Ghost Stories

Visitors....lots n lots of visitors

OK, I have to start back a few years back to bring people up to date to my visitors. 4 years ago, I was having episodes in my sleep.... I would wake up at all hours of the night coughing to the point where I would be either throwing up or spiting out bile. I went to my doctor and he said "acid reflux". After four months of "treatment" which was getting me nowhere, I opted for a new doctor. The new doc sent me to a cardiologist. The Cardiologist (heart doc) put me through a special test that would help determine my ailment. Well, during this test (Tilt Table Test...You look like Frankenstein, strapped to a table which they then stand you to an 80 degree position) if you pass out, they know that they can cure you with drugs. within SEVEN minutes of my test, I DIED. OK, not clinically "oh my god she's a gonner" dead... but I have about a 4ft strip of flatline where I was gone. The very next day I received a pacemaker. OK, that's enough of the back story, here's what happened next.

Upon arriving home, I would have thought that I would have slept the whole night through. I was having restless fits where I was in and out of sleep and during this time I would see not one or two, but 6-10 people standing in my room. They just stood there, watching me. Sha, you are darn tooten I screamed! I screamed and would fling the covers everywhere. My husband (6 months married mind you) would nearly have a heart attack himself. He would ask me what was wrong and as I would explain to him who was in the room, they would dissapear through a door or a closet or a window. This happened every night for about 2 years and then suddenly stopped. Recently though, it has started back up again but this time I'm not afraid of the visitors... Not until the one of darkness comes. This visitor always sits in the corner of my room, either right by my side of the bed or at the foot of my bed. He (feels like a he) will completely cover the area in a black fog or mist... like it would be something you could reach out and touch... but you don't want to.

Right before the visitors ceased, I went to a pagan picnic in my local area where I met an author and local radio personality (Joyce the Owl Woman). She asked my soul questions and my soul answered back (at least that is what she said). I never gave the woman any information to lead her besides the fact that people kept entering into my room at night, people I didn't know. Her first question/or statement rather was "You have died recently, haven't you?" I was shocked? A normal person looking at a healthy 25 year old woman would never have guessed that I had gone through what I had. She continued, "Not only have you died, you were dying a lot. You told me that your soul was at it's end and it was time for a new one. The last time you passed, you received a new soul. Others are completely facinated by you as if you are some type of wonder. Do not be afraid, they do not mean any harm. If they bother you, ask them if there is something that you could do for them. They will probably be more afraid of you than you of them."

So, 4 years of this and I'm still having visitors. they do not bother me and yes, I have startled a few when I try to ask them questions. Talk about strange, not to be afraid of strangers in your room while you sleep. I have accepted it as a part of my life. If I feel no ill will by them, I'm fine. If I do (the dark figure), I pull out the big guns and banish him. It works for a while until it wears off and then I banish him again. Prayer is a "godsend" (yes, a dry sense of humor...sorry).

I hope I didn't bore anyone too much. If you like this story, maybe I will post the story of my son and his talents...