Ghost Stories

Violet Roses in an Ashen Sea...

(I have changed some names... but the events are 100% true)

So I am home on leave from the Marine Corps... I was hanging out with my girl Mera the other day and we decided to stop by her buddy, Shane's house. Now shane was good friends with these two teenage girls who perished in a tragic house fire not too long ago. I have found all the newspaper articles pertaining to the event. The shell of the house still stands and Shane and all his friends constantly keep a memorial of flowers and candles outside the house.

Strange happenings have been reported around there... stuff dissapearing, voices, candles getting knocked out of people's hands, etc... so Mera decided to take me there one night so I could see for myself. The first thing I noticed upon arriving was that the air itself seemed charged, almost electrically... and the energy was unlike anything I've ever felt before. Mera, who is very sensitive, told me that according to the older sister, Vickie, she was not welcome any closer than the driveway but that I should go up and touch the side of the house. I did so, whispering that I meant the girls no harm and only sought to understand, and perhaps to help. As I turned to walk away I felt a push against my back (Vickie doesn't seem to like visitors much). Not being one to give up, I went up to the house again and repeated my statement but this time there was no push. It was getting late so we decided to leave.
This morning she called me.

"Do you know of any spells for contacting the dead??" she asked straight off.
"Cant you just let them rest in peace??" I replied.

But she insisted that she had the strangest feeling all night that we had to return, and the girls wanted some sort of a spell. After a bit of convincing I saw no harm in a simple Necromantic spell, providing I was welcomed in by the spirits, and took all nessecary precautions.

So we wen't to Shane's and I briefed him on the spell. He was fine with it so the three of us went to the house. Mera already appeared distressed. The house f*cks with her mind hardcore, but she refused to be left behind. We climbed in through a back window and Mera told us exactly where Vickie wanted us to do the spell. We set up an altar with her fav color candle, mirror and did a simple Wiccan casting and cleansing to rid the circle of any harmful energy. Then I read the incantation. At first nothing happened, after an awkward moment of me feeling pretty stupid, Mera began whispering.

"Huh?" i said.
But she continued whispering...
"Vickie???" I asked.
"Yes." she said "I am here can you see me??"
"No" we replied, eying every corner of the room intently.
"Look not with your eyes." she said.
"What is it you want?" she asked and Shane replied...

Now I have no way of knowing if it was really Vickie carrying on the conversation that followed, but Shane's face left me with no doubt. By the end of the conversation he was holding back tears... Finally, Mera's head just dropped and she said "I can't do this anymore."

For her safety, I closed the circle and we started to leave the house. As we arrived in the room with the window we were stopped dead in our tracks. In the middle of the floor were two dried out but perfectly preserved purple roses, which were DEFINITELY not there when we entered. We couldn't believe it... I led Mera outside as she was acting very strangely and I wanted her out of the house. About 20 minutes later Shane came walking out. He said that he'd gone up to her room and felt someone hug him. By now Mera was speaking again, and insisted that Vickie was showing her something... like a crazy woman she ran circles around the back yard, digging through the debris, but everytime ending up near the sliding glass door leading to the mother's room. "I think she wants us to go in there."

"But why?"

The sliding door was locked and as Shane tried to wiggle it free a piece of paper fell from the eves. It was charred and the only readable part were the typed words "...HELP YOU IN"
This was proof in my mind at least that she wanted us in there... So we climbed back through the window. Mera, being the stubborn girl she was, refused to be left behind and went back into the house with us. We found the inside door, but it was locked.

"I know you want me in here Vickie, but I don't want to destroy your house..." Shane said.
"It's okay." Mera said "She wants us to go in there very badly."

A single light kick and the door gave way. This room was slightly more preserved and we immediately began searching for what she wanted to show us. I was immediately drawn to the bathroom, which I could see sported an enormous, ash covered mirror. Though I have been afraid of mirrors since childhood, something drew me toward this one. That is when I recieved the most profound shock of my life... Drawn in the ash, in a girl's handwriting, were the words


That was it for me... I had to leave. We all felt humbled, but also blessed as we left the house. Mera was very tired and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. I will definitely be back to light candles and leave flowers, but I doubt I shall set foot in there again. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.