Ghost Stories

Time warp?

Time warp: A hypothetical discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another or suspend the passage of time.

This story was told to me by my step mother a few years ago. I was not there so what I am writing is second hand information. But there was a few people to swear it happened. My stepmother was around 14 when her parents wanted to go camping in a town a few hours away called Spanish Fort , nothing fancy or mystical this place they just have a nice campground near the beach. This was their first camping trip there so they had no idea about the history of the place ,just a beautiful spot to all of them. They got to their spot and imagine their luck , they were all alone in that section , boy they were happy. (NOT FUN TO CAMP RIGHT ON TOP OF OTHER PEOPLE)So they did all the usual camping things they put up their tents and whatnot. After dinner they all sat around telling tall tales bout the big fish that got away and all that good stuff. It was getting late so they all decided to turn in ( she said it was around 11:00).Well the peaceful sleeping bliss did not last long , she says that around 1:00 am that she heard scuffling. Thought her dad was up cleaning or something she peeked through the tent window. But it wasn't her dad. This is her description. ..he was tall maybe 6'6 or so huge man. He was just walking through the camp , but the odd thing she said was that the camp had three or four tents ! Her words " now when I went to bed we was the only ones here." She said she watched the man come to one tent open it up and pull the person out and with a machete chop away at the poor person ( when she told me she said it reminded her of that Jason fella lol I had to ask you mean Friday the 13 movie?)She said in all reality it may of been a few seconds but to her it lasted hours. I asked her well what did you do?She said all she could do is sit there and pray he didn't see her or her family ,she said he walked right past her but never even acted like they were anywhere around. After what seemed an eternity the man left she was soooo scared but she knew she needed to get to her parents and tell them that the campers had been massacred. When she got out of her tent there was nothing , no campers , no blood , nothing ! She swears "I was awake I was not dreaming this ".She ran terrified to her mom and dads tent to tell them about the man , of course they laughed at her and said it was all a dream. The next morning the camp marshal came by to check on the family since they were the only ones out there ,Her mom spoke up and said all was great except the nightmare that "Shelly" had last night. The camp marshal laughed and said well the great outdoors can be a little scary when you are not use to it. Her mom was like "yeah she had this deem that this monster of a man killed a bunch of people ".The camp marshal went white as a ghost. Her mom stopped laughing and asked was he ok. He said "yes m'am but that odd cause that's exactly what happened a few years back and when I say a few I mean 20 years or so. This lunitic got a wild hair up his butt and killed everyone that was camping in this area he had a homemade machete and wacked them all up while they were sleeping , never caught the fella either. Like he just disappeared. "Well needless to say they all packed up and left and my stepmother said that was all the camping she was ever to do.

Like I said this is second hand so if it sounded crazy she probably was, but it always made me think about the other stories I have heard ,here one minute gone the next I have a few of those to tell y'all[^]