Ghost Stories

used a ouija board... scared me... ghost followed

Well a few days ago someone gave me a ouija board, and i decided to try it out. Me and a few friends tried it out two nights ago in a cemetary and then in the empty apartment next door to his. Both times we beleived that we were talking to someone. We decided to do it again last night to show a few other friends that it worked, and then we were going to be done with it atleast for a while. I live in a small town in Northern Iowa and we walked out of town on some railroad tracks toward a creek and sat on a bridge. There were 7 people there and 4 or 5 of us were actually using it while the others just watched. It didn't do anything and we decided there were too many people so 3 of them left. We waited about 5 minutes and tried it with just the 4 of us. It started to work. We didn't write anything down so i don't remember everything we asked it.. but we asked it basic questions.. we asked it if it would tell us its name and it said No. We asked if it was a boy or a girl and it said G for girl. We asked it when she died and it said 1-3-2-3 or something along those lines, in the year 1300 anyway.. this was strange.. we asked it if it lived in whittemore which is where we were at and it didnt respond. we asked if it lived around here and it said yes. we asked if we were living good lives it said no and we asked who wasnt and it said A-I and we didnt understand what that meant.. then we asked if that is an abbreviation for something it said yes.. then it stopped responding.. and i swear that the wind stopped around us.. it was a very windy night and you could see the trees blowing but when it quit responding it would get like dead around us. well then we got creeped out and asked if they were still there.. no reply... asked again.. no reply... finally it moved to yes and we asked if it was the same spirit and it stayed on yes. then we asked if it would say goodbye to us and it said no. so now we were freaking out and we said we were going to say goodbye and that it should do the same so it moved to ouija.. then we said it again and it moved to goodbye..

now is when it gets crazy

we packed the board up and started walking back to town on the tracks.. my friend took out his phone and looked through the camera on it and he saw a white figure. he just goes dude look at this and everyone looked and there is a little girl wearing a dress and holding a stuffed bunny it looks like with her hair blowing in the wind!! we were just speechless walking backwards looking at this girl.. she was standing directly where we were sitting at with the board.. her head is down as u can see and then she moved around very fast she went from one side of the screen to the other and then to the middle again and dissapeared.. we got terrified and started walking faster back to town...........

we couldnt beleive what we just saw so we were talking about it and asking ourselves if that really just happened... well we got an idea to go to the cemetary. smart right?

we drove out to a cemetary a few miles out of town and parked in the back... we got out of the car and my friend pulled out his phone to see if he could spot any ghosts like the first time.. well he started saying that it was back and it was standing right next to me and my friend!!! so we run over and look at his phone and the most terrifying thing i have ever seen appeared.. it lunged at us i mean a flash happened and its head lifted up and it looked like a little girls face but evil!! and kind of scared but like it was angry.. and its mouth was wide open and it had no lower half it had long skinny arms and we didnt even stare at it as soon as that happened we started screaming and ran back to the car as fast as we could and drove away!!!! after this we were seriously scared out of our minds and we just were driving around for a few minutes trying to calm down.

we drove onto a gravel road so my friend could **** and then he pulled his phone out again and it was behind us!!!! the little girl was looking down and started coming towards us.. not walking!!! just gradually getting closer somehow.. and then it stopped and outstretched its arm to the right and kept it there pointing at something. we got in the car and drove away immediately.

my friend was going through his pictures and noticed that he actually caught a picture of its face lunging at us at the cemetary. we all saw it but his phone was acting very strange ever since he took the original picture. for instance the image would appear and then dissapear. and it would change back and forth between pictures. ultimately at the end of the night both of them erased themselves somwhow?

this sounds crazy but we did it. i looked up how to dispose of a ouiji board because it was obvious it was following us or the board.. we broke it into 7 pieces went into the church poured holy water on it and buried it.

my friend sent the picture of the girl to me which is how i have it, but he only sent the girls face to someone who wasnt with us. he told me he deleted it because he figured we had it on one of our phones and he said it was scary and very creepy to look at. im kinda ****ed we dont have that picture and i cant share it with you because it was an unbeleivable site.. i mean ive read about ouiji boards and it said never ask the ghost to manifest itself outside of the board and well we didnt directly ask it that when we were sitting there he was whispering he said "tell it to show itself to us" and we said no and asked it something else.. i think that it might have heard this and thats why it lashed out at us.. or it could just be trying to scare us.. it worked.. i dont know if they can really hurt you? they can just scare you.. nothing to fear but fear itself right?

well i posted this just because i need to tell someone about this because it seriously changed my life and i will never forget that face i saw... and i want to hear what you guys have to say about it. about the story... ouiji boards.. ghosts... the picture!! and just anything really. i just wanted to talk to some people that might know a little (or a lot) more about these things than i do!!

i just posted this on a different forum and got some rather lame replies.... they said i made the picture when in fact i did not!!!!!