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Wanting to talk to a visiting ghost?

Wanting to talk to a visiting ghost?

Hi, I'm hoping to find a little advice? I've had a regular visit from some kind of presence for a few years now, while I'm pretty sure it isn't malicious in any way I am curious about it and would like to know what is going on, or at least gain a better understanding.

I am not particularly sure when it started, and this is because I have moved several times in a few years, through this time I've had a lot of changes going on and many times in this sleeping problems and insomnia I have had since I was a child has been much worse at times than others.

I'm currently living in a fairly new build house in a big town, and had thought when I moved from the converted stables I lived in previously it would stop, it hasn't. This could have started at the house I lived at before the stable, which was one of those houses that seemed to have a host of different ghostly happenings.

It was one of those houses that seemed to collect a lot of negative energy, through much of the time we lived there my whole family experienced some form of ghostly/paranormal experience, my sister and I were both shook awake in our beds, my sister suffered nightmares often which is uncharacteristic, often a number of wardrobe doors would seem to be beaten on from the inside. All of us experienced cold spots all over the house; there were a number of occasions where I would see figures that weren't there. My dad has told me that he felt something was there; even my mum has said that she got a sense of unease there, especially when we first moved in.

I feel that if it started at that house, I would not have noticed with other occurrences going on and the practice I had gotten into of ignoring it if I could.

I've always been aware of and experienced ghostly things, even when I was quite little, and it seems to run on my dad's side, as he has often had similar experiences including a ghostly dog that used to walk through the walls in a bungalow he shared with a friend. At times they have been frightening, mostly it's just an awareness that something is there and little else.

This visitation that I'm writing about isn't threatening, but it is persistent and consistent, and while I do not desperately need to get rid of them, I feel that I should do something, especially if there is a chance that they're stuck here and not able to move on and I might be able to help.

It typically happens twice a week to ten or elven times a month, that I am aware of, it may happen three days in a row or not at all in a week. Usually between two to four in the morning (approximately) when I am either trying to get to sleep or I am actually woken from a light sleep by it.

I feel my bed dip at the end where my feet are (I am short and curl up slightly in bed, there is at least enough room for someone to sit there, and it does seem like that's why they sit there.). At that point I'm usually slightly jumpy because I have a very stiff mattress and it does not move easily.

After a few minutes I have usually calmed down, and I will feel what definitely feels like a hand on my foot or ankle, it is quite a gentle touch, like an attempted soothing touch, this usually carries on until I usually fall asleep, I have never actually managed to wait it out to see if they stop on their own, though I have tired. This only seems to happen on nights when I'm having trouble sleeping already, or when things like the weather or street noise might wake me up several times anyway. Usually it also happens when I do not have my quilt covering my feet, either when my feet are uncovered or under the blanket which I have under my quilt when it gets very cold.

Though when I was first aware of it I was very scared by it, it's never seemed harmful or intent on hurting me or anything. When I first noticed it, the radio which I usually have on when trying to sleep would either go to very quiet static or silent all together.

I have never really seen anything, because I have never really tried to look at it, apart from a couple of occasions early on when I went to look and did see some shadow on my wall being cast by the light from a lava lamp I used to sleep with on.

I no longer sleep with the lava lamp on, but they seem to leave my radio alone now.

What is rather strange, even more so than that it has followed me from my previous house to where I live now, I think it went on a family holiday to Spain with me.

Three of the nights I was there I experienced the same visit, the first time I had thought it could have been that I was sleeping in a bed which was rather wobbly. However the same foot/ankle touching happened.

On the flight back I felt very ill (I also suffer from travel sickness) and was sat in a isle seat attempting to sleep it off and not doing very well when I felt a hand on my forearm, the one which was closer to the isle. I checked that it wasn't my mum (who was sat next to me,) and also my dad (who had the window seat), but it was neither of them, and wasn't a stewardess or the person sat across the aisle. Afterwards I did feel a little bit better and fell asleep.

I didn't really think much of it till a few weeks ago when we had thunderstorms for a few nights straight while my parents were away for work and my sister was with friends. For a whole week I was visited at least once a night when I was woken up by thunder.

One night I finally got up the courage to ask them not to touch my feet. They stopped and I felt my mattress move a little like someone was leaning, and I felt a touch on my shoulder.

It still happens around the time and they still touch my feet/ankles, but if I ask they touch my arm or shoulder instead.

I was wondering if there was some way to talk to them? It sounds a bit odd but I feel like if they are actually trying to help me sleep I should know a bit more, or if they need help or something.

I have pretty much been sworn never to use a Ouija board or the like because my dad and my aunts on my mum's side have all had very bad experiences, and I am reluctant to contact a physic or the like because I do not want to scare them away.

Can anyone help?