Ghost Stories

Unpleasant Visitations.

Unpleasant Visitations

When I was 9 my mother got re-married to a very nice man who lived in a very nice 2 story house, something my sister and I were not used to. We started at our new schools and had a pretty uneventful school year. The following summer we went to stay with our grandmother in South Carolina for a month. When we returned home we found out that our step-brother had been staying in our room upstairs. Originally the upstairs of the house was suppose to be his bedroom, private bath and game room. But when his mother died, his father, my step-dad never finished the renovations until we moved in. When we returned home that summer strange things began to happen to us:

-We would hear coughing in the room at night.
-The floor would creak as though someone was walking across it.
-Something sat down on my sister's bed and leaned against her when she opened her eyes and looked the bed had a indention of someone sitting there but she could not see the body.
-A phone rang in our bedroom and jumped off the receiver and over a stack of magazines and on to the floor.
-The lights never worked in particular rooms of the house like my sister's and my room, the master bedroom and the bathroom downstairs.
My step-dad would get electricians to come and fix the lights and put in new light fixtures and the lights would come on brighter than daylight and then go out or dim.
-We would hear stuff moving upstairs and no one would be home.
-One day I came home from school and the phone was ringing .I could here the sounds of my parents bedroom like the TV on low with the ceiling fan chain ticking, I ran down the hall to the door of the bedroom and saw that the phone was hung up and went back to the phone in the kitchen and heard just the dial tone.
We switched rooms with our step-brother thinking we were not suppose to take his room upstairs. But that did not stop the occurrences.

-One day we we in our room which was now downstairs next to our mother's bedroom. My sister's friend had came over to listen to the new Def Lepard album and the needle on the record player started going up and down and would not touch the record. Darlene screams "Stop it bitch" and the needle started going crazy and scratched the record.

-My mother started having dreams that she would watch while my step-dad's dead wife would move my mother's clothes out of her closet and put them in the other closet.

-My step-dad is one of those people who believed there was a logical explanation for everything and did not believe in ghosts!!! But one night I was lying in bed and the light coming down the hall was reflecting on the wall across my room and I saw a shadow standing behind my bed, when I turned to see who it was I saw a bald woman looking down at me I could barely see her face but it was obvious she had no hair. I quickly turned my head and prayed for her to go away and a few minutes later I looked again and she was gone. The next morning I told my mom and step-dad what I saw and my mom started crying and my step-dad turned very pale and that's when they told me that his wife before had an aneurism and had to have her head shaved a couple of weeks before she died. The aneurism burst while she was taking a bath in the downstairs bathroom and she died on the way to the hospital. The occurrences stopped after a couple of years...1/31/2003