Ghost Stories

Unsolved Murder of J.J. Cassone

I know that there are a lot of fabricated ghost stories out there to be heard, but my account is 100% genuine although it does not directly involve me.

My boyfriend grew up in Port Chester, New York, and had a best friend who lived (and I believe the family still lives there today) behind J.J. Cassone Bakery. The street, [name deleted], runs along the back of the bakery, along with the houses behind it, [name deleted] Avenue.

I will not reveal Joe's friend's name. Although Joe still talks to him on rare occasion, I do not have permission to use his name. If Joe or I were to contact him at a later time we might let him know of my findings and see if he wants to be mentioned.

My boyfriend does not like hearing or learning of any paranormal or ghost stories, and as I've grown very interested in these types of things lately it's almost been driving him nuts. I have a thirsty appetite for learning about historical spots and locations that may be haunted in and around my own town, Greenwich, Connecticut. After hearing my boyfriend, who's usually against such things, tell his story, I was sufficiently creeped out.

After a an all-nighter of playing Playstation games, Joe and his friend fell asleep in the living room. They woke at 6 am, by the friend's mom- and only other person in the house at the time.

"Which one of you a******s did that?" She was irritated. When they asked what was up, she told them that she was in the basement tending to laundry, when a basketball rolled up to her foot. She non-nonchalantly nudged it back behind her while she continued laundry, and the ball kicked back up past her and left a mark on the wall just next to her. I'm not sure if she heard it make an actual contact sound before flying against the wall, but would be interesting to find out.

The second (and last for my boyfriend) encounter was also creepy, but less aggressive.
His friend had a thing about going to the bathroom in his own house. Joe brought his friend to the house and waited in his car in the driveway while his friend ventured in. While sitting there, Joe saw the attic light go on. His friend mentioned beforehand no one was home before using the bathroom, so when he gets back in the car, Joe asks him why he went up into the attic.

"I used the bathroom downstairs. That must've been 'him'." Joe then proceeded to tell me how his friend's family knew their house had a spirit inside it, one that obviously manipulates objects. He also mentioned they had a priest come visit and see, but I wasn't sure of what the outcome was.

I can't imagine living in a house that experiences such phenomenon- I'd be out by the first strange occurrence. But that's just me.

So, after hearing this account and having Joe re-tell it to a few of my friends who found interest in such creepy things, I decided to do a little google-ing to see if I can find any history behind the house. I searched for news articles and web results regarding the actual address on Bent Avenue, expecting to maybe find an Obituary of someone that had died in that house if anything. Nothing regarding Bent Avenue.

Then, it occurred to me. Well, the house is so obviously close to the large Bakery in front of it, maybe something happened there? The bakery was around long enough, a worker might've died while at work, or any number of things.

Sure enough, after searching "J.J. Cassone Bakery" on google, I find a newspaper article from July 26th, 1923. J.J. Cassone owner and founder of Bakery, shot dead on his way to work at the Bakery. I found the picture of the newspaper article on his grandson's site, who is now a local musician from Kent, Connecticut.

My mouth dropped open in wonder. Then, I thought not to get too excited, J.J. could have been shot down in a different neighborhood if he was walking to the bakery. Then, a second, more detailed article is found.

"Theresa Cassone found her husband on the path leading from the family's backyard along West Street to the bakery, bleeding from shotgun slugs fired at close range."

It was never solved. No eye witnesses, little evidence, any suspects they had were released. Did J.J.'s spirit filter into this family's house, since being in such proximity of the murder?

The fact that I learned and discovered this unsolved murder AFTER hearing the accounts of occurrences in the house is what gives it credibility. The family who lived (and again I think still might live there today) has no knowledge of that event, they are a newer family to town, and as the article mentioned, the murder was soon hushed up after occurring, as if tried to be forgotten by everyone.. Unless dug up by overly-curious people like me.

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Krystle Ann O'Connor

*In the interest of privacy for the people still living there, the names of the streets have been deleted*