Ghost Stories

various stories

Okay time to relate a few of the many events in my life, most are minor and not overly scary but very intresting. I use to live in Durango Colorado, small town in the south of state. Very, Very old from the boom town days. It is a very active place for those who have ever passed through there, many haunted houses, buildings and places not to mention the Los Animas River which I can't recall the full name of but in spanish means River of Lost Souls. The name comes from the many lives the river claimed in the old west days, to this day the river still gets it due in lives normally takeing at least one a year. Here are a few of the things me and friends encountered there in the many years I spent there.

The Strange Bridges

My girlfriend (now wife) lived on the animas river where it meandered through a long valley. One of the few road out of durango ran through the valley on its way east. Well the river crossed a section of bridge where a great deal of accidents had occured, people slaming into the bridge, going over the bridge and dieing in the river or just crashing on it. I often found as did others when you go close the bridge (which was surrounded by very old and tall trees of varying kinds) you would drive faster the speed limit was 55 but you were going 65 in some cases just to get through the area, this is dangerous because the overhanging trees made it very dark and it often appeared they would eat the light. So one day we pulled before the bridge and walked down there to see what we found, upon reaching it we stood around looked over the edge then with realizing found ourselves walking quickly away. One of the girls with us said that she had this overwhelming desire to just get away as quickly as she good and described having the hibby jibbies. We never did figure out what may have been causing this or the strong need to flee that area when you drove over it.

Face in the window

It was late one night at my friends house (scott) and we were up role playing and joking around. We often joked about his house since it was very old, his backyard had a creepy feel to it. We often joked this was bout the Compost monster (his step mom was a nature person so had a large compost pile) but none of us would enter it after dark alone for more time then it took to bolt across it to the alley way behind. That evening I happened to lean back and glance out the window towards the Storage shed window and saw what looked like a pale almost skeletal face in the window. I eeped and they asked what was up I pointed it out and said what I saw they looked and at first didn't see anything then about three minutes later Max claimed he saw something in the window. Slowly over the night the rest of us saw it sometimes as a group or single but it was there then gone again. We decided as only stupid teenagers can that we would rush the place and see what was up, so we armed ourselves and rushed into the backyard got to the storage door and about that moment half us took off towards the house. It was very cold near the door and we had a feeling of fear wash over us so the rest of us bolted for the alley way and back around to the front of the house.

Haunted house

when I was around 12 my cousins family decided to move out and buy the farm which abutted our ranch. They ended up tearing down the old house there and rebuilding a brand new one since the old ond had been around for close to 60 years. I would often go over to play and hang out, strange things would occure in the place. you would hear noises in other parts of the house while alone, you would feel drafts or feelings of not being alone in the place but everyone mostly brushed it off. Then years later things took a diffrent turn I had turne 16 and it was my b-day so we were going to stay the night at his house with my two brothers to watch dirty movies and get in trouble since his parents were in grand junction with his sister. The house was ours! now mind you his house was close to a mile from mine and about 1/2 a mile from our Aunt shelly who also lived out there (very old blood family). We were driving up the road to his place from the main county road (all our houses sat way off the main road isolated farming/ranch community.) we were halfway up when we spoted a light on his parents bedroom at the same moment we all saw the shadow of a person walk across the window (shade was drawn) joe slamed on the breaks and we freaked out! a burlgar was in the house what were we going to do? we started to back up to get help then Joe got mad. he knew how far away help was and by that time the place would be picked clean. I recall his words "We will barrel up there honking the horn it will freak the bastard out and he will run." so we did just that. We jumped out and ran for the front door turned the handle and slamed into it, it was still locked we didn't think anything of it so started to unlock it and ran inside. We quickly ran to his parents room to find it dark the light was not on. We got creeped out thinking the person was in the house with us. We then started going room to room searching how they got in, everything was sealed up tight no way anyone could have gotten in. We were in the garage when we heard the front door open then slam so we bolted that way only to find it still locked. At this point we were freaked out beyond belief, we started to head into the living room and stopped in our tracks for we saw what looked like a thick black shadow by the couch near the wall it was there a split second then gone. That was it for us, we left the house and zoomed to our aunts house. For sometime afterwards the family was plauged with simiar incidents, knocking on the walls, footsteps, seeing things or hearing things, his sister blamed us for things in her room being messed up or missing. Several times she swore somone was in her room while she slept. This lasted for several more years before it finelly stopped with out warning.

Scream in the night

It was late after midnight we were dropping one of my previous girlfriends off at her house in the woods before heading home. We got halfway up her driveway and the car died we climbed out went back to her house and call parents for help then headed back up to stand in the dark near the car. We stood around talking when this uneartly scream rang out, we sat there a moment then bolted for her house because we knew what ever made that sound was not normal. Now we fast forward several years to when Nina, Myself are taking jeff home down that same canyon road. We see a jackrabbit leap onto the road and race along with the car for a bit then vanished, a owl hit the car hood but when we back to see if it was okay it was gone. We rounded a corner and spotted in a tree a rather large black thing sitting on a branch with we guessed is back to us, we had such a feeling of for lack of a better word evil from it that we sped off praying it did not take notice of us. Shortly after rounding another corner that same scream we heard from years before rang out.