Ghost Stories

Vancouver B.C

I now live in Nova Scotia Canada but I was born and raised in Vancouver BC . when I was 16 we lived in a house that was built in the early 20's.

It was a really nice house inside but pretty run down outside.

I got the entire upstairs 2 bedrooms and a bathroom plus a walk in closet in between the rooms.

When we first moved in I decided I was going to use the room closest to the stairs for my bedroom and the other room would be like a spare bedroom/Living room for me and my friends.

I never had any problems in my bedroom it was the other room that was so weird. Everytime you walked into it you felt cold like a shiver runing down ur spine .

We tried everything to keep the room warm My dad covered the windows and we checked for cracks outside that might be letting in the cold but it was sealed tight.

t wasn't really a breezy cold more like just a bitter cold. The room was hardly used for that reason and because whenever a friend spent the night in the spare room they couldnt sleep. They complained that it felt like someone was watching them stareing at them.

A few times the lamp next to the fold out couch in that room would be found sitting by the door when you woke up even a few times when noone slept in the room Id be going to the bathroom and see the lamp sitting at the door. I decided after that to use the room for furniture and storage and keep the door locked.

One night when my father and his friends had gone on a camping trip out into the woods a couple hours from us my mom and I decided we didnt want to stay alone in the house so we called a few friends over there was 6 of us all together Me, my mom, My friend alexis, and My mothers friend selina, and her two girls.

We were sitting in the living room ( the house was old and designed strange there was two living rooms one leading into another the other room having a fireplace plus both rooms had french doors) we were in the side that didnt have the fireplace it was closer to the front door.

My mother had never told her friend selina about the weird happenings in the room upstairs but my friend alexis had known because she had been involved in some of it . We were sitting there after haveing supper listening to music and having a smoke when the youngest turned of the cd played and asked us if we heard that, None of us had heard anything so we told her it was nothing and put the music back on but then again she asked if we could hear the banging , we turned the music down this time and hen we could hear it it was like a chair being draged across gravel because it was smooth then it would go bump bump bump then smooth again. Well no one wanted to investigate the sound so we just opened the french doors closest to us and the front door and the stairs leading up to where the noise was coming from and not too long after we did the noise stopped.

We went out to the hallway and looked up the stairs thinking we might see the problem but it was too dark and light switch was at the top so we gave up and were goign to get some chips and maybe watch a movie. I went to the kitchen with alexis and my mom went to the bathroom and selina and her kids went to see what movies we had about 5 mins later we heard a great big bang like something had exploded.

We all ran into the hallway at the same time selina and her kids frantic because they were closest to the front door and they thought it was someone trying to get in. We all decided it had to have come from upstairs and since we were all too chicken to go alone upstairs we made a line up the stairs my mom first then me alexis and the kids at the very back just incase.

Alexis brought a unbrella Im not sure what for but she was pretty scared. We got halfway up the stairs and my mom said stop dont move she thought she had seen something moveing (it was still dark we hadnt reached the lightswitch yet ) so we were freaking out and selina was about to take her kids back down the stairs cause they were wanting to go ahead and something ran down the stairs!! I say something because we didnt see anything we were pushed up against the wall as it went by and felt the wind go by our faces but there wasnt anything there .

My mom ran up the stairs and turned on the light then stood by the bathroom door we all followed not wanting to be downstairs with whatever ran pass us. The girs were crying selina was trying to calm them down then we noticed the door to the other room the one i didnt use anymore the one I had locked was busted open the frame still attached to the lock . We went to my room called my dad told him what happend he came home a few hours later and we made plans to stay some where else. shortly after that we moved . I wouldnt stay upstairs anymore and the few days we lived there after i slept downstairs by the fireplace with the lights on.

Mom had been friendly with the neighbors to the left to us and she went next door when we decided to move and explained why and such. The neighbor told her that in the 60's a woman and her son had lived in the house and the son had killed himself in the house but they didnt know how or in what room.

I tell u I have never been more scared in my life.