Ghost Stories

True story from Hawaii

This happened probably about 12 years ago when I was in high school back in Hawaii.

About 12 of my friends and I were hanging out in my buddies garage. He lived in an area that back then was still being developed with about 15 new houses on his block and nothing but miles and miles of sugar cane fields surrounding the area. Someone came up with the idea that we should all take a walk out in the fields. My friends and I were always visiting places that have one or more ghost stories attached to them. Anyways, we take a walk into the cane fields and it is somewhat bright out because it is a full moon and semi cloudy.

Just a little description of our surroundings. The main dirt road that we had to walk on was about 15 feet wide with an open field (nothing planted) on the right and sugar cane about 8-10 feet high on the left side. about every 100 yards or so there were trails cut into the sugarcane that was probably about 7 feet wide.

Anyways, back to the story. We walk about a two miles on the main dirt road and all the while everyone is goofing off trying to spook eachother out by throwing stuff into the sugarcane and giving eachother the occasional BOO! every now and then. Well, the ring leader of all the joking around was my buddy Edison. He thought he was a riot making a lot of noise and this and that, trying to scare everyone. Someone said "hey lets walk down one of these side trails" So off he goes and everyone else follows suit. We walk about 50 or so yards into this side trail and all of a sudden my friend Dennis said "Something doesnt feel right. We better just go back to the main road" A couple of other people agree and we all turn around and head back. All the while, Edison is still doing his joking around. We get back to the main road and Edison is about 35-40 feet down the main road walking back toward my buddys house. Suddenly the clouds block the light of the moon and it gets dark. As soon as that happens this white apparition about the size of an adult thing appears in the middle of the open field on the right that I talked about earlier, shoots straight into the air and takes a dive into one to the side trails of sugar cane. We all go WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?!! Suddenly Edison, who is a good distance ahead of the bunch, turns his head to look at the side trail that he is adjacent to and lets out a scream and takes off running as fast as he can. At first we all freeze and watch him and he is sprinting like he is trying to win the gold at the olympics. Someone say that he's probably just joking around but after watching him for a little bit, he was stumbling and falling on the ground but still trying to run. My buddy Chad and I were like, we better go get him and take off running ahead. Edison see's us coming and stops and is on the ground now breathing hard on the verge of tears. We ask him what happened and breathing hard he tells us that this white floating "thing" was coming at him from the side trail as fast as a speeding train. He said he saw its face; a ladies face but no eyes, just hollow black sockets. He starts crying. Everyone else is about 100 or so yards behind us yelling and laughing "WHAT GOING ON?". Chad and I were yelling back that we gotta get out of here now! We turn around and Edison already started jogging ahead of us. I yell for him to wait and all of a sudden he looks toward another trail and starts screaming again and takes off running as clumbsy as the first time saying "ITS COMING AGAIN!". At this point Chad and I are trying to pick up anything around us that we can use to defend ourselves (like that would have helped anyways) Everyone else catches up and Edison is long gone, already back to my friends house. On our way back this old man thats walking his dog stops us and says " I heard yelling, is everything alright?" We tell him what happened and he goes on to tell us the story of the lady who was raped and killed out there a long time ago.