Ghost Stories

True Tales from Left-Fork

It was the year of 2000 and I was a security guard that was stationed at a place dubbed "Left-Fork". I worked there I guess two months before the strange occurences started happening. Then one night around 11 p.m. I got a call from the main office. It was my night off so I knew after looking at the caller I.D. that someone must have called in sick or just didnt show up to relieve the 2nd shift guard. I was reluctent to answer knowing that I would have to fill the position that night but I did, not knowing that I was going to have the laugh of my life. The guard at the main office told me that guard on duty that night called over the radio and told him that he had seen some kind of "red light" that lit up the whole side of the mountain and that it also "hovered" over his car multiple times. You see, Left Fork is the middle of nowhere with no one around. No houses, No traffic, just an old gravel road up the side of a mountain with a bunch of strip-mining equipment . The equipment was what we were actually guarding. The security officers had to sit in their own automobiles and it was the dead of winter at this time. Lets get back to the story. So the guard at Left Fork (lets call him James) told the main office guard (lets call him John) that if John didnt get a guard up there in an instant that he was going to leave. John told James that it would take about 30 minutes to get an additional guard at that location and to stay put or he was fired. make the long story short, Jamie quite that night and abandoned his post, drove to the main office where John was at and turned in his radio and uniform that night. So John called me in to fill his shift which ended at 7 a.m.. I told John it would take me a little over a hour to get there, hung up the phone and laughed my head off! I thought the guy had flipped his wig or was on something really good! At the time I thoght to myself "why do people thats afraid to be alone in the dark even get into this line of work". So I got my radio and put my security dress shirt on and out the door I went. I arrived at Left Fork around 1 a.m. still giggling to myself at the expense of James and stayed the whole night and nothing happened. Not until 3 nights later that is. 3 nights passed and I was sitting in my vehicle playing my gameboy to pass the time. It was around 2 a.m. and the temperature was in the upper teens. It had snowed earlier that day so about an inch of snow covered the ground. I wasnt thinking about anything else besides catching the next pokemon on the GB. It was pitch dark outside and I couldnt see out of the interior of the car anyways because I had my dome light on to see the game. Out of nowhere I felt the right side back of my vehicle being pushed down and then suddenly going back up. Like someone took their hands and pushed down on the right side back of the car and let go. I thought nothing of it at first . "It was just the wind" I thought and continued on with the next catch. It happened again, only this time more forcefully! I knew it wasnt the wind and it spooked me. I thought that someone had snuck up on me and was trying to get me out of my car for some reason. That scared the hell out of me. I picked up my flashlight and pistol out of the passenger seat, turned off the dome light , opened the door and got out slowly. I shined the light down the side of the car with the pistol below the flashlight ready to fire upon whoever I may see. No one there.I walked to the back of the car to see if someone was crouched down ready to ambush but no one was there. Then I proceeded to the front and the other side of the car, one was there. I started thinking standing there in the bitter coldness that maybe another guard may have snuck up there somehow just to pull a prank on me. So I went to the right side back of the vehicle to look and see if I could see shoe prints in the snow and which direction they had run off in. But there was no shoe prints of any kind. Just the blanket of virgin snow that had fallen earlier. Puzzeled, I got back in my car and sat for a moment ...."Maybe it was just the wind" I thought, as I locked the doors and turned the dome light back on to play my gameboy. Nothing else happened that night. I put it out of my mind and thought nothing more of it. But the next put it lightly....all HELL broke lose! This is a true story. This (what I have said here and what I am going to tell you) really did happen. I know that in the beginning it sort of sounds like a UFO incident but thats not what I witnessed. What I experienced was a true to life haunting. Its a long story with different nights over a span of about 2 months so I will write it in parts. This is the first so check in every week for another installment. Thank you for reading my topic and keeping an open mind.

The next put it lightly....all HELL broke lose!
The next night I arrived at left fork at 7 p.m. I was going to have to pull a 12 hour shift. I remember that I couldnt wait for this one to be over because I had three days off after this night! From 7p.m. to a little after 9p.m. I went on with my usual routine. All the guards had to fill out a shift report every night. When we would first arrive at our posts we had to do a "walk around the perimeter" ,check the equipment for any type of damages and check the fire extinguisers to make sure they were always in good working conditions. (by the way...I did look at James' report and he did include the red light incident in his. Needless to say to was thrown into the trash by the security supervisors and never made it in the files) It was mandatory every 2 hours minimum you had to perform a "walk the perimeter". So anyways a little after 9 as I was getting ready to do this I started to hear something. It was faint but it sounded like there was 100 people on the mountain side on the right of me whispering to each other. Baffeled, I stepped out of the car and looked in the direction of the muffled "voices". Then suddenly it was all around me. It wasnt faint anymore either. the best that I can describe it is that...well...It sounded like 100 people all around me whispering loudly all at once. But I never could make out the words. It kinda sounded like some sort of chantting. I got back in my car and locked the doors needless to say. Now I have had paranormal things happen to me before but not since I was like 8 years of age, but never to this degree. I was 21 at this time and I was scared out of my mind. I'm 6'2" and I weighed 195 lbs. and I wanted to go home and pull the sheets over my head scared! I could hear it all around me...even in the car with me! there was nothing or no one there. I could hear it or them but I couldnt see it or them! I didnt know what to do. I sit froze with fear in the drivers sit scared to move. It wasnt like you could pinpoint a single person making a was like a cloud of whispering decended all around me. Thats the best way I can explain it. I wanted so badly to drive off. But I was frightned so badly at this point that I was scared to move at all. In a way I was trying to hide with motionless. I have never experienced this sort of fear before and if you have never experienced it then there is no way to explain it to you. This continued all night, non stop. As time went on (Im talking hours and hours) I grew a little more easy with the whispers but still sat almost motionless. I remember that my butt chicks and legs had went numb, I had to piss really really bad and I was so thirsty. But there was no way that I was getting out of that car! Then I seen it out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head fast to see what it was exactly but then it was gone! I seen it again out of the other eyes corner turned quickly and nothing there. It was a red light. It would appear only in my perception but every time i tried to look at it with my whole eyesight it wasnt there. I seen it in the corner of my left eye (a short distance behind and to the right of the drivers side door.) I didnt turn this time, I just watched it out of the corner of my eye. I didnt move. It didnt move. I sat there Id say 5 minutes....motionless and petrified and watched this red light. (I cant explain what the red light was at this time but I did see it fully some time later and I will clarify it in a later post). What I was seeing was like when someone has a flashlight in pitch dark and the beam of the light isnt fully concentrated in one exact spot, it leaves this sort of afterglow (for lack of a better word) light around the main beam. And even though someone isnt shining the light directly in your face and is shining it in the totally opposite direction of your view you can still tell that someone is shining a flashlight. The not so bright light from a falashlight sort of thing. So I sat there about 5 mins, and then worked up the nerve to turn my head quickly in its direction to get a glimpse of what it was ....did...nothing there. This continued for the rest of the night, on top of the chanting ,whispering ppl all around me. Dawn came I guess about 10 mins till 7. I know this because I didnt even look at my watch till daylight started peaking out through the gray wintery sky. But it even continued after daylight. I started my car for the first time since 8:30P.m. the prior night. I was so heat for over 10 hrs Im guessing because I was to scared to start the car and let it warm up. I drove off from Left fork that morning with a great thanks just to be alive. The company that contracted the security company only hired guards on weeknights to watch the equipment for 12 hrs a night. 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. No guard relieved me and no one from the strip mining company was ever there at 7 a.m. I drove about 2 miles down the road then stopped, got out to stretch my legs, rub the feeling back into my butt and opened my little coolmate cooler to get a coke out, then continued home.

I was enjoying my big 3 day vacation. I tried to keep what had happened at Left Fork out of my mind but as the days passed and it came closer to my night shift there again I couldnt. I didnt tell no friends or family about it. I mean what could I really say? They wouldnt have believed me anyhow and probably would have ribbed me about it.

So the night came when I had to go back. On the way there I felt nerves had gotten the better of me. My shift started at mid-night. I pulled up next to the guard posted there from 7p.m. and it was my good friend Trent. I knew Trent well because we were dating sisters at the time. Trent is a happy go lucky type of person and never has a shortage of words. Hes a fairly big husky man...5'11'' and weighed about 230 pounds. And hes the type of person to tell you exactly what he thinks without beating around the bush. Dosent care if it offends you or not.

I pulled up beside of his car where the driver side doors would be lined up side to side. I turned off the engine and rolled done my window to chit chat with him for awhile....I was hoping to get him in a long conversation about something so he would stay after his shift ended to talk that way I wouldnt be alone for quite some time. Anyway I started talking to him and right away I could tale that there was something wrong. He was quit and that wasnt like him at all! He stared at me blankly for a moment and softly asked me "How you been lately". I answered "Fine" and then he was quite again. I knew he had seen or heard something from his demenor because he normally was not like this but he didnt know that I did as well 3 nights earlier.

We engaged in conversation..if you could call it that...asking each other about insignifigent things with 1 to 2 minute pauses between answers with each of us avoiding the obvious question we wanted to ask. I knew Trent didnt believe in ghosts because we had talked about it in the past so I didnt want to bring up what had happened to me. We had made fun of James and he was the butt of all our jokes for awhile for what had happened to him. So whos to say that that wouldnt have happened to me if I were to bring up my experience. And I knew he wasnt going to tell me if he had witnessed anything because of his machoism. I eventually asked him about it but not in a direct way.

"So, I see UFO's didnt abduct you tonight" then I laughed. He looked at me wierd at that point and asked me "Have you ever heard anything up here?" I looked at his face and it was pale. I was 100% positive he had heard something then and I replied "Yeah...the other night I heard whispering" and he froze."all around you?" he asked and I said "yeah...even in the car" He then proceede to tell me that roughly around 9 p.m. this whispering started then it grew to a loud whisper....and it continued until I had came around the curve closest to the post then it just stopped. We looked at each other and I told him "It didnt for me all started at 9 and never even continued as I drove off the next morning. "

Trents usual post was at anther location called Cave Spur and he hadnt worked Left Fork since James had quit. You see the company we worked for threw the guards from post to post and very few had a permanent post. Each week we had to pick up a new schedule to see were we would be at. But my Permanent poat was Left Fork.

I then asked him if he had seen the "red light" and he said " mean theres also a red light?! So we sit there...Exchanging stories about what we had witnessed for about 10 minutes. I then asked him to stay for about an hour and we will see if it starts up again. And if it does (where there were 2 of us now) go look on the right side of the mountain to see if we could find anything. The right side of the mountain is where it always originated from.

He agreed and I got out of my vehicle and got in the passenger side of his and waited. Nothing happened though. As the hour went by I grew more and more uncomfortable because I knew that when he left I was going to be there all by my lonesome. So the hour went by and he said "Well....I would stay with ya a little longer Bobby but I have to get home and go to bed because I have to be at Cave Spur at 8 in the morning." I told him I understood and got back into my car and watched Trent drive off.

I was already scared stiff, just from the fact that he was gone and I knew he had witnessed something and it could come back. But the night went on and to my relief nothing happened.

The next night however would be a different story. I arrived at midnight again and relieved another guard named Kenny. I didnt know him that well so it wasnt no surprise to me that as soon as I got there he just drove off and threw his hand up as he went by. I sit there on edge not knowing if whatever it was would return or not. I wouldnt even do my obligations (perimeter walk, check equipment, etc.). It wasnt soon after It started up again. It seemed that every time it came back it would get a little more worse.

The whispering was all around me again....I started seeing the red light again....But this time there was a little twist. I saw things running through the trees on the right mountain side! Remember that it is winter and all the leaves are off the trees. And because of the snow on the ground, the moonlight would sort of reflect off it and you could see with out a flashlight a good ways into the trees.

At first I thought it was people. In a panic I grabbed my Mag-light and shined the light in there direction. (I didnt get out...I just put the light against the glass of the windshield and shined it.) That didnt help at all....because when the light hit the tree line thats all you could see. The light wouldnt pass through the trees in other words. You just would see where the forest began...the first row of trees if you wanna call it that. I flipped on my headlights...same thing. So I turned off the headlights and let my eyes adjust back to the dark.

Now I was terified! I heard the whispering, was continually seeing the red light out of the corner of my eye...and thought a bunch of psychos were running around in the woods in the snow at freezing temperatures!
I kept my eyes on that treeline as my eyes focused back to where I could see through the trees. Then I sit and watched these "people" run through the trees. I came to realize that they werent people at all...but they were black shapeless shadows that stood I guess 5 to 6 foot tall. they would "float" from tree to tree at a fast rate. The funny thing is is they would start from one tree go to the next and never come back.

As I sat and watched the shapless shadows glide from tree to tree I began to wonder if this job was really worth the wage i was being paid.
This activity continued for the rest of the shift. As dawn approached I drove off, wondering if I should quit my job and never return. I also knew that where me, Trent and James had experienced this there had to be others that did as well. I showed up for work the next night at midnight and relieved the guy they had hired to fill James position.

His name was Aaron and it was his first day on the job. I pulled up beside of him and we talked about different things. I wanted to ask him if he had seen anything during his shift but I didnt. I didnt think he did anyhow because he told me how excited he was about working there. I think if he saw something he would have quit that first shift. He told me that he just moved here from another county to find a job. I thought to myself "Poor sap, little do you know...". I kept him in conversation as long as I could because I knew when he left that things may start up again. Eventually he went home and I sit there, waiting and watching, but nothing happened.

The next night I got to guard another post. I was so relieved. But Trent had to watch Left Fork. From what I had heard from him the next day when I relieved him at left fork, he had witnessed the shadows and he had drove off the post about a mile and sit on the side of the road until morning. He would have been fired if he had been caught, but at the point he didnt care. We then made an agreement. Whenever I would relieve him he would stay my shift with me and whenever he relieved me I would stay his shift with him. In other words we were going to work double shifts and get paid for only one. We thought that with 2 people there nothing would happen.

Later on that night about 2 a.m. me and Trent were sitting in his car talking. As I had my head turned toward him talking (I was sitting in the passenger sit) I noticed somthing behind us on the outside of his car so I turned and looked at it. I seen something glowing floating back and forth out of the rear window. I said "Trent, theres something behind us thats floating back and forth behind the car...and its glowing!" He said "Your joking...dont even joke like that!" "No look! I swear!" I said. Trent didnt have a rear view mirror so he would have had to turn his head to see it. He then said "Hell no I aint looking...I dont even have to be here...this is bull****!!" I said "Look! Look!!"

He didnt say nothing then. He kept his eyes straight ahead and put on hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the gear shift ready to pull out. The car was already started. It had been running the whole time where we had the heater on. I kept watching this thing outside the back glass trying to make out what it was. The back glass was fogged up really bad so all i could make out was that it was right up on us and it was glowing!

I kept persuading him to look at it but he wouldnt. I then saw it move at a fast rate toward my side and appeared to be coming around on the passenger side. I said " OH S***, ITS COMING AROUND ON MY SIDE!!!" and I literally laid down across the console with my head and shoulders in Trents lap and stared out the passanger door window, waiting to see whatever it was face to face. Trent said "I DONT HAVE TO TAKE THIS...IM NOT EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE HERE!"

As we both stared out the window we seen, to our relief, a gust of exhaust smoke from the vehicle go up the side of the hill. Trents vehicle had a busted tail light cover and smoked really bad where the engine had many many miles on it. Trent had the park lights on, which reflected off of the exhaust smoke through the fogged up back glass that gave the illusion of something floating back and forth behind the car glowing. When a gust of wind came it took the exhaust smoke up the side of the hill. I wished that everything that ever happened at left fork had reasonable explainations like this.

We both started laughing at what just happened. That was the most frightened I have ever been in my life. I started having chest pains and Trent told me to go on to the house and he would sit there the rest of night for me. I said I would be fine and didnt leave. A little later the guard at the main office called for Trent over the radio and asked him to work another post because the guard that was scheduled there never showed up. He decided to work it for the overtime and left me there by myself for the rest of the night. So I sit there with chest pains for the rest of the shift by my lonesome waiting for something else to happen. Thankfully it didnt and early that morning when my shift ended I went home.