. We all sat in a circle after having lit the candle. Nothing but the light of the candle was the only sourse of light. For five minutes we discused who we wanted to talk to. Cindy told us that her grandfather on her mothers side passed away before she got to meet him. So we went with her grandfather. Hands held and the summoning started. It was then that becky one of the girls brought to our attention a sound comming from over our heads. It sounded like "ssssshhhhhh" "ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh" We all looked at each other. Not more than a second or two latter a very loud and I do mean very loud clash of thunder and lightening shook the house right down to it's foundation. We all jumped. A couple of the girls screamed making my nerves that much more on edge. Cindy's window was shut and we could hear the rain hitting the glass hard. It was seconds later that things really started to pick up. Everything on Cindy's dresser started ot tip over. First a couple of photo's she had in frames followed by all her make-up. As our eyes followed this we all saw what appeared to be someone or something roll across the top of her bed. In most of my experiences I've seen doors close by themselves never have I seen any open up on their own, But this night would be my first and last time to date I would see a door literaly throw it's self open. We could hear footsteps leading away room the bedroom and going off down the hall. And then we heard the noise we herd earlier, sssshhhhhhh sssshhhhh but with a slight change it was much louder and we could hear what seemed like furniture being moved around in the attic followed by what seemed like a chain being tossed around. Being picked up and thrown over and over again. I told the girls I'm sure it's just the storm causing all the strange sounds. Things got quiet all of a sudden they stopped just as fast as they had started. We heard Cindy's mom hollering from down stairs. So we all got up and ran to the stairs and down the stairs. Her mom asked us "What were you kids doing in the attic just now?" We all looked much paler after hearing this. Cindy told her mother we were in her room not the attic. That was when Cindy's mom said "Then why is the lights all on in the attic? I could see them while I was pulling up in the driveway!" Cindy proceeded to tell her mother the whole story about us having a seance and the strange things that occured after lighting the candle. No sooner had Cindy finished her story to her mom, the front door blew open and banged loudly against the wall. Everyone screamed at that exact moment. Cindy's mom said "It's just the storm. The wind blow it open!" And as cindy's mom went to close the door on her way back see looked up at the top of the stairs and then asked us who were we babysitting for? We said no one why? Well then who's this little girl belong to? she asked. We all came out of the kitchen and looked up at the top of the stairs. There was nothing there. Cindy's mom swore she had seen a little girl standing at the top of the stairs and was smiling at her. A complete search of the house revealed no small little girl. The storm was getting what seemed like stronger and showing no signes of letting up so we all headed for the basement, yes Cindy's mom included. We decided to watch a movie. So we turned on the tv and vcr. We were only 10 minutes into the movie The Shaggy Dog when just then all the lights went out. We were in total darkness. The a flash of lightening followed by a loud crack of thunder. We followed Cindy's mom up the stairs to look for candles. Cindy's mom jumped back pushing us up against the side of the stairs by the door to the basement. She said that there was someone moving around in the kitchen. As she slowly made her way to the kichen door the lights came back on. No sign of anyone in the kitchen. It was getting late so we told Cindy good-bye and I took everybody home. But we all discused the happenings . We all agreed that we would attempt this again and we did with much more disturbances.