Ghost Stories

Very scary strory

As a kid my best friends father used to tell us a pretty lame ghost story (at least I thought is was scary as a kid, but it became lame as I grew older) about this old house that had been around since the Civil War. He used to tell us about how when he was in high school he and a bunch of friends had gone up to this abandoned house to stay the night, just for the hell of it. According to him, the last time they went up was in the middle of November, sometime in the late 60's. The legend behind the house was that a woman built the house after her husband and son had been killed at the siege of Vicksburg, but she didn't know they were dead yet, and she had built the house to surprise them when they returned from "Confederate victory over Grant and the Yankees." Upon hearing the news of their death she supposedly lured the fiance of her son to the house and killed her, and then sniped off two investigators who came looking into the death, and stashed all 3 bodies before she disappeared. After the war the house was found to contain 2 dead Confederate soldiers and one dead southern girl, but the woman was never found.
The house stayed abandoned for a long time.

According to the story of my friends dad they visited the house one time, and then again in the late 60's they decided to hold a bit of a test there. Several of them were forming a sort of club, and 8 of them went up there. 5 guys and 3 ladies. As a sort of joke/test of coolness, they decided to lock the only girl who wasn't really part of the crowd in the attic. The attic was apparently the place where the bodies were found back in the 1860's. If she could stay the night up there, then she was in the crowd. They put her up there, and pulled a bookshelf around that wouldn't let the attic door come down more than a few inches, and placed it under the attic door. They settled down in the library on the second floor, but soon they heard the girl scream from the attic and the sound of the attic door banging against the top of the bookshelf, they ran up to the third floor, and moved the bookshelf out of the way, and my friends father and one of his friends climbed up. The girl wasn't there. Nobody was there. There was only one window, but it was a stained glass window that didn't open, and it wasn't broken. There was no other way out of the attic except for the trap door which had been blocked off.

All of them had been too scared to admit they had locked her up there, so they kept it to themselves. The parents of the girl filed a missing persons report, but nothing turned up. Eventually one of the remaining 7 cracked and gave up the story, but of course the authorities weren't going to believe it.

Still to this day the girl, who would now be in her 50's or 60's has never been heard from, and the house, which is located in Sanger, TX, is still abandoned. It can be easily seen from IH-35. Now that I am an adult, and engaged, and still friends with my friend whose father supposedly experienced this, we decided to ask him about it. Mainly we wanted the whole story refreshed to us so we could relate it to our kids on future Halloweens or whatever, just for the fun of it, and he seemed to be offended. Even though we are now grown men, he still insists that it happened. This is something I always considered to be a tall tale, but now he is still insisting it to be true, and this man is not a fool, in fact he is an architectual engineer, he was one of the main engineers for the Ballpark in Arlington which is where the Texas Rangers play, and it is one of the more advanced baseball stadiums in the U.S. And he stands by this story.