Ghost Stories

Vanishing Graveyard (True Story)

This happened to me a year ago and I just remembered it yesterday while going for my morning jog. When I was still in high school, whenever I'd have no homework, I would go for a walk around my area. I felt like going a little farther than usual, so I started walking toward this valley to the southwest. As I got closer I could see my friend's village in the distance which was about ten miles from where I lived. I wanted to get closer to see if I could spot his house, but as I did I had a weird feeling of being watched...closely. I ignored it for a while but when I got to a area where the trail went down into a large ditch, the feeling got even more deep and it felt like someone was angry or scared. As I cleared the ditch and kept on walking I heard someone moan as if they were in pain, it was comming from an area just ahead. I thought it might be someone from the other village nearby who might have gotten hurt or lost. But I when I followed the sounds they stopped when I came to a small clearing, and it was weird because the sounds were so close. And there were no footprints in the dirt, except for deer and bird tracks. It might have been my imagination so I just shrugged it off. I wanted to get home 'cause it was getting dark, and from where I was it was going to take me an hour to get there. So instead of going back the way I came I started climbing the small mountian to get to the main highway that I could follow home. It didn't take me long to get to the top, but when I looked back down to the clearing my heart started pounding, and a chill ran down my back. Now where I had been standing, were two gravestones, the sun was still out a little bit that I could see that they where real. I stood there for a little bit and took out my binoculars(sorry if I spelled it wrong). I started reading what they said but the letters were faint. All I could get on the first where the letters P-E-O-T-N and the numbers 8-9-5. And the second one was G-E-R-G-E 1-6, (these where the letters and numbers I could make out, I don't know what came before or after them)It was creepy but as soon as I got those letters and numbers I ran down the mountian to the other side. I must have looked funny runnning down like that lol. The weird creepy feeling I had before was still following me until I walked a little ways down the highway then it was gone. I felt a little safe when I'd see my uncles and cousins drive by from work smiling and waving, they offered to drive me home but I wanted to walk.(I'm trying to lose weight lol) Any way, when I got home I told my older brother what happened, he said we can go tomorrow to check it out again. We did and there was still no sign of the graveyard, he wanted to wait till dark like I did but I didn't want to see that sight again, and he didn't want to stay there by himself. So we just went home. I told my mother the same thing and she told us something that we could actually believe. She said that miners used to live around that area about a hundred years ago, and that the mines would cave in on them and they'd have to be dug out. But when they where brought out, some of that natural poisonus gas would come from under the ground and the people would breath it in and could die a day later. Maybe they were ghosts or spirts moaning? I don't know why that graveyard would show up then vanish without a trace, I know it seems very unbelieveable, even I think I'm lying. But it was a true story, I still go there sometimes. And some of you might be thinking-"where did I get the paper or why did I have the binocs?" well I like to look into the distance with the binocs(the scenery around my home is so beautiful), and as for the paper. Well... I'm a director(I'm still in classes though, it's nothing serious yet) and ideas always pop into my head at any random moment, so I always carry a note pad and pencil with me at all times.

Well that's my story, sorry if it was so long. And if you don't believe me it's perfectly fine, like I said, even I don't believe it. But if you have any opinions or thoughts about this please share, thanks for reading!

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