Ghost Stories

True Story. Voices heard in cemetery.

A couple of years ago me and my family decided to go pay respects to our deceased relatives at a local cemetery that is owned by a distant relative, it's a cemetery that is open to the public.

Physical characteristics of this cemetery are that it is located in a rural town outside of Huntsville Alabama called Toney. There are entrance and an exit gates that are about 15 feet tall. There are approximately 500 graves buried there. The cemetery is fairly new compared to most cemeteries it's only been there 17 years old. My cousin who was 20 years old when she was murdered was one of the first people buried there. Our party for going to the cemetery consisted of my wife, and three children who at the time were 6, 8 and 12 years old. We packed up and drove the 10 miles outside of the city to the cemetery.

We arrived around 4:00pm that day to the cemetery and right away I could feel that something was going to happen. The air was so crisp and it was so quiet. We parked our vehicle on the curb and walked across the grass to the other side where most of my relatives are buried. On the other side of the graveyard there is a large cotton field with a couple of shack houses that were not occupied. My relatives are buried near the trees on the far eastside. As we were paying respects to my grandmother I noticed something that was weird, the trees had started rustling and swaying, but it was not a windy day, it was summertime about 90 degrees. The trees continued rustling for 30 seconds and then I heard it. It was a sweet heavenly sound that was permeating from the trees, it was harp music.

The music was very soft sounding and heavenly. I didn't won't to scare my wife or kids or alarm them about this, so I ignored it as if I didn't here it, but it kept on playing. By this time I was feeling a little uneasy about this, and I looked over to my wife and she looked frightened. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing. I asked her if she heard the sounds coming from the trees that we are standing next to, and she said yes it sounds likes harp music to me. I said maybe it's coming from the shack house over there, but we knew it wasn't.

My kids too were looking perplexed as to where the sounds where coming from. I asked them out of curiosity did they here the music too and they said they heard the music too. By now we were getting a little uneasy and spooked by this and our car was a distance away on the other side of the cemetery. I told my family to lets get in our car and go because that is too spooky. We proceeded walking to our car, which seemed like an eternity away, and as we did, we started hearing the sounds of people talking amongst us in the cemetery. The voices were coming from different areas in the cemetery, but we couldn't understand what they were saying, it sounded like as if it was a gathering or party of some type going on. What was even stranger was that the voices were talking in a language that we could not ascertain. It sounded like a form of religious tongue. By now the voices were getting louder and louder, our walking pace had picked up dramatically and we had just made it to the car when the strangest thing happened.

A voice from the grave, a woman's voice for certain shouted out in the air the word "HEY" to us. It sounded like my murdered cousins voice, but we weren't about to stay to find out, but I am sure that it came from the direction that she had been buried in, but I could not be sure that it was her, it sounded a bit older, maybe a middle aged woman's voice.

We had never been so scared in our life, I squealed tires leaving out of that cemetery, and my family was so frightened by this on the way home, I told everyone I knew about this, and my mom suggested that I call my relative who is the owner of the cemetery.

I told him my story and he had some of his own. He told me that some days he would be on his caterpillar back-ho digging holes for new graves and he would here the same thing, like voices and conversations in the graveyard, and it would scare him to death and he would leave for the whole day and would not work past 5:00pm. He said that it spooked his out so bad that he will not go out there by himself, and said that is why he hired help. Very, Very, True Story no fiction told here.