Ghost Stories

True Ghost Stories


Our family and I were stationed in Guam back in 1999. When I first moved there, I was as skeptic as a skeptic could be until about 6 months after we lived there. My husband and I would always see things out of the corners of our eyes in our stairwell.. Especially at night while sitting at the computer, watching movies or what have you. We kind of shrugged it off as being our imagination. Then our daughter started coughing and kicking her bed at night all the time for about 2 months straight. We had taken her to the doctor on several occasions for the coughing. The doctors could come up with no reasonable logical explaination for her coughing. They did x-rays, put her on meds, everything in the book. Nothing helped.. The kicking on the bed was really odd to me. It was almost as if someone was tickling her feet or messing with them and she was kicking her bed to make it stop. She would even say things like "Leave me alone!" In her sleep.. (she was only 2 at the time) and cry and wake us up at night. The coughing.. we kinda thought that maybe what ever this is that is playing with her feet, is choking her too.. I did not want to think that someone was choking my baby. That's why I took her to the doctors all the time to find some kind of reason why.. but like I said.. they couldn't come up with anything. Anyway, One night.. my husband and I were sitting at the computer and we decided to take pictures of our stairwell when we felt as if someone was watching us. We took them with our digital camera... no flash on it. We came up with this photograph. I swear, there is a little boy standing in our stairwell. You can clearly see his hair, eyes, nose and mouth.

After seeing this, we showed it to alot of people and everyone agreed that there was something in our house. We had made up our minds that there was a presence of a little boy in this house that wanted to play with our daughter, but she just did not want to. Another incident was late at night while my husband was at work and I was here at the house by myself. My 4 yr old son was crying upstairs and I rushed up there to see what was wrong. He had told me that there was a "monster" in our bathroom.. making a sound like they were brushing thier teeth. I told him that there was no "monster" and that it was go back to sleep. I was curious anyway and went to our bathroom and ALL of our toothbrushes were scattered all over the counter. I always keep them neatly in a little cup. There was no way my son could have went into our bathroom and did this.

After this, we became somewhat freightened. So my husband had talked to someone at his work that has had similar experiences and knew of certain things to do to help. She went to her preist and told him about it. The priest blessed some palm leaves and gave her some holy water to give to us. We burned the palm leaves in our house in every room, one every night, sprinkled holy water and told the little boy that we didn't want to hurt him, we didn't want to make him angry, that we just wanted him to leave our daughter alone and that it was ok for him to "cross over to the other side." We did this for about a week straight. After we did that, our daughter stopped coughing and kicking her bed. We never had any more problems after that. :) I was told by the locals here that this particular area that we live in is a haunted area. I've heard other stories from people that live here as well. So I have no doubt in my mind that there was something there. There was also a little philipino boy that fell down the stairs and broke his neck in one of the houses around the area where we lived a very long time ago. But noone knew which house it was....